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How to use Hashtags effectively on Social Media in 2023

How to use Hashtags effectively on Social Media in 2023: Before Twitter, this “#” sign only denoted a number or a unit of weight. However, this technology enables users and marketers to review information on specific subjects or notify companies of how their business is doing on social media.

In an Instagram study conducted by Sproutsocial, 66% of users claimed that hashtags are an excellent component of their digital marketing strategy, while 32% said they are over them.

A hashtag is a word or phrase that introduces a theme or issue on social media and is followed by the hash symbol. This makes it easier for folks interested in specific topics to see your social media posts by helping you categorize each one in the business category.

Ways to Use Hashtags Effectively

1. Keep it Brief and Relevant

Make sure to use a hashtag that people will be looking for and can easily remember when creating your 2023 social media calendar.

The world of social media is overflowing with several hashtags. Long, cryptic, or otherwise complicated hashtags will generally not work well for you. But you won’t get the desired outcomes if your hashtag is confusing, untested, or generic. 

Your hashtag ought to be brief, exact, and easy to spell. It needs to make the subject of the talk very obvious to your listeners.

Finding themes that are pertinent to your audience is the key. You must identify the hashtags that are relevant to your content and business that are currently in discussion. Using hashtags on social media may help you organize your material, attract new followers, and interact with a community.

2. Make use of Popular Hashtags

Those hashtags that have gained a lot of traction are said to be trending. You must have overheard conversations concerning the “current trends”

It may also refer to hashtags trending at present or being discussed intensively at a certain moment. Popular hashtags frequently focus on the biggest international news stories. Use that tag to join the trend when you notice one that applies to your industry.

A trending hashtag might help you reach a significantly wider audience with your content update. Your updates are visible to more people than simply your fans and followers.

Additionally, a popular hashtag is a fantastic approach to raising a brand’s exposure. Make sure a hashtag contributes anything to the discourse before including it in your social media post.

If your piece is educational, more people will share it, which will increase your brand exposure as a whole. To automate your social media posts using hashtags, utilize the finest social media automation tools. To develop branding efforts that will gain more traction in 2023, consult the national day calendar or any other holiday calendar. Consistency is the key, after all!

3. Limit your Usage of Hashtags

A social media plan must include hashtags. They increase your company’s visibility, allowing you to reach a far larger audience with the message about your product. Additionally, if you use your hashtag frequently across many platforms, people will remember it.

Each social media network has a specific frequency for hashtags, and using them outside of that range may result in lower interaction. According to the Social Baker study, utilizing 10 or more hashtags might lower interaction by 68.2%.

Twitter: – For the best interaction, limit the number of hashtags you use for each tweet to no more than two due to word count limitations.

Use two hashtags on Facebook— one trending hashtag and one unique one for your company.

Instagram: – It permits up to 30, but for optimum interaction, limit it to 9 per post.

There are no restrictions on the use of hashtags on LinkedIn. However, it is recommended to keep it to a maximum of 5. If not, LinkedIn’s algorithm can classify your posts as spam.

Use two hashtags on Pinterest to make it easier for users to locate pertinent material.

TikTok: – To increase your visibility on the network, use 4-5 hashtags.

4. Before using a Hashtag, Research it.

Verify the relevant social media network to be sure your hashtag isn’t being misused. Make sure you don’t pick a hashtag that might come across as negative or that a competing company is using to promote itself.

When you use hashtags effectively, they promote online discussion, raise brand recognition, and eventually boost sales. So, when choosing the ideal hashtags, keep your target audience in mind.

Check to see whether it is used by others and what they are saying. If you want your tweet to get seen, using a derogatory hashtag might not be the best strategy. Therefore, it is important to do your homework to protect yourself from any avoidable mistakes.

To ascertain which hashtags are most effective for you and which ones aren’t, you may also employ Twitter analytics tools.

How Brands Are Using Hashtag Marketing Is an Interesting Read.

5. Be Particular and Special

Use hashtags as a marketer to connect with your audience, especially during important occasions and Twitter discussions.

However, you must engage the audience by utilizing distinctive hashtags if you want others to join the debate. You can’t expect people to retweet your message if you use generic hashtags like #marketing or #seo.

To increase interaction on their social media posts, people now combine original, popular, and branded hashtags with improved social media marketing strategies. 

For example: – KitKat has started a lively chat thread with its recognizable catchphrase, “Have a Break.”

Without question, hashtags are an effective technique for social media brand promotion. You need to employ a hashtag that is properly chosen and strategically applied if you want to see high results.

6. Foster Company Engagement 

Hashtags are a terrific way to link your brand to several well-known and highly visible issues.

By using the proper hashtags, you may attract new followers to your social media and interact with them. When you use hashtags strategically, they enable you to reach more targeted consumers and enhance client relationships. Your followers are more inclined to engage with you on social media if they are more at ease with your brand.

Although you shouldn’t disregard them, you shouldn’t utilize hashtags when speaking with your followers on social media. Additionally, you are not required to include a hashtag in each post.

But it’s crucial to remember that you shouldn’t utilize hashtags while responding to someone. When they are not necessary, refrain from using these characters in replies or retweets. Don’t bring it up in conversation with customers.

It takes more than adding keywords to your hashtags to improve your internet visibility. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to the debate and original. An effective social media marketing plan for your company must make good use of hashtags.

Final Thoughts

As we stated at the beginning, hashtags are the entry point to all the information related to your specialty on each platform; therefore, joining these groups on each of them is crucial to attracting new clients.

As we’ve seen, the best strategy for utilizing hashtags is to avoid stuffing your posts with a barrage of popular ones because platforms will punish you for this. After all, they don’t want this kind of shady advertising tactic on their properties. Instead, we go back to the fundamentals of SEO, where finding the keywords with the highest likelihood of competition is crucial if you want to be discovered.

To sum up, if you’re searching for a digital marketing company to manage your social media strategy that handles much more than just hashtags, get in touch with us at, and we’ll step up your social media game! To discuss business, get in touch with us.

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