10 unique facts about digital marketing, digital marketing facts

Ten unique facts about digital marketing

10 Unique facts about digital marketing – Marketing is a vital component of any form of organization, no matter what type of business we run. It is ever-changing, and we must constantly rethink our thinking. Although this may sound contrary to popular belief, it does not begin with a novel concept or product. It starts with the customer, the consumer who makes your business successful, and this is where the marketing process begins. The main aim of internet marketing is to generate traffic from the internet. In today’s world, Search Engine Optimisation plays a vital role in getting free traffic.

Here are the facts about digital marketing that are unique:

  1. Global Digital Marketing Will Exceed $786.2 Billion By 2026: – Because of the epidemic, individuals stayed at home and worked remotely, which led to business owners becoming interested in Digital Marketing. This finally gave business owners many chances to target their customers online using digital marketing strategies. Furthermore, business owners understand that investing in Digital Marketing can result in more significant returns. It will happen in the future!
  2. 75% of marketers claim that digital marketing has helped them build business trust: – When people trust you, they will buy from you. As a result, to develop confidence among your customers, you must have a solid digital marketing plan. This data demonstrates unequivocally why you should spend on digital marketing.
  3. Successful brands in the United States and the United Kingdom invest 21% of their marketing budget in digital marketing: – Gartner, the world’s premier research and consultancy firm, published these figures in 2018. According to the study, large firms spend 8.9% of their advertising budget on digital advertising, 5.3% on paid advertising, and 7.0% on offline advertising.
  4. The Traffic Machine is a search engine: – Search engines are the virtual highways through which most internet traffic flows and arrives at its destinations. Google.com is the most frequented website, according to data. (Source) with this search engine alone accounting for around 80% of all searches. And that is just for Google. So, if a website isn’t doing well in its relationship with search engines, it’s missing out on the vast bulk of internet traffic.
  5. Google handles 79% of queries: – According to August 2016 data, Google has a 79% market share of all desktop searches, followed by Bing (9.9%) and Yahoo! (8.34%). Google’s percentage of mobile searches is much higher, at more than 90%. In a survey of SEO industry leaders, 94% agreed that the title tag was the best way to incorporate keywords to improve search engine ranks. However, the most recent algorithm has altered everything. Title tags have recently become an element of on-page SEO optimization, while backlinks have long been a factor in ranking a website higher on SERPs.
  6. Google Analytics Benefits: – The most significant benefit of adopting Google Analytics is that its services may be integrated with other similar online evaluation services provided by Google (such as Google AdWords and Google Search Console), resulting in a highly thorough and analytical analysis. It doesn’t stop there; the advanced Google Tag Manager tool has merged all the common web elements and technologies to simplify implementation.
  7. Google Algorithm Updates: – Google has been changing its algorithm modifications more than 200 times daily on average. Many surveys and studies have been undertaken to establish the search engine market share, and the figures vary between sources. The only thing they had in common was Google’s dominance over all other search engines. According to the ComScore data for February 2016, Google accounted for around 64% of all searches.
  8. Utilization of search engines: – The use of search engines varies by region. While Google dominates the search engine business in the United States and India, Baidu has more than 60% of the market in China, while Google has less than 5%. This demonstrates the enormous Importance of search engine optimization.
  9. The Importance of social media: – Surveys and analyses conducted by Social Media Marketing professionals such as Hubspot and Social Media Examiner offer some encouraging data concerning internet marketing. According to the findings, over 90% of marketers believe social media is vital for their firms.
  10. The top 1000 keywords are insufficient: – The top 100 and even the top 10,000 make for a small percentage of total search traffic. That means that even if you dominated the top 1000 keywords on search engines, you would miss out on roughly 90% of total search traffic.

These were the top 10 unique facts about digital marketing. Hopefully, these facts have given you something to think about for the rest of the day and satiated your desire for new information! The preceding information is packed with studied facts, data, and statistics to help you better understand digital marketing. The data demonstrates the undeniable facts regarding digital marketing. It will outline Digital Marketing’s past, present, and future.


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