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How to Optimize Display Ad Campaigns?

Digital marketing is becoming popular day by day. Different types of businesses can be observed online struggling to get the audience’s attention. Display Ad Campaigns are one of the significant ways in digital marketing to attract potential customers to websites.

What is display ads?

Display ads are digital billboards. These can be in the form of videos, images, text, or audio. Display ads can be placed or spotted on top of the page, on the sides of the pages, or anywhere on the page between text.

Importance of Display ads

Display ad plays a crucial role in digital marketing strategy. Your sales will be boosted by implementing the right display ads strategy. It is a myth that display ads benefits only big companies or brands. It also benefits small enterprises in building a brand or generating sales.

There are no boundaries to be creative with your display ads. You can be full of creativity while executing these.

What is display ad optimization?

Display ad optimization is a set of methods or procedures that you can follow to improve your display ad Campaigns and elevate them to the next level.

Ways to Optimize Display Ad

These are some ways in which you can optimize your display ad campaign and generate more traffic or conversions.

Before implementing any of these methods to Optimize your display ad make sure to set a goal. Setting the right goal will give you clear guidance on what your next steps should be to achieve these targets.

1)   Right target audience

2)   Mobile optimization

     3)  Use of multimedia

     4)  Consider the buyer’s journey

     5)  Analysis

     6)  Time efficient

Now let’s understand each of these in detail

Right target audience

This is the core of setting the right display ad strategy. This should grab attention right from the beginning. Make sure that your display ads are displayed in front of the right audience at the right time who wants information related to that topic. If not placed in front of the right audience, it is mere waste of time, effort, and resources. Viewers will simply ignore them as if they never existed for them.

For example, people who are on a website that contains the best places to visit in Delhi will never click on an ad that is related to an ed-tech platform. Instead, display your ed tech platform ad on doubt-solving websites or notes websites to drive traffic.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile users are increasing rapidly daily. The report says that out of total searches, 60 percent of searches are carried out on mobile. So it is impossible to ignore this factor with such a high volume of searches taking place on mobile every day.

Always check your display ads on all devices. This will help you to ensure that your display ad is optimized for different devices. In case it is not mobile optimized, viewers might be frustrated and will not take any action. Make sure that there are not too many ads popping up on websites. This may hamper the user’s experience and will create a negative impact on the audience.

Use of Multi-Media

Never restrict your display ad Campaigns to only text format. Be creative with your campaigns. You can use various combinations of images, videos, audio, links, etc to generate an immediate impact on the customer’s mind. Try to make it more interactive and engaging so that people cannot resist themselves and ultimately clicks on your display ad.

Consider the buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey refers to the stages of research that someone goes through before leading up to a purchase. It consists of three stages

1)Awareness stage- In this stage buyer is finding solutions to his problems. You can display ads to enlighten buyers about solutions and how your brand is best to solve their problems.

2) Consideration stage- This is a stage where buyers is deciding which solution they must opt for. In this stage, you should pitch for your products and services.

3) Decision stage- This is the last stage where potential customers finally decide which solution is best suited to their problem.

You should always create separate display ads to target your audience at different stages of their buyer’s journey. Creating simply one display ad will not be effective.


It is really important to keep track of your performance. The analysis will help you to track KPIs(Key Point Indicators) such as conversion rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, etc. Proper analysis will help you to detect your low points. After knowing your low points you can eliminate them by taking proper measures.

Time efficient

Today’s world is fast. There is no time for slow ones. Make sure that your display ad’s loading speed is fast. If it will load fast it will not catch the audience’s attention. It will be scrolled down by readers. This will not generate any click rates on advertisements.


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