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The ultimate YouTube guide – How to grow your youtube channel faster?

It is a known fact that visuals affect our brain more than simple texts. Thus videos, memes, and pictures are stuck in our brains for a longer time. No wonder marketers prefer YouTube marketing over traditional marketing. This blog will help in getting the full guide of “How to grow your youtube channel faster

YouTube is a social media platform that practices only videos (long and short).

YouTube is the fastest growing and the most popular social media platform today. It has approximately 2 billion active users per month. It aims to grow to 3 billion active users by 2025. YouTube is not just a platform to share videos, but it has become a business place for people.

The amount of people earning in six figures through YouTube channels has increased 40%, and if we talk about people earning five figures, then it grows almost 50% per year. Thus YouTube is a genuine place to earn and not just a side business.

Now that being said, you must wonder how you can earn five or six figures through your YouTube channel.

Today I bring you the ultimate guide for YouTube, where you will understand how to grow your YouTube channel and the top tools you can use to grow your channel.

Ways to grow your YouTube channel

How to grow your youtube channel faster?

Create educational videos which interest your audience:

Everyone wants to gather information, either if it’s in their free time or they are actually looking for tutorials. So if your content can interest the audience educationally, then you will definitely grow.

Most of the time when people go online, they go searching for answers to their problems. Thus, it’s important that you answer the questions. Thus, this would make people subscribe to your channel.

So growing your channel, it’s important that you understand your audience’s preferences. Whether your videos showcase career information they showcase hobbies or even vlogs, make sure they give some educational information. 

Create interactive videos:

 Filming videos is a one-way thing, since you don’t really have an audience in front of you, but your audience is behind the screen. So making interactive videos may sound weird, but trust me that’s how you can grow.

You need to create videos that are fun, dynamic, and entertaining. Basically, in which people don’t get bored and skip. Instead, they should be glued to their screen. Interacting videos here means greeting your audience at the very beginning or asking them questions so that they can answer them in the comment section.

Reformat your content:

Reformatting your content here means twisting and turning your best-performed content into videos. For example, turning your best or most performed blog post into a video post. Since you know your audience liked that a lot and posting according to your audience’s likings is the most important factor.

Hence, think about your best-performing content from any content marketing channel and reformat it to video.


 Here I am going to talk about optimizing two things, your content and your watch time.

If you thought that optimizing was going to leave you in videos, you were super wrong.

Anyway, optimizing your content here means optimizing your captions and the hashtags or description that you write. Your titles should include your keywords and then make sure that you include those keywords in your videos.

You also need to optimize your watch time. Now, most of the time people don’t know what is watch time on YouTube. Like every other search engine, YouTube wants people to stay on YouTube only.

So how can you optimize your watch time so that it ranks you higher on the YouTube rankings?

Well, the simple answer is to increase your watch time. This means that if your video is longer, it would automatically provide a longer watch time. Like it’s said, longer videos outrank short videos, the longer the video the longer the watch time.

So how to increase your watch time or how to make people glued or interested in your video although it’s long?

It’s quite easy actually, while giving out introducing your video, then you can tell the audience what all you will share in the video today. Maybe just an overview, so that the audience is aware and would want to watch it if it’s something they find interesting.

If you know your audience, then you’ll be able to develop content that would interest them, thus ending up watching the whole video.

Let’s talk about a couple of tools that can help you grow your YouTube channel

Best tools to grow your youtube channel

The first on the list is,


Canva is a free tool, available with paid features too.
It is a tool used for developing interesting banners. With a simple and intuitive interface that will help you develop banners, thumbnails for your YouTube channel. They have tons of fonts, layouts, and photos to choose from.


This marketing tool is YouTube certified, helping brands maximize their video marketing potential. Instead of showing subscribers, it shows the analysis of watch time, tags, and shares.

It has a top-level view of analytics along with YouTube analysis. Its key features include keyword research tools, alerts for competitors, trending video alerts, and even thumbnail generators.

It’s free for the basic version, but if you want the pro features, then it costs about $7.50/month.


Most of the content creators struggle to come up with content. What if someone is there to tell you all the trending content?

Well, Buzzsumo will let you know all the trending content, something that applies to your audience.

With their social feature, you can identify which content is trending on YouTube and thus find inspiration for your videos.

Its pack starts from $79/month.


So this was the ultimate guide for YouTube channels, whether you want to grow organically or via tools, you have it all!

I hope this article helps you and answers all your confusion regarding YouTube marketing.

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