Unlocking Success: Harnessing the Power of AI in Digital Marketing, AI in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing,

Unlocking Success: Harnessing the Power of AI in Digital Marketing

AI (or Artificial Intelligence) is becoming one of the powerful and emerging tools in recent times. AI can be used in various fields such as digital marketing, designing, data analysis or anything that you can come up with. In this blog we will cover use of AI in one of the most commonly used marketing technique that is in the sphere of digital marketing.  In modern times, we cannot undermine the power of AI in digital market. Let’s explore it.

What is digital marketing?

Let’s first understand what is digital marketing or online marketing.

Digital marketing or online marketing is a marketing technique that uses internet and various digital communications to market a product or services. It includes email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and SEO (or Search Engine Optimization).

What is AI?

After understanding digital marketing, now let’s see what AI is.

AI (or Artificial Intelligence) refers to machines performing tasks that were earlier meant only for human brains to perform. With advancement of technology, power of AI cannot be ignored. The scope of AI is becoming magnificent and devastating day by day that’s why it is important to keep up pace with rapid evolving world.

Power of AI in Digital Marketing

Now as we have understood the meaning of both of these terms, let’s dig deep into various areas where AI can be used effectively in Digital marketing.

Analysing Data

Every type, swipe or click creates data. Everything that is performed on internet is collected as data. It can include number of clicks, bounce rate, customer’s taste and preferences, conversion rates, ROI or any kind of call to action performed by potential viewers. AI algorithms can record and analysis large data bases in an effective and efficient manner. Make sure to establish defined goals and proper KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in AI algorithms to track your data. Keep updating your algorithms to ensure desired outputs.


AI algorithms can be developed with providing more personalized experiences to viewers and customers. AI will help businesses to develop with more personalized emails, recommendations to customers and conversations with potential customers on the basis of customer’s taste and preferences. 

Reducing Time by Smart work

Social media marketing and content marketing are two important areas of digital marketing. AI will help to create various content, videos, images and posts for social media. We can automate our post or content using AI according to our scheduled social media calendar. We can also schedule emails.

AI will generate titles, descriptions and Meta descriptions automatically that are SEO optimized for your websites, products or services.

AI can also create and edit images and videos based on your preferences. It can search for content that is relevant to you, your website, product or service.

By taking help of AI in performing task that can be automated we can save our time and efforts. We can utilize our time to be more creative with our content, to plan new funnels and marketing strategies.

Limitations of AI in Digital Marketing

AI is overtaking many tasks that were meant only to be performed by human brains. There are still many major drawbacks which have to be resolved. We still cannot completely rely on AI to perform well. We need to regularly keep a check on its functioning.

Its major drawbacks are listed below which should be taken into considerations.

Misuse of Data

As AI stores large data base of all the customers, these data should not be misused.  Always thrives to ensure proper use of these stored data. It should be collected, recorded and used within legal framework and guidelines. As this technology is developing, it is really important to protect this data and to ensure that it is being used in a proper ethical manner. 

Can have Flaunts

Always make sure to test your algorithm before launching it. Use small data to test your algorithm, so that any flaws will be identified and corrected at low levels without causing much harm to brand’s reputation.

Not approved everywhere

We cannot use AI to generate titles and descriptions for every search engines and platforms. With the invention of AI various search engines have updated their algorithms to adapt these changes. For example Amazon will detect that you have used artificial intelligence to generate title and descriptions for your products and it may not accept it or will not rank your products as desired. So it is mandatory to check before uploading that whether platforms are accepting these AI generated titles, descriptions, images and videos or not.

Lack of Well Trained Men force

As AI is developed in recent years, well trained technicians are not easy to find. Either you have to train your current employs to work using artificial intelligence or hire new employs which can increase marketing cost. It is still evolving, so to keep a track on its new trends and developments are important.


It is really important to keep modernize yourself with changing technologies around you. So understand AI, its tools and Power of AI in Digital marketing to increase traffic on your sites and to save your time. Do not underrate or under power the power of AI but at the same time in a cautious way. Contact Digileap Marketing Services now to use the power of AI in your digital marketing strategy. Connect with us at +91 9980160264 / +44 07384021657 or email at growth@digileapservices.com

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