The relationship between digital marketing and AI

The relationship between digital marketing and AI

The advancements in technology and various machine learning techniques have increased in the past decades. One of the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), is significantly helping us in today’s tech world. A survey conducted a few years ago shows that 51% of marketers and businesses have already incorporated artificial intelligence in their digital marketing strategies. They have already seen massive results and thus the popularity of AI is increasing every day. So we can say that AI and digital marketing go hand in hand, and both their popularity and usage will increase in the upcoming years. Let’s study about the relationship between digital marketing and AI.

One question that you might have is what exactly is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a local human brain, without feelings. To elaborate more, artificial intelligence provides machines with the ability to analyze data and perform cognitive tasks. It thinks like a human and even observer, like a human, to decide and execute plans. It makes decision-making simpler and faster, without a doubt factor.

One of the major concerns people have about AI is that it may replace human beings. AI is developed by humans to help them not to take their place. No one can replace human beings, but yes can definitely be a helping hand.

What are the benefits of AI in digital marketing?

Increases efficiency: One of the major benefits of AI is that it increases efficiency. Since it performs automated tasks, it leaves room for humans to perform other tasks which AI can perform. It gives more time to humans to perform tasks and manage activities.

Increases productivity and ROI: AI is automated and already has instructions to perform certain tasks. It can even understand the content better and analyze how the content is performed on different social platforms. This feature lets the content reach the right audience at the right time, which in turn increases the ROI- return on investment.

Enhances the user experience: artificial intelligence uses machine learning for understanding its users, thus it’s capable of sketching a pattern of the audience. It is capable enough to understand and show relevant recommendations to keep the audience interested and engaged in your brand.  

Guesswork: marketing is all about guessing whether your audience will like the product. So if you have AI-based analysis, I hardly doubt that you would go wrong in understanding your customers and their needs. Marketing requires a lot of assumptions and guesswork so artificial intelligence can help you reduce the guesswork and get you better results.

Ai can identify future outcomes which can come in really handy while selling some product. It can track your progress and help you identify your weak points.

Faster replies: I’m sure when you text someone, you expect them to reply within a few minutes, right? Well, AI replies to you within seconds!

If your brand is AI-based, then you don’t have to worry about replying to every query of the customers and clients. You can simply type in automated replies or texts to the most asked questions from your previous data and work on many important tasks.

A chatbot is one such AI-based system that generates replies automatically and chats with customers. You can simply change its settings and add all the responses to the main keywords which you think the customers may ask you. Then sit back and let the Chatbot do all the work of chatting there.

People may ask you questions 24/7. Chatbots can come in really handy in those troublesome times when you can’t reply to people or you aren’t available.

Insights are more accurate: as the subheading suggests the insights or the observations which AI makes will be more accurate than human observations. The human brain may miss out on certain elements, but artificial intelligence will not.

Insights refer to the metrics that determine how well a particular piece of content is performing. Customer insights are vital since they determine what your next post or move should be on digital platforms. AI studies a pool of customers and understands their behavior on the digital platforms and thus gets your result.

There are so many ways you can use AI in your business. One such way is to use it for developing your website. Websites are virtual offices for businesses, thus a good website design would help you. People often skip exploring websites if the design of the website is not suitable for them.

Another way to implement AI is through Chatbots, which I have already mentioned above.

You can use AI in email marketing too. Sending personalized emails through the programs of AI can help you to reach out to the perfect audience. AI can help you build an email list and can sort your email marketing problems.

AI can help you send broadcast messages. Messages which are universal, AI can send out automated messages at a scheduled time without you having to worry about sending.


Artificial intelligence can come in handy in many places. AI can help you understand your target audience in a simpler, yet more accurate way. There are a lot of places where AI can help you with digital marketing. Digital marketing can benefit from AI a lot more than one might think.

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing technology and its use in digital marketing would continue to increase in the next couple of years. From the above information, I hope you are convinced to include AI in your next digital marketing move. Since AI has not yet been completely developed, more features and tools will be soon added. It will be a powerful tool in the future.

Besides this, you need customized digital marketing strategies which will help you in advertising your brand with the help of Artificial intelligence.

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