How to increase domain authority

How to increase domain authority?

If you are in search of how can one rank 1 on Google? Then you would have come across the term- ‘Domain Authority. It is one of the important ranking factors on Google among 200 other factors. Let us know more about it!

Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking metric that you can use to speculate how well your website is ranking on your search engines. It assigns you a score between 1 to 100. It has a greater chance of scoring well on search engine page results (SERPs) if your score is high. Many factors determine the score of DA. For an idea, here’s this example, websites like Google, Apple, or Microsoft will have a high DA, whereas, if your website is new then your DA will be low. Also, do you know it is easier to enhance your site’s DA if it’s between 20 & 30 than it is between 70 & 80? To categorize what is a good DA, consider these:

  • <30 – poor
  • 30 to 40 – below average
  • 40 to 50 – average
  • 50 to 60 – good
  • 60 to 70 – very good
  • >80 – excellent

As DA predicts the performance of your website in search results. So it’s better to use it for comparison with other websites in SERPs and then try to increase your DA rank. The most important factors that determine the DA score for a site are MozRank, Link profile, Root Domains, MozTrust, Site Structure, and User Friendliness.

The top ways to increase domain authority are:

1. Acquire high-quality backlinks from authority sites: –

You might have already known that backlinks play a massive role in calculating DA. They are one of the two most important ranking factors. According to a few studies, many websites do not get organic traffic as they don’t have backlinks. There are many ways by which you can backlinks can be used to strengthen your profile link. You look at top referral sources and use MonsterInsights for the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin that shows detailed reports on the dashboard. You can also spy on your competitors, which is ethical, and look at their backlink sources.

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2. Create mind-blowing content that’s link-worthy: –

One of the very important ways to increase your DA is to keep the quality of content top-notch. Good quality content will always make its way to the top. If people find your posts helpful, they would never mind sharing them with others. This increases your chances of getting backlinks from high-authority websites, like education institutes or governmental bodies. Links from different sites will also help you boost your DA. So, you can create multiple content types such as articles, lengthy guides, videos, infographics, podcasts, slides, and more.

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3. Audit your site and remove bad links:

While inbound links are crucial for your website’s DA and rankings, having bad links can cause a lot of damage than good. Links taken from spam-filled websites can decrease your website’s DA. In certain cases, it can even cause you a penalty from Google. To avoid that you can use different SEO tools to identify harmful links by going through a complete link profile of your website. And if you can’t remove those links, you can use  Google Search Console to ignore those links.

4. Optimize your website structure and user experience: – 

If you have a proper structure, search engines can easily walk up to your web pages and index them on search results. To attract search engines, you also create a site that manages content. A sitemap contains all your vital pages and assists search engines to navigate through your site with ease. 

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5. Improve internal links: – 

You can also improve your site’s user experience by focusing on the internal link structure. With the help of links directing to other informative web pages on your site, you can increase visitor traffic and reduce the bounce rate. Internal links also make it easier for search engine bots to crawl your website, which helps in indexing your pages. An additional advantage of proper internal link structure is that it passes link juice from one page to another. Link juice in SEO refers to the value of a page passed to other web pages.

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6. Work on your off-page SEO: –

Websites that have a strong, clean profile will have a higher DA score than websites with a not-so-good link profile. The process of improving a link profile is called Off-Page SEO and it is also related to the techniques you can use to acquire good links that will eventually improve your rankings.

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7. Be patient: –

Increasing your Domain Authority is not something that can be done overnight. It will surely take some time for Moz crawlers to read and evaluate your website after you make any of the above-mentioned changes, so you will have to stay patient for getting deserved results. Remember to work systematically and consistently on improving your Google rankings which will have an affirmative effect on your domain authority score. 

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Concluding, let’s be clear, do not get too much coped up with your domain authority score. Ultimately, it’s just a number that shows how strong your domain is, compared to other domains that exist in the Moz database. A high DA score just ensures that you are on the right path, but it does not make sure that you’ll get better traffic, at the end it’s just a prediction. But that does not mean you will ignore domain authority completely, as that will harm your site pretty much. Just remember, by being able to identify the domain authority of other sites, you can also identify other sites worth linking to in your content as well as sites that are industry authorities that are worth establishing a relationship with. 

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