SEO Forecasting: Should I Use It?

SEO Forecasting: Should I Use It?

What is SEO Forecasting?

Analyzing analytics data from prior search traffic to identify patterns or trends that recur over time is the technique of SEO forecasting. To put it simply, this is how you plan for future advances while identifying areas that might require further focus to achieve better results. As a way to decide how to make future decisions that are in keeping with the brand’s overarching objectives, it is utilized by both small businesses and websites on the enterprise level. Digital marketers must incorporate some form of the process into their strategy since doing so makes it simpler to determine which objectives are genuinely feasible and how to allocate resources to them. For any business, SEO forecasting is an essential activity since it takes existing web traffic data and transforms it into useful information with more context, clarity, and logic.

Reason to use SEO Forecasting 

Understanding what SEO forecasting is, on the one hand, and considering how it supports your brand over the long term, on the other. 

  • First Party Data

Your business can gain insight from first-party data on the precise optimization and growth strategies that are successful for your website. The majority of the time, it originates from data gathered by Google Analytics or any additional SEO reporting tools you use, such SEMrush or MozPro.

  • Third-Party Data

The use of third-party data considers what other companies are doing and how they are attaining similar objectives. Consider it your company’s technique of observing what others in your niche are doing to achieve outcomes that are comparable to what you want to achieve. You can clearly appreciate the advantages of SEO forecasting when you integrate the findings from first-party and third-party data to form an overall picture. As a brand, this helps you to focus on how to proceed or what tactics to employ to get results more rapidly.

The Top 4 SEO Forecasting Tools

Of course, selecting the best tools to facilitate the process is a necessary part of comprehending the SEO forecasting process. 

  • Google Data Studio

When it comes to optimization, the search engine itself should always be the first point of call. You can use Google Data Studio, a free forecasting tool, in this instance to identify patterns in your site traffic. For the purpose of gathering the most complete data, the program integrates with data sources such as Google Analytics, Semrush, and others. From there, you may produce reports, dashboards, and other visual aids to assist in forecasting. The best part is that using it is free.

  • Prophet by Facebook

Prophet by Facebook may be something you wish to use if you have experience with computer programming. With the use of this enormous open-source code library, seasonal traffic trends can be predicted in a variety of ways by tracking and analyzing data. It is not beginner friendly, but if you have experience with Python or someone on your team is educated with it, it can be a decent option since it is free.

  • Ahrefs’ Traffic Site Forecast

The Ahref’s toolkit as a whole is a terrific investment for any firm trying to increase on-page optimization, and we can’t emphasize this enough. Their Traffic Site Forecast tool is quite reliable. The tool makes it simple to produce charts and graphs that display your anticipated organic traffic by combining data from different sources.

  • SEO Keyword Forecasting by SEOmonitor

What if you only require forecast data for a small set of keywords and are looking for a straightforward answer? If so, you’ll appreciate SEOmonitor’s SEO Keyword Forecasting. Although it is generally more expensive, it is a very informative program that considers a variety of variables to offer you the clearest image of your results. Additionally, it provides automated reporting, so at certain intervals, you can have these projections delivered right to your inbox.

We hope this article will help you better your future objectives regarding SEO Forecasting. For more such insightful articles and further assistance in your digital marketing journey contact Digileap Marketing Services. 

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