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Top reasons why your website sucks

Why some website sucks is a critical question! In this world of technology, it’s essential that one has its own website. website is not just a necessity at the moment its everything. We need to understand why do startups need a website. It’s a place through which the audience can look into your world, to put it into better words it’s a window or a gateway to your world. if you wish to showcase your world to the target audience and want them to join you in your journey then a website is a must.

The friendliest thing in today’s world is the mobile, it’s something that stays with people all the time. When someone searches on their mobile the first thing that pops up are the websites. So now we know why websites are important but we aren’t here to know that because we are already aware of that. We need to know why your website sucks. Why is it just not working out for you while it’s working out for your competitors?

Well, the simplest answer to why some website sucks because you let it. Yes, the problem is you, not the web designer or the developer. You let your website suck and now you are facing the consequences.

Someone had to be the bearer of the bad news, and I guess I just became that…

Well, there are reasons why your website sucks, and today let’s discuss why your website sucks and how to solve that…

Investing too much in designers and not content writers

People often spend a lot on website designers to get the perfect layout and design for the website. but they forget that they need to add content to the layout. This is the biggest mistake since the budget gets disturbed when they only focus on one aspect and forget about the others. You can use Canva to design the website.

Thus it’s important that you know your resources and set a budget.

Content is the most important part of the website and if you can’t invest in a great content writer then all your best design layout is gone to waste since the audience comes to read the content and not look at the layout. There are many social media tools for marketing that also follow the social media algorithms.

User experience                                               

You thought like the user while designing your website and adding the content, but you forgot to actually ask a user. Everyone decided what is best for the user, everyone was there except the user. This makes your website suck and is useless at the same time. If the user is not happy with the website then they wouldn’t even visit it again. Also there are different marketing strategies for twitter to understand the algorithm. This means you are losing potential customers since your website is not actually ‘user experienced’ proofed.

So make sure that you always keep a say of the user while designing a website and keeping it in the game for an excellent website.

Content isn’t always text

If you think that your website only needs to have blogs and texts here and there, then you know why your website sucks. That is why content marketing strategy is very important.

Well, content doesn’t only mean blogs or texts, it means to have a mixture of both photos and videos. Yes, images are super important and if you don’t include images and videos on your website, then it just sucks and isn’t working out for you.

Too generic

Another reason why your website might suck is that you are too generic on the website. There is nothing unique about the website. It’s something people have seen thousands of times in their life and have gotten bored with that. There are different marketing strategy for applications too.

So if your website is too generic for the audience it automatically sucks and proves to be a waste. It doesn’t matter if your content is up-to-date or not, uniqueness is the key to everything. Like its said quality over quantity!

When your website is all about you!

If your website screams me! Me! Me! Then trust me you are the only one visiting the website. Another reason why your website sucks is that you are all about yourself on the website. When the audience visits your website they do it so that they can see if you solve their problem or not. They don’t visit because they wish to see your firm’s achievements or all about the greatness of your firm.

Again make the website user-friendly and experience.


Now since you are aware of why your website sucks, it’s essential that you work on how to make it better. There are many more reasons why websites suck but these were the top ones. I hope your website does not check these. In case it does then you really need to spend some and get yourself a better and working website. Working not just for you but for the users. In case you require some help with your website or digital marketing then contact us at Digileap Marketing services and get the experts at your service.

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