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Tips to lure traffic to your website

When you start your online journey, the first step is the website. Developing a website helps you to have a storefront in the online community. Website is the virtual store for your business. Let’s say you have already developed your website and have all the necessary things like content, pictures, products, services etc. but you are still missing something…

When you didn’t have a virtual store, the footfall in your store was the measure of success, right? But now, since the online drift has taken place. You own a virtual store, have made sure that your website is easy to navigate and other essential parameters are taken care of, but the virtual footfall is still not happening.

This virtual footfall is called traffic in the digital world. Consider the people who visit your website as traffic. So the more traffic you have on your website, the more engagement and sales you have, which is equal to success.

But most websites are lagging in the traffic department. But you don’t have to worry if you are one of those. I am going to share some tips which will help you drive traffic to your website. Eventually increasing your sales and engagement.

So lets dive right into it,

Speed your website

One factor for a high google rank website is the speed of it. Time is precious for everyone. No one would wait for your website to unfold and reveal the treasure. Instead, they’ll go to other sites with similar content.

Here are a couple of ways to increase your website’s speed:

  • Reduce the number of redirects
  • Decrease the size of resources   
  • Optimize your images by shrinking the size
  • Remove or cut the use of render-blocking JavaScript

YouTube marketing

It is proven that visuals are much more impactful rather than simple texts. Besides, you can share a lot of information and data in a video rather than typing that in the same amount of time.

YouTube is the video hub. Thus, marketing on a video hub is the best way to reach your audience. Linking your website link to your YouTube video is the way to get traffic to your website and even to your YouTube channel.

Ask your social media managers to come up with ideas to use YouTube to bring in more traffic to your website.

One way is by streaming a live video on your website and then posting it on YouTube. This will make people curious to join the next live video, thus bringing traffic and engagement your way.

Social media

The best way to bring in traffic towards your website is through conquering social media. Linking the website link in your bio or sharing the link with people through posts etc is a great way to bring traffic.

Reddit is a platform which can bring in 20% to 30% of traffic to your website.   

  • Create your account
  • Fill out all the details about your profile
  • Find relevant subreddits and join them
  • Take part in relevant subreddits for a few days by commenting on other people’s posts
  • Start sharing your own content while continuing to take part in Reddit.

simple right?

Tip: read my blog on how to master Reddit, and know more about the revolution that is Reddit.


Quora is a question-and-answer platform, where you can answer relevant questions. Maybe questions related to your products or services, you can add the link to your website so that people can view your website and thus bring in traffic.

Learn to use Quora effectively instead of spamming it.

Collaborate with high traffic websites

You can collaborate with websites which have high traffic. This can help you gain website and business traffic. If the website is really popular, then your website will drive traffic for the years to come.

Make sure the collaborating website has a lot of traffic but is not a competitor.

Email marketing

Emails are still, when you wish to bring in traffic to your website. Generating leads and traffic can come through email marketing. Emails are the best way to get to the customers personally. It’s the most efficient way to reach your customers professionally.

Send them offers, discounts, upcoming sales or events. Make them curious so that they open your email and, thus, eventually your website. Remember, the primary motive is to bring in traffic to your website and generate leads.

Paid ads

One of the best ways to get traffic towards your website is through paid ads (only if you are ready to invest). The best feature of paid ads is that they reach the targeted audience. When the relevant ads reach the relevant people, they often purchase because the products and services interest them. Traffic doesn’t always mean sales, but yes, chances of sales increase.

SEO your website

SEO means search engine optimization. optimising your content so that you are ranked higher on the search engines will help your visibility. There are many factors which you should look into before optimizing your content. Use the right keywords so that you are ranked higher.

Bid on keywords which have more value but are less expensive. Check your keywords with Google keyword planner.


A website is a must have if you want to grow online. It will bring in business if used properly. Website is the ground of your website. So make sure your website is attractive to the visitors yet impactful, so that it lures people to come back again and again.

Use the tips mentioned and watch your website rise the success ladder.

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