Best Marketing Automation Tools
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Best Marketing Automation Tools

In the marketing industry, there are many repetitive jobs that would have been done manually, such as sending emails, managing campaigns, analyzing websites, and using social media for marketing. But because of marketing automation, these jobs have gotten a lot simpler, which in turn helps the company expand. One element of customer relationship management is marketing automation (CRM). To automate these operations, there are numerous marketing automation systems and technologies on the market. This post will provide you with a thorough rundown of the best marketing automation solutions currently on the market.

10 Best Marketing Automation Tools

  • Sendinblue

A single platform you need for digital marketing, Sendinblue. It features marketing automation features. It includes tools for SMS marketing, chat, transactional emails, CRM, and other forms of marketing. To make email sending as efficient as possible, machine learning is utilized. You can send the email on time with the help of this facility. It provides functions for email marketing, such as the ability to personalize emails, organize contacts, and create your message. It contains design tools for landing pages that can assist you in creating pages specifically for campaigns. You may expand your contact list with Sendinblue by integrating the unique signup forms. Many other capabilities are available through Sendinblue, including Facebook Ads, Retargeting, Segmentation, Transactional Email, CRM, SMS Marketing, etc.


You can design your workflows using the project management tool from for marketing. It offers templates that can be utilized in a few useful situations. It has features for a content calendar, blog planning, and content creation. Through its editorial schedule, you can arrange the content materials. On, you can find out who is doing what and when as well as simply assign designers and editors. You will find it simple to exchange resources and get feedback by using inventive requests. To make it simple to share materials and get feedback, provides editable creative request forms. It offers editorial calendar tools that make it easier to schedule material in advance.

  • Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s contribution to marketing automation can best be characterized as being both strong and straightforward. You can easily achieve your marketing objectives thanks to the software, which provides you with all the tools you need to cultivate leads and build talk about your business.

Constant Contact automates all of these essential duties for a trouble-free, efficient marketing experience, from building drip campaigns to delivering transactional emails.

  • Campaigner

For companies of all kinds, including small, medium, and large corporations, Campaigner provides a reliable email marketing solution. The campaigner combines external data, removes consumer addresses, and sends the necessary one-to-one email message. The success of email campaigns is increased by the integration of email messages with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The campaigner keeps track of the user’s activities, purchases, or shopping information and bases its email communications with the user on these findings.

  • Maropost

You have all the tools you need to enhance dialogues and increase client engagement with Maropost, a cloud-based marketing automation platform. With this technology, your campaign and content marketing can almost run themselves. With the use of this tool, marketers can segment their target market, personalize their messages, and guarantee that the proper messages reach the intended mailbox.

  • Act

Act gives you access to a marketing automation solution with a wealth of features that can automate campaigns from the moment they are created until they are successfully completed. The program is perfect for developing and implementing successful, tailored email marketing campaigns because of its extensive template collection. When it comes to creating supporting programs that produce favorable results, the tool is likewise outstanding. Selecting a nurture trigger and several follow-up touch points is all that is necessary; Act will handle the rest. The software is perfect for managing, recording, and scoring leads as well.

  • Keap

Keap, a private email marketing company for small and medium-sized enterprises, was established in 2001 and is based in Arizona in the United States. The expansion of small enterprises using technology and automated marketing platforms is its key objective. The majority of repetitious responsibilities are automated, including contact management, billing, and follow-up. CRM, e-Commerce, marketing automation, etc. are all included in Keap’s marketing solution. Over 450K campaigns are active, 396 million contacts are managed, and over 29 billion emails have been distributed.

  • HubSpot

Established in 2006, HubSpot provides inbound marketing and sales software. Its main office is in Massachusetts, in the United States. With 34,000 clients in 90 countries and 3,400 agency partners, the business generated $271 million in revenue in 2016. Small and medium-sized enterprises were carefully taken into account when creating HubSpot. Web analytics, landing pages, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content management, and other marketing tools are all available from HubSpot. It is an inbound marketing tool that facilitates quick but successful marketing campaign launches.

  • ActiveCampaign

Users who use ActiveCampaign have access to all the tools necessary to simplify their marketing. Thanks to the software’s drag-and-drop automation builder, creating automation workflows will just take a few seconds. Once configured, ActiveCampaign essentially automates all essential marketing functions, including managing Facebook Ads and nurturing leads. In an effort to identify and concentrate marketing efforts on only highly engaged prospects, it tracks prospect behavior through tags, analytics, performance reporting, and custom fields. To automate marketing chores, it assists you in gathering crucial information from each online and offline digital channel, including live chats, text messages, landing pages, etc.

  • Aweber

Email marketing is a crucial component of digital marketing, and Aweber makes it easier for your company to use by streamlining and automating it. A fairly simple email builder is provided, which makes creating emails easier. On top of that, you have a tonne of automation technologies that work to make your already-launched email marketing campaigns more profitable. The task is completed automatically after you generate a single bespoke email campaign and schedules it. You can use a pre-built campaign for your email marketing campaign if you don’t want to waste time creating one by just picking it up, making a few simple adjustments, and using it. Aweber is among the best solutions for email marketing automation because of its thorough reporting and analytics.

We examined the many forms of marketing automation software that are beneficial for business needs in-depth in this post. There are other pieces of marketing automation software on the market; therefore, the list provided here is by no means complete but a good start for you to start your marketing journey.

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