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Top Digital marketing softwares

Marketing has developed over the past years. We no longer use traditional marketing styles to market. I am not saying that traditional marketing style has totally vanished, but it isn’t too much to use. Most companies today prefer to market themselves through digital marketing strategies since the world is moving towards digitalization. Gone are the days when people used to wait for days to receive a letter. Today we have the technology to reach someone overseas within a second. This blog will help you to know about the top digital marketing softwares for startups.

Since digital marketing is on the spree is necessary as a human of this generation, which is leading to the digital world, you should know the digital marketing softwares from where you can market digitally. There are many softwares available in the market for digital marketing, but we shall discuss only the best of those.

Here’s the list of the best 5 digital marketing softwares which will definitely help you in attaining the right digital marketing strategies,

  • Marketo
  • HubSpot
  • Semrush
  • Pardot
  • Campaign monitor

*These aren’t in the order of their efficiency*


Best suited for mid and large-scale enterprises and marketing teams.

It is one of the most popular lead marketing automation platforms. Customizing is one of the major benefits that this software provides. You can easily customize the entire platform the way you want it to be.

Most suited for B2B marketing, customer engagement management. It even lets you measure ROI, along with optimization. You can even perform email marketing, inbound marketing, campaign management, etc.

It provides the most accurate insights. You can easily get it all on the easy-to-understand interface.

The pricing of the software is not provided; you can contact their sales and management team to know more.


You wish to grow your business, then HubSpot is the place for you. Whether it’s inbound marketing, lead management, SEO, social media etc, you get it all here.

They even provide free CRM, since they believe that every organization must have a unified view of its customer database, well isn’t this amazing…

Best of insights for your business, conversions etc are all very transparent here. You can also build, design your website provided you have the knowledge of IT. Even bare minimum knowledge would do.

Pricing has a range of $35 (beginners) to $2,240 (for brands and enterprises).


This is the software which gives you all under one roof. Whether you wish to manage SEO, traffic, social media, content and PR and even market research, you get it all here. Not just these, you can even discover your competitors and insights into your target audience.

It even provides you backlinks, SEO writing assistants, keyword magic tool, ad builder and a lot more. As a marketer, you must check out Semrush and make the most of your marketing strategies.

Monthly plans include a price range of $99.95 to $399.95.


This is best suited for B2B marketing, with the best CRM tools Pardot can bring in benefits you have never thought of.

You can track your visitors, like with what they are engaging and where on the website. You even get real time SMS so that you know where and what your prospects are doing. It helps you in lead nurturing, and lead scoring. Calculates ROI and gives you the best and the most accurate results.

Pricing: if you take the growth plan, then it costs about $1250 and if you take the plus plan, then it costs about $2500. (These are for a month)

Campaign monitor:

This is best suited for many businesses, along with freelancers who wish to have automated email marketing.

Its major feature is email marketing, so it helps you to create a much better email list along with more personalized emails depending on person to person. Different segments for different customers, so that you get long-term results and leads which last long.

Analytics tool lets you build a much bigger email list which is full of prospects and leads. Integrate all the platforms, like CRM, E-commerce site or website, etc.  

Pricing can range from $9 for basic features to $149 for premier features monthly.


So these were the 5 digital marketing softwares which you must use in order to lead your business and marketing worlds. Digital marketing can be very difficult without using the right tools and softwares to understand the core of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the future of marketing and digitalization is the future of our generation. So get ready to start it all with a bang with all these tools and insights.

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