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10 Best Email Marketing Software

Email marketing softwares has become one of the best ways of marketing nowadays. But you can’t just simply write down hundreds of emails for marketing, right, as that would be highly time-consuming. Is there any way to escape it without leaving out email marketing? Yes, we have got you here! You can use email marketing software available in the market. It has the additional advantage of consistently delivering a better ROI than any other marketing channel. So, I bet you can’t afford to lose it. It is brilliant for community building and engaging with your customers that feel like one-on-one level. To know about best practices for email marketing.

To create and execute email marketing strategies triumphantly, you will need to find the best email marketing softwares platform:

List of Email Marketing Softwares:-


Sendinblue is an all-in-one platform that includes many business communication types such as Email, SMS, Facebook, Chat, CRM, and more. A few of the key features of this platform are that it is a shared inbox so you will never lose track of your customer email history, they have 60+ responsive email templates, they provide you with built-in CRM, SMS & Chat, they have contact segmentation i.e., they make your emails more relevant by targeting smaller groups of contacts with a tailored message. It is free up to 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts. The pricing starts at 25$/month for up to 10,000 emails.


It is also an all-in-one email marketing platform that also helps you with e-Commerce brands. They provide you with a library of templates that make it easy to create professional, stunning emails without coding that you can conveniently customize to fit your brand, add products, include dynamic discount codes, and save for your upcoming campaigns. You are given an automation library with pre-built workflows for every step of your customer journey. There is segmented targeting that can be used both for campaigns and automation across all the channels Omnisend caters for. It is free for up to 15,000 emails per month/ 2,000 emails per day. Pricing starts at $16/month.

Email Octopus:

Email Octopus is quite a popular email marketing platform that has a mission to provide marketing that’s simpler, more intuitive, and better value than the competition. It imports existing subscribers and keeps growing with customizable forms for your website, or creates mind-blowing landing pages to attract more subscribers. They start with a pre-designed template and customize it or build your designs from scratch. They have a free plan for up to 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails/month. Paid plan starts from $8/month. 


Along with a standalone Service Bay Product, EngageBay offers three products i.e., a marketing bay, CRM & Sales bay, and an All-in-one suite. The key features of the marketing bay are marketing automation, email marketing, email sequences, landing pages, web forms, SMS marketing, inbound marketing, site messaging, push notifications, contact segmentation, email templates, and bulk SMS marketing. It is free for up to 500 contacts and 1,000 branded emails. The paid plan starts from $12/month. 


Coverkit is a perfect fit for both e-commerce businesses and creators. It includes options like opt-in forms, landing pages, email workflows, tagging systems, knowledge management and list segmentation, personalization, automation, and a great deal addition. They automate your sales funnel to send content to subscribers automatically, getting them prepared to make a purchase. They sell digital products with a tool built for creators. Coverkit have a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers. Paid plan starts from $9/month.


It is one of everybody’s favorite marketing platforms and it is widely used by marketers across industries. It includes email automation, email templates, segmentation, and personalization. There are autoresponders to send welcome emails, followups, educational series, and nurture leads automatically. They have one-click integration to run powerful retargeting campaigns using Facebook Pixel. You get a feature where the website visitor tracking lets you send relevant communication based on web page visits. They offer you a 30-day free trial and the paid plan starts from $13.12/month. 


It is one of the best platforms for email marketing for teams, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. It includes a drag-and-drop email editor, templates, automation and workflows, A/B testing, segmentation, autoresponders, and a lot of integrations. They have an AI-powered email template designer so you can create outstanding branded emails quickly. They help you in automating email content creation by broadcasting the latest posts from your blogs. It is free for up to 500 subscribers and the paid plan starts from $18.75/month.


It is an affordable mail marketing platform, making it perfect for small marketing teams and creators. This comprises all the features that you’d expect like automation, segmentation, triggered emails, email funnels, autoresponders, A/B testing, and scheduling. It also contains more advanced features like conditional content, geotracking, managed deliverability, and multi-user editing. They provide segmentation and dynamic content to make it easy for customizing your message and sending targeted emails to the right contact. You also get to personalize your emails based on any contact information you have. Pricing begins from $29/month.


It is technically a CRM service, but it has robust email marketing, automation, and sales tools, earning it a spot on our list of the best email marketing platforms. Keap includes automation and workflows, templates for emails, quotes, invoices, and proposals, and it integrates together with your alternative favorite business tools and apps. It has advanced marketing and sales automation, customizable campaigns, and app integration to power growth. It automatically attracts new leads, assigns tasks, and triggers personalized messages. Keap does offer a free trial and the paid plan’s pricing starts from $129/month. 


It is an affordable, intuitive email marketing software that you can use to design, schedule, and track email campaigns, driving sales from your emails. You can upload an opted-in email list, send broadcast email campaigns, and create reports to measure clicks, opens, measure conversions, and much more. You can automate your email marketing with a powerful rules-based interface based on user activity, audience segmentation, and more. It provides you with design, schedule, and track email campaigns, automating with a powerful rules-based interface when relevant. It offers a 14-day free trial and the pricing begins from $7.5/month.

These were the top 10 email marketing softwares that can help you seize all the benefits that marketing through emails can provide, for earning high profits with greater ROI. These platforms can help you change the look of your whole business and help you grow wider!

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