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2023 Guide for social media marketing

social media marketing 2023: Social media is used by almost three-quarters of the world’s population aged 13 and up. A staggering 4.74 billion individuals utilize social media.

Social media marketing offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with this enormous audience on platforms where they already spend their time.

But what precisely is social media marketing? Is it appropriate for your company? How do you “do” social media marketing, and where do you begin?

We’ll go over all you need to know about promoting your brand on social media in this post.

What exactly is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of promoting a business and connecting with existing and new consumers using social media platforms and technologies.

The desired objectives might range from vague (such as brand building) to precisely detailed (like selling products through social commerce).

At its foundation, social media marketing is about establishing relationships with your target audience in places where they already spend time online.

Social media marketing, unlike traditional advertising, allows for a two-way connection between individuals and companies. There is also the possibility of fostering a feeling of community, which fosters brand loyalty.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Only chat and messaging are more popular than social networks as a sort of website or app.

They provide amazing reach and opportunities to interact with an audience in ways that no other marketing platform can.

Here’s how it looks in terms of genuine rewards for any business that does social media marketing correctly.

  • Increase brand identification and awareness
  • Create brand and community loyalty
  • Ideas are tested in real-time
  • Contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives

Top social media marketing networks

There is a social network for every audience out there. These are our top selections, ordered by user count.


With 2.934 billion global active users, Facebook is the world’s most popular social site. It is also the “preferred” platform of most social media users. It accounts for the majority of web traffic referrals to third-party websites (71.64%).


With 1.386 billion active members, Instagram is the second most popular social network. Because of its regular feature upgrades and algorithm adjustments, it is known to occasionally be a source of annoyance for social media marketers.

However, the irritation is worthwhile considering nearly half (44%) of Instagram users purchase on the network weekly.


TikTok emerged from nowhere and has become an extremely important social network for marketing in the last few years. It has 1 billion active users, a 14.6% growth year on year.

And here’s an intriguing fact: TikTok would have come out on top if we had ordered this list by average time spent on the app. Users spend the most time on the site, an average of 22.9 hours each month, more than any other social network. Because of its addictive nature, it is a vital network for companies to grasp.


LinkedIn is the only social network on our list that is solely dedicated to business. This implies that its 875 million members are poised for commercial dialogues and product research. It’s an essential platform for everyone operating in B2B or any company that hires anyone at any time.

LinkedIn can also help business-to-consumer businesses succeed.


Snapchat may receive less attention than TikTok, but it is still a significant platform with 576 million active users. It is far from being forgotten; in fact, the platform is still expanding, adding 38 million users between Q4 2021 and Q4 2022.

Snapchat is especially effective for marketers looking to reach an audience aged 18 to 24.


Twitter has been in a state of flux since Elon Musk purchased it in October 2022. However, social marketers continue to monitor the network’s 544 million active members, and its usefulness as a marketing platform remains high moving into 2023.

Twitter is particularly effective for companies that want to participate in real-time trends and conversations.


Pinterest has the fewest active users on this list, at 433 million. However, due to the amount of time individuals spend on Facebook, it is a crucial platform for social media marketing.

People said they use Pinterest mostly to follow or investigate companies and items. The most important reason! This is a fundamental differentiator from most other platforms, where consumers prefer to prioritize relationships with individuals over ties with companies.

Five Important Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Conduct audience research

To be effective in social media marketing, you must first understand who your targeted audience is. This will need some audience research.

You may begin your study by learning about the various demographics of each social site.

But this is only the beginning. You must first identify your target demographic to choose how to personalize your social media content, which platforms to employ, and how to establish your brand voice.

It might be beneficial to create audience personas as you learn more about the people you want to target.

2. Recognize social media objectives and KPIs

Everything you do on social media should be supported by a sound plan based on attainable social media objectives. Each of these objectives will be linked to quantifiable data in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Look at the benefits of social media listed at the start of this piece for ideas on what sorts of goals to set for your social media marketing efforts. You could, for example, aspire to:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Increase community participation
  • Increase internet sales

If you need some inspiration, we have a whole blog page loaded with examples of social media marketing objectives.

One important aspect of goal setting is deciding how you will track and assess your progress. This is when KPIs come into play.

Fortunately, social media analytics make tracking and reporting on your social media performance a breeze. Consult our post on everything you need to know about social media analytics for further information.

3. Plan and schedule your material ahead of time.

It takes time and effort to create successful social media content. Rather than developing material on the fly, plan out your pieces ahead of time. This enables you to be strategic in your messaging across channels.

You may make much better use of your time by creating and scheduling content in chunks. Rather than interrupting your work numerous times each day (or night) to post on social media, you may develop content in designated blocks of your workday, then schedule your posts to go live on the appropriate networks at the appropriate time. A social media marketing dashboard, such as Hootsuite, can allow you to schedule all of your posts in one location while also keeping an eye on your content strategy at all times.

This advanced planning also allows you to involve several individuals in the content production process, allowing you to access other skill sets or just have a fresh set of eyes go at your captions before posting.

4. Get your neighborhood involved

Marketing on social media is unlike marketing on any other channel. It’s a two-way street, with communication going from the brand to the customer and from the consumer to the brand.

As a result, it is critical to include your community with your brand. Try a social media contest or a customized hashtag to collect user-generated content to promote on your feed.

Above importantly, reply when your fans interact with your material. Respond to comments, praise especially active individuals, and keep an eye on your direct messages.

5. Keep an eye on your competitors.

Social media is a fantastic tool for conducting competitive research. You can observe what your competitors are up to in real-time and even listen in on discussions about competing companies.

Social listening is an excellent starting point for competition research. You can follow mentions of your rivals even if they are not labeled using automated methods. You can observe what methods are working for them and which are not.

This knowledge will be immensely useful when you design your social marketing plan. You don’t want to be like your competition, but you may learn from their achievements and failures. In addition, you may learn about new deals, goods, or corporate changes in real-time.

Should you use social media marketing in 2023?

So, is social media marketing useful for your company? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  • Connect with your target audience where they already spend time on the internet.
  • Low entry barrier — creating a business account on all major social media is free.
  • Build brand loyalty
  • broaden your audience
  • Obtain audience input that is used in all aspects of your business.
  • Social analytics may help you learn more about your target audience.
  • Real-time testing can help you fine-tune your plan.

The disadvantages of social media marketing

  • It takes some time to get it properly.
  • Initial follower growth might be difficult.
  • Potential security hazards if not properly managed.

The benefits of social media marketing significantly exceed the dangers for most organizations. If your target audience is already on social media, they anticipate finding you there. You’re passing up a vital opportunity to promote your business if you don’t have an active social media presence.

Fortunately, getting started is simple. You do not have to accomplish everything at once. The first step is to create a social media marketing 2023 plan.


I’ve attempted to cover all of the fundamentals of social media marketing. It covers everything from social media marketing 2023 terminology to social media marketing problems.

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