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Use these tips to write awesome blogs!

We humans have a major problem. Do you know what that problem is? We often say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we end up doing that before buying a book. I know I am guilty of it. Similarly, we judge the headings of articles and blog posts before reading them, right? Again, guilty!

But seriously, we often read the heading of posts to have an idea about what the content would look like, which is important. Why waste time when we don’t even like the headings.

Writing blogs can be easy. Am I stretching? Well, no, I’m not. Writing blogs can be easy if you know some tips and tricks. Today I’m going to share those tips and tricks which help me write awesome blogs. I’m not flaunting my write-ups but well, you are here to read so… need not say anything more. There are many social media tools for marketing that also follow the social media algorithms. You need to identify them to follow the best practices.

Here are 5 tips which can help you write blogs. Blogs that will not only be easy to read and understand but also get you conversions.

Converting people through blogs is one of the most important parts of writing content. Content has the power to convert people into customers and even push away potential customers. So make sure that your blogs hit the right cord of the target audience.

Tip #1


Choose a topic

Until you know what interests you, you can’t write about it. Find something that piques your interest. Something you are passionate about, something you know and have knowledge about (even if it’s the basic knowledge).

There is an old saying, “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader”.

But I know while working as a professional writer or blogger, it’s not possible to say no to clients when they come up with boring topics. The beauty in being a professional writer is that you can write on any topic. Some articles may seem like chores, but trust me, when you have an interesting topic, the word limit would seem short.

Research about the topic

One secret that most bloggers would never share is that we don’t know everything. Many times, we are not at all aware of the topic before sitting to write. This doesn’t mean we write fake or made-up information, but we research. A lot!

So, after choosing a topic of interest, it’s important that you do some research and take notes on the same. This will help you set up the body of the blog and even let you decide how to go about it. What information to put in which paragraph. Which subheading should be first and which should be in the last, etc.  

Plan out

Planning how your article must look is extremely important. This helps you understand the key points and layout of the article.

Tip #2

 Interesting headings

As I said before, headings are a gateway for clicking and reading the blog or just skipping it. People judge headings to know if reading the articles would be worth their time or not. Great headings can compel people to read the blog. How to decide if the heading is great or not?

  • Well it’s simple, does the heading intrigue you, would you like to know more just by reading a heading?
  • Heading should be easy to read and understand
  • Short yet impactful

You can write headings by keeping these two things in mind.

1. Write the whole blog and then choose the apt heading from the abstract.

2. Write the heading before starting the blog and then make the outline of the blog according to the heading.

 Adding the “how-to” angle to the headings helps, since people are usually looking for answers to their problems and your article provides that.

Tip #3

Main body  


Nothing can be worse than reading a blog in just a giant paragraph. Imagine if this blog wouldn’t have been divided into subheadings, it would just look too shabby and confusing.

Subheadings, just like headings, give a clear picture of what is next or what the text is about. They are a way of conveying what to expect. Most people, while browsing, skim through the subheadings to know what all topics are discussed in the blog. Thus, it’s recommended to break the article into subheadings and paragraphs.

Break your paragraphs

Breaking the paragraphs is a vital step while writing. You are writing for the users, right? Now if you write long paragraphs and conclude the whole subheading, it would not be easier on the eye.

To make it easier on the eye for the readers, It’s essential that you break the content into shorter paragraphs. It’s easy to go through the content if the paragraphs are small.  

Tip #4


Use bullet points

By format, I mean organizing your content in an easy-to-understand and visible manner. Using bullet points helps since people while doing a once over, the important information should be highlighted. Highlighting can be done by using bullet points. Bullet points give a more organized look at the content.

Some tips that I use which make people genuinely read:

  • Expresses clearly (mini headings)
  • Keeping points symmetrical (at least try to)
  • Not using bullets for paragraphs
  • Remembering bullet points aren’t sentences but mini headings

Bullet points are an excellent way to spoon-feed your audience with information and for them to come back again and again for it.

Add images

It is a known fact that visuals are more powerful than simple texts. Thus, it’s necessary that you add relevant images to convey your content. Some people understand better through pictures and some prefer texts. So simply adding pictures and a small write-up to the images would please both parties.

You could add related memes. Everyone likes a good laugh.


Adding a clear call to action improves the chance of people contacting you. If people can’t see how to contact you, then no conversions for you. Whether it’s asking people to leave a comment or share your blog post, follow you on social media or even ask them to make a purchase, make sure you clearly show that.

There are different marketing strategy for applications. Strategize your ideas and research them too to get a better result.

Tip #5

Content optimization   

SEO the content

Why are you writing the blogs? For people to read them. But what if you are not visible to people? Ouch!!

It’s important that you optimize your content according to the search engines so that you are visible. The truth is that Google searches bring in a huge chunk of organic traffic, which is necessary for websites.

If you would have asked a few years ago about SEO, then you would have to hire an SEO expert, but now you can use some marketing tools and do your own SEO.

All in one SEO is considered to be the best. Beginner-friendly too!

You can even optimize your headings. Yes, I know surprise!

One tool that you can use to write better SEO strategy based headings is the headline analyzer on OptinMonster for free! Yes, free!

Also there are different marketing strategies for twitter to understand the algorithm. Understand them first and apply them to get better results.


Writing blogs can be easy and difficult at the same time. Remember, if you don’t enjoy what you write, then the readers will not enjoy reading it either. Above mentioned tips are used and have proved to bring results. So make sure you use them while writing your next blog.

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