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The Ethics of Personalized Marketing: Balancing Customization and Privacy

Personalized marketing ethics for balancing customization and privacy – Have you ever wondered that the product or category you viewed online reappears in front of you every time you visit any social media platform or websites in form of paid advertisements. This is referred to as personalized marketing.

Now imagine you are a customer scrolling any website and an ad appears. That advertisement is related to product on which you were eyeing from few days and it displays sale on that product. Then your first step would be to order that product because you desired to buy that product and most important it fits in your pocket. You will not even think twice before purchasing that product. This is just an example of how personalized marketing works. There can be many such practical life examples which you can encounter on daily basis.

What is personalized Marketing?

Personalized marketing or one to one marketing is a marketing technique in which promotional efforts, product recommendations and communication techniques are tailored while keeping in mind individual’s preference, taste, characteristics and behavior.

This results in high conversion rates as right products are displayed in front of right people at right time. Brand loyalty of that brand also increases.

Advantages of personalized marketing

There are many advantages of personalized marketing. Refer to points given below to know in detail the advantages associated with this kind of marketing.

Improved customer experience

 By providing your customers what they need at right time, improves your brand loyalty. Consumer will form a positive impression of your brand.

 High conversion rates-

By displaying ad that your consumers are interested in will generate more conversion rates. They will buy those products immediately if they will see same product ad many times. They cannot resist themselves from buying those products.

 High Engagement

People will engage with the ads that are tailored for them. They will not simply scroll those advertisements. They will click on that for at least once for sure as they are tempted to buy those products.

From competition point of view

As competition is increasing daily, it becomes really important to bring innovations in your marketing strategies. Traditional methods won’t work efficiently on modern customer base. By personalization, customers will generate your brand value and loyalty. Personalization also improves your brand authority and creditability.

Steps to create personalization marketing campaign

Follow these steps to make your personalization marketing a big success.

Set goals

Setting fixed and measurable goals is primary step in every marketing strategy. Without goal it is like working aimlessly in wrong direction. Setting goals also helps you to analyze your performance in later stages.

Chose your target audience

Determining right target audience is crucial to make your campaign a big hit. Targeting incorrect audience base can adversely affect your strategy.

Collect data

Every click and tap consumer makes, generates data. Make sure to collect this data in a proper planned manner and use this data in an ethical manner within legal restrictions

Create personalized content

This is the main component that will segregate you from your competitors. Take proper time to customize your content on the basis of collected data. Decide on which platform you have to display your ad, in which format and most important at what time. Answer all these questions precisely before running your campaign.

Test and launch

Test how your campaign displays on different devices. After considering all these steps you are ready to launch your campaign. Use you can also tools to automate your ad campaigns.

Monitor your performance  

Last but not the least step is to monitor and track your KPIs (Key Point Indicators). This will help you to know whether your campaign is fulfilling your set goals or not.

Balancing Customization and Privacy

One of the major challenge while creating personalizes advertisement is to maintain customer’s privacy. It takes efforts and years to build trust but seconds to break. . Take this few tips in mind to maintain balance between customization and privacy.


Win the trust of your customers by ensuring that their data is protected with you. Convince them that their data will be used only for marketing purposes. You can also give option to your consumers whether they want to use their data for personalization or not. It is one of the important factor for Personalized marketing ethics.

Minimal data collection

Collect only that amount of data which will help you to generate best personalized experience.

Protect your data

Ensure to have proper security system for collected data. Make sure that there are no leaks or breaches. If this happens consumers will never trust your brand again.


Train and educate your marketing team to ensure proper utilization of data. Teach them to use this data in ethical manner.


Customer experience and satisfaction are core marketing components in today’s world. Provide your customer with best experience through personalized marketing ethics and generate more sales.

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