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Content creation may seem effortless and fancy, but it requires a lot of time and skill. Whether it’s creating the perfect montage for Facebook, a quirky GIF for Instagram or an engaging tweet, creating content for social media requires effective planning as well as the right tools. This article will help you to know about the best social media marketing tools for content creation.

In today’s evolving social media landscape, the right social media marketing tools can go a long way in determining the fate of any enterprise. Powerful tools that align with the organization’s goals can make content valuable and accepted by the audience. Let’s dive in to get a lowdown into the best social media marketing tools to speed up and brighten social media content


If the aim is to opt for a free design tool, Canva is the best option. While it has paid features as well, one can easily create images for social media using a wide variety of high-quality yet free templates and design elements. In India, Canva Pro costs approximately ₹499 for a month (upto5 persons), while Canva Enterprise can cost up to ₹2200 a month. Canva app is also available for smart phones now.

Usage: Canva’s library of free templates can be accessed, and a variety of templates can be chosen from. There is a dedicated section of social media graphics for different types of content across platforms. Unique elements can be selected to make a graphic, and the new visual can thereafter be shared on any social media platform.


This is an image and video tool that allows brands to showcase products and digital designs in realistic web or video environments. Huge amounts of time and money may be spent on outdoor photoshoots, while the same can be saved through using Placeit Logomaker. A one-time purchase can cost a few thousands, but a monthly purchase can cost up to ₹1200. There are many social media tools for marketing that also follow the social media algorithms.

Usage: First, the desired environment needs to be searched for. Placeit will automatically place the image in the selected environment and create a mockup. Then an image can be uploaded, or a URL entered to take a screenshot of the same.


Those with design knowledge and professional graphic designers find Adobe Illustrator a standard option for creating illustrations and graphics. As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, it can be purchased for approximately ₹1700 per month. That is why a good Content marketing strategy  is very important.

Usage: Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics software that lets the user scale down the artwork for mobile screens or scale it up for billboard size. Drawing tools can be used to create logos, icons, packaging, web graphics, and more. 


Figma is also a vector basic graphics editor and prototype tool primarily web-based with some features also available offline, enabled by desktop applications of Windows and Mac OS. The pricing starts at ₹850 per month for Figma Professional, while Figma Organization costs up to ₹3300 per month.

Usage: Whiteboards can be used by teams to brainstorm and work together on Figma. This software is best for prototyping and wireframing. Mockups and interactive demos can easily be created through downloadable templates.


Similar to Canva, Crello is a graphic design tool for social media marketers to create enthralling graphics without a lot of design knowledge. It is great for creating quotes, images and stories. It offers more than 30,000 free design templates, 180 million photos, 32,000 videos and 15,000 illustrations. A variety of images are offered, and designs can be animated to create templates specifically for social media. Crello is free for users, though with limited usage, and the pro plan starts at ₹750 a month. 

Usage: On the application, the ‘Create’ tab can be used to find a free design template or templates that seem suitable for the brand. Crello editor can help customize this chosen design template, and after that, the finished image can be shared on social media. 


Anchor is one of the most sought-after platforms for creating, editing, distributing and monetizing audio recordings such as podcasts and videos. Anchor is available to users for free. The software integrates with all key podcasting platforms and free social media platforms for audio. 

Usage: Anchor offers built-in uploading, recording and editing tools so that one can easily create and publish episodes. It also has intuitive episode building as an attractive feature. Video podcasts can also be uploaded on Spotify. 


This is another popular video-making platform that allows amateurs to create captivating social media marketing content. Animoto helps in turning photos and video clips into video slideshows. Their existing storyboard templates can be used, or a new video can be created from scratch. The cost can vary from ₹1200 per month to ₹4800 a month, depending upon the needs of the organization. Annual subscriptions can cost up to 50% cheaper.

Usage: One of the many storyboard templates that can be used. Each one comes with a certain structure. The existing template can be replaced with the desired text, images or video clips. The video can then be downloaded in different formats and qualities and uploaded directly to social media platforms. 


This is software for creating videos for social media. By analyzing the content of a blog post, Lumen5 can automatically create a video storyboard. It even recommends relevant images and videos by dragging and dropping them into the respective frames. Lumen5 costs approximately ₹825 per month for an individual creator, ₹4500 for Lumen5 premium, and ₹11500 for business users.

Usage: First, the URL of the blog post needs to be entered into Lumen5. Then, select the subheadings of the blog post to add them to a storyboard. Lumen5 will then generate a video according to the selected subheadings.  There are many social media tools for marketing that also follow the social media algorithms.


Stencil is built specifically for the creation of images, quotes, ads, blog headers and stories through the use of browser extensions and the web application. It is easy to use for bloggers, business owners and social media marketers. Stencil Pro is available for approximately ₹675 a month, while Stencil Unlimited can be purchased at ₹900 a month. 

Usage: We can use over 5,000,000 royalty-free photos as templates for creating graphics. Through the browser extension, we can convert an image or text into a graphic and share it on social media. Also there are different marketing strategies for twitter to understand the algorithm.


Animaker is an exciting social media marketing tool for creating animated videos and stories with impressive effects without needing any technical skills. Animaker Basic costs approximately ₹750 a month, the Starter plan is available for ₹1425, and Animaker Pro is available for ₹3700 approx. for a month.

Usage: Animaker has over 40 templates to choose from to create an animated video. Each of these is a ready-made video with effects, transitions and music. We can now add the content to the existing templates, and the final video can be shared on social media. DIGILEAP MARKETING SERVICES

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