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What is Off-page SEO & How can you take advantage of it?

Off-page SEO is the actions taken outside your website to impact your website to affect your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). It refers to all the SEO strategies that don’t involve updating or publishing content to your website. In years gone by, ‘off-page’ and ‘link building’ were used interchangeably, but in sooth, there are various off-page SEO strategies you can use like brand building, citation building, content marketing, social media, and much more. Tactics like these can help both search engines and users better understand your website and increase your site’s authority, trust and relevance. Off-page SEO includes activities from “behind the scenes” of your website. 

That was basic information that you needed about off-page SEO, let us now look at its significance! As we know that search algorithms and ranking factors are constantly changing, the general agreement with the SEO community is relevance, trustworthiness, and authority that effective off-page SEO affords a website still play a crucial role in a page’s ability to rank. According to a study, it is found that off-site factors carry more than 50% of the ranking factors. It helps build a website’s recognition and domain authority. Without it, your website will continue to rank lower than other sites. 

There are four factors when considering off-page SEO:

  1. Domain authority: – It is a measurement score that was created by Moz to give an overview of a site’s performance. It represents the quality of a website. If the backlink leads the website with higher DA to a website with lower DA via a do-follow link, then it helps the lower DA has a better page rank and gets a better rank in SERP.
  2. Relevance: – As important as it is to get higher DA, it is equally important that these sites should be relevant to the one you want to link to. 
  1. Site factors: – When doing off-site activities, it is important to understand how much traffic these sites/people drive towards you. 
  2. Link type: – There are two links that we make while doing off-page activities i.e., do-follow and no-follow. 

There are many off-page tactics that you can use to grow authority and organic search traffic such as Link Building, Brand Building, Content Marketing, Public Relations, Local SEO (GMB & Citations), Social media, Forums, Influencer Marketing, Events, Guest Posting, Podcasts, Reviews, Content Syndication. 

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Difference between on-page and 0ff-page SEO

The main difference between on-page and 0ff-page SEO is that On-page SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks higher for a particular keyword or keyword phrase, while Off-page SEO is the process of marketing a website’s content to draw organic traffic or promote a website’s ranking in search engine results. On-page SEO is a technique that is used for optimizing individual web page elements to rank higher on the SERPs, while off-page is regarding the activities done outside the website to boost rankings. In the simplest words, On-page encompasses every action you take on your website that can affect your ranking on search engines, on the other hand, Off-page happens outside of your website. The best way to differentiate between is to remember only one thing, your website is “on-page SEO” and another site or platform is “off-page SEO”.

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The main advantages that you can drive out of off-site SEO are:

  1. It helps your website rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and hence it becomes easier in earning good traffic. 
  2. Higher the ranking will be the traffic because of the high number of links, social media mentions, and so on, which results in wonderful exposure.
  3. Getting your website to rank on your first page on Google is quite challenging but, by making use of off-page SEO, you will be able to get knowledge about ranking factors which means that it can help you increase in PageRank.
  4. High Google rankings go a long way in creating trust between visitors and branders and this thing can be achieved with the help of off-page SEO activities. 
  5. It can help in improving online branding as it can help you align your brand signaling with your audience’s interest.
  6. The more authority a site has, the higher will be its domain authority. i.e., it can become easier for the visitors to find your website. 
  7. Off-page rankings help in providing the much-needed credibility to your work.
  8. It generates more quality traffic to the website from other websites, also through different channels of social media and YouTube. It promotes websites on different channels and helps in branding. 
  9. Best Off-site SEO techniques can help you to reach greater heights.
  10. By properly executing Off-page Optimization Services, business holders can increase the number of backlinks. 
  11. These page activities provide you with the most appropriate methods to increase the organic traffic for the main website which helps in targeting keywords. 

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These were the top 11 benefits that you can get by using Off-site SEO techniques.  In summarizing, in this article you got the knowledge about what is off-site SEO. Why is it important for us or what is its significance in SEO, the factors that should be considered during off-site SEO, the key differences between On-page and Off-page SEO, and 11 top advantages of Off-page SEO. So, remember that if you want your website to grow, reach the expected height. And reach as much audience as it can then let Off-site SEO become the secret of your success!

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