How can you do an instant SEO boost

How can you do an instant SEO boost?

Instant SEO boost can sound very comforting. We build a website, we want everyone to see it and it becomes popular. But, if there isn’t much traffic. How will that happen? Building a website isn’t enough, you need to attract organic search traffic for the growth of your website. You should mainly focus on Google traffic as Google accounts for nearly 78% of all organic search traffic according to smart insights.

Let us see some ways by which you can instantly boost your SEO:

1. Migrate to WordPress and install Yoast:

WordPress is not just a web hosting platform. It is best for SEO purposes, also a large part of it is free due to Yoast plugins. Internal linking and redirecting are some of the important things to focus on in SEO. It helps in making your site look presentable and helps you get backlinks from other sites. Yoast scans your post in a small time to provide suggestions on readability, keyword density, title and header tags, and more.

2. Find and redirect dead links:

Google Webmaster Tools is a necessary suite of tools to investigate and optimize your online page. You can instantly find out how your website looks to Google by fetching it through Webmaster tools. It can also help you perform well by fixing any errors during the initial scan. A rise in 404 errors will quickly make havoc on your website, so you’ll need to search out any broken links. It’s additionally necessary if you create changes to your website to redirect those links.

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3. Gain backlinks to relevant sites:

An easy way is by making a guest appearance on reputed websites, you’ll get an opportunity to shine in several ways while building your overall SEO efforts. Respectable backlinks can keep your website relevant to search engines for years to come.

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4. Focus on mobile first:

It is quite a known fact that Google news and other search engines are focusing on a mobile-first world. Mobile began outperforming desktop long ago, in 2016, as the preferred way to access the internet. You cannot perform well in Google’s search rankings in today’s date unless your site is mobile optimized. Optimizing your e-commerce site for mobile is the best thing you can do to fix its SEO.

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5. Submit to RSS feeds:

Another good way is to boost traffic through RSS feeds. However, submitting your site to RSS feeds is not a direct SEO boost in and of itself. RSS and other methods of placing links within the content are your best backlinking options for SEO. As it is found that 75% of marketers find blogging critical to their content marketing success.

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6. Run an SEO audit:

By now, we have already known how an SEO requires a full SEO audit. Your site speed is also crucial to your SEO’s health. SEO audit contains a report that can help you pay attention to the areas where you need to work on, track your progress, and check out every step that you took in boosting your SEO.

7. Hire a professional editor or proof-reader:

Making typos while working is very common even though it is highly unprofessional to make them. Hiring a professional can become a good solution, you can hire a staff to proofread your copy before publishing it to prevent any unprofessionalism. Misspellings and misinformation affect consumer trust. By hiring knowledgable editors to proofread your copy, you can remove typos, have facts double-checked, and you’ll increase conversions. Removing passive voice and alternative grammatical errors additionally helps your site’s readability. It’s one of the several factors Yoast SEO can check on your posts before publication.

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8. Optimize your visuals:

Talking about visuals in boosting SEO, your visual content can make or break your search rankings. This is the reason why 55% of B2C content marketers are focusing on creating more visual content. Visual content makes your pages more appealing to readers, so they are more likely to spend more time on your website. Bonus point, as they are more likely to click and share this content. All this automatically helps you can organic traffic and boost your SEO in no time. Also, a point to always remember is that visual marketing works because the information is retained.

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9. Create a physical site map:

It becomes highly convenient for anyone to visualize their website when they have a visual site map of it. It’s as easy as writing out pages on index cards and promising them to a bulletin board. If you would like to examine what your digital sitemap seems like, type in /sitemap.xml after your website URL. Remember to update your sitemap by constantly updating content. These are an important part of SEO processes.

10. Produce high-quality content:

As noted above, do remember to update your content regularly and try upgrading the quality each time for good progress. Websites that provide high-quality informative content typically have long dwell times. Some of the best ways are to optimize your image, break up your content with header tags, start blogging, add more than text, use infographics, turn a standard post into a long-form post, and make sure your site is readable.


Search Engine Optimization is not just a vogue that will phase out in coming times, it is something that your website needs to concentrate on right now as well as in the future. If you have just started working on it then it still is a good thing because there are still many sites that simply don’t fix their errors. But now that you know that by simple adjustments, you can make a lot of headway in traffic through organic search. And remember that, the internet is constantly changing, and you’ll have to remain nimble to keep up.

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