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Top Ways To Make Buyer Journey For Your Startup More Convenient

It’s a well-known fact that your customers are more likely to buy from your startup if they can easily make their way through the buying journey.

According to one study, 52% of customers say they will buy more from a startup if it provides excellent customer service, and rarely does anyone say they will buy less because a company offers good customer service. When customers aren’t able to navigate well on their current seller, 66% of them move on to a new one and buy from someone else instead.

In addition, studies have shown that companies that focus on the buyer’s journey along with good customer service receive better results than those that don’t.

Despite the fact that everyone knows the importance of creating a convenient buyer journey, only a little over half (51%) say they are actively trying to improve their company’s customer service policy.

But in spite of the many advantages that come from offering a good buyer’s journey, very few companies actually engage in making the path more convenient. Why?

The truth is that it’s not always easy to present a convenient buying journey, especially for a business owner who is very busy. The truth is that without more tools in your toolkit, it can be quite challenging to ease up the buying process. However, the good news is that there are various ways you can go about making buyers’ journeys easy and retaining them.

Let’s do the talking and take that road now!

What is a Buyer’s Journey?

When making an online purchase, the buyer’s journey will span various moments and stages. These steps vary from person to person but typically include research, consideration of options, confirmation of intent to buy, purchase introspection (or procrastination), and a final decision. With more than half of all purchases taking place through digital channels and the rise of mobile shopping apps like Amazon’s Kindle or ApplePay, this article will review how your buyer’s journey has evolved over time.

The buyer’s journey is a theory that describes how consumers go from initial consumer interest to actual purchase. The buyer’s journey can be broken into three key stages:

Stage 1. Initial Consumer Interest

This stage takes place before the consumer has ever seen your product or service and begins with the consumers having some level of interest in purchasing it. This could be due to a past purchase or just an interest in your product/service.

Stage 2. Consideration of Options

This is a broad span of time where consumers are actively making a list of potential products to purchase. At this stage, there is still no specific product in mind and consumers are typically gathering information about multiple products/services to help narrow down the options for purchase.

Stage 3. Confirmation of Intent to Buy

During this stage, the consumer has honed in on the best product for purchase and has now made a decision to spend money on it. The actual decision can be delayed due to other factors like time and budget constraints, but are committed to buying eventually.

Importance of Convenient Buyer’s Journey…

To be successful in sales today, you must have a broad understanding of your prospects and the process they take to buy. This is why four out of every ten B2B startups feel that getting a comprehensive perspective of the client will be a top priority in the next two years.

The buyer’s journey comes into play here.

Even though the initial consumer interest is the first stage in the buyer’s journey, it is one of the most important as it offers you a chance to start building a relationship with your consumer. The more time you devote to nurturing that interest, the more likely you are to convert it into a customer.

When consumers come to your website, be sure to nurture their initial interest by providing ample information about your product or service so that they do not have any unanswered questions. If a customer is stuck at any point in the buying process, they are more likely to abandon their purchase and go on to another website.

After the initial interest stage, your customer should move onto the consideration stage. This is where consumers are more likely to visit multiple websites before making a final decision.

This is why it is important to create good content that will help inform consumers’ decision processes during this time. Competing against other websites is getting harder, but providing consumers with good content will help you stand out.

In order to convert your customers into final purchasers, you must make sure that the confirmation of intent to buy stage is taken care of. This can sometimes be the most challenging part of the buyer’s journey since you have already convinced your customer to buy from you, yet they still do not follow through on their purchase.

Overcome the challenges of each stage of the buyer’s journey…

Buyers do not follow a straight route while purchasing goods or services. Despite the fact that it is full of twists and turns, most startups have failed to see them. As a result, they have failed to provide the optimal consumer experience, limiting their potential to increase revenue. This is also why the majority of salespeople fall short of their targets.

Let’s learn the top ways to make the buyer journey for your startup more convenient for each stage.

Engage with Good Landing Page at Stage 1 of Initial Consumer Interest

This can be a difficult stage to get through when you are trying to increase traffic and online engagement. When your customers are just exploring your website, they have not yet decided to make a purchase and may leave at any time.

Here are some things that will help you nurture your customers’ interests during this stage:

  • Create a useful, informative, and engaging landing page.
  • Customers should have all the relevant information about your product or service provided on the first load.
  • Provide useful content that will keep your customers coming back and reading your blog posts.

Build Trust with More Informed Choices at Stage 2 of Consideration of Options

The consideration of options is not only important in terms of helping consumers find the best option for purchase, but it is also a great way to build trust and loyalty among your customers.

Often, the decision to buy from one website might be based on trust, quality, and brand reputation. So it is important to help them make this decision by providing them with relevant information about these areas. These are things they might not think about if they could buy from a lot of different websites.

Building trust during this stage is usually done through providing good content, such as articles and blog posts, that will inform and educate consumers about your product or service.

Competing with other businesses is getting harder, but providing quality content can help you stand out in today’s marketplace. The consideration of options is also a great time to take advantage of consumer procrastination by offering relevant discounts, coupons, and promotions on products that they might be interested in.

Offer Discounts at Stage 3 Confirmation of Intent to Buy

This is the point where consumers have made a final decision to purchase, which means that they are committed to their purchase. This is when you have done everything you can for your buyer so that they will trust and follow through on their purchase.

Offering discounts and other incentives at this stage can help you convert your customers into purchasers. This is because they have already made the decision to buy, and you are now trying to convince them that your product or service is worth the money.


The buyer’s journey is a complex process that the majority of businesses are not familiar with. This article has provided top ways to make the buyer’s journey for your startup more convenient. The buyer’s journey is an important component of marketing that should not be disregarded.

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