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7 Reasons Why Long Content can be considered good for SEO

Every company wants to attract as many customers as possible to their social media pages. They want their website to be shown at the top of any related google search done by their target customers. With a lot of companies trying to bring their website to the top of the user search results, the writers have become competitive with their content. We can find really engaging content nowadays. A common strategy used by many companies is to make their content long. Why is this strategy followed? This blog will help you understand the uses of writing a long content and how it is good for content marketing.

What exactly is long content?

Let us first try to understand what exactly is long content. How many words should it have to be considered as long? Normally, anything more than 500 words can be considered as a long content. But we are not talking about a normal case here, are we? We are talking in the context of content marketing in digital marketing. Here, any content short of 1200 words is not a long content. Top digital marketing companies like Digileap Marketing insist on the ideal content length for SEO being greater than this number.

The Recent Realization of Long Content Uses

Digital Marketing business has started booming during the pandemic where every company, freelancer, and even small and medium businesses are resorting to digital means of doing the marketing for their products and services. The uses of writing long content have only recently been realized by various writers and companies. It was earlier thought that long content should be avoided as the attention life span of the content consumers is shorter than that of a fish and also many would not like to go through huge amount of text on a phone. Hence, the content should be short and to the point. The present scenario is in strongly in contrast to what the earlier belief was. The ideal length for content on web page ranges from 200 to 1000 words on each page.

Benefits of SEO

The google algorithm is not known to anyone outside of the organization. However, it has been understood that it prefers search results containing long content. A significant percentage of users search about broad topics to improve their understanding of the same. They find it useful that all the information they require is available in a  single page rather than having to go through multiple tabs. Many people who are curious can experiment with google and come up with creative ways to bring up their website to the top. Long content ranks very well when compared to short and precise content. The top search results usually have over 2000 words. With such obviousness on how useful long content is, it is being much more preferred over short content.

More number of Backlinks

When a page of another website links a page of your website, it is called a Backlink. Pages with quality long content are often linked with other websites. The creators of those pages are frequently looking for quality content that they can provide to their users. Writing a long content for the page provides them with amazing content. Pages which have short content does not interest a lot of content creators. An increased number of Backlinks result in a better SEO.

More Links can be included

It is preferred to include various links in different content like blogs, articles, etc.  The links usually guide the users to the company’s home page where they can learn more about the content they were looking up. They can also avail the products or services offered by the company which are related to their topic of interest. For example, if an engineering student is learning about additive manufacturing using one of the blogs written by a company, he/she can be easily guided to the company’s website where the additive manufacturing services of the company can be availed. The company can further include attractive graphics or images. In this way, long content is useful for both the users and the companies, or people who are publishing their blogs online.

More ads can be included

A long page filled with useful content has a potential to attract an active number of users regularly. The page being long has a lot of space for displaying useful ads catering to the target audience. A website with a good traffic has a potential for earning money by displaying ads. There is a good chance that the ads will be subject to a big number of clicks by the active users. It is hence beneficial to the company who owns the website, the companies whose ads are being displayed, and the users who are getting personalized ads which are relevant to their search topics.

Increased Social Shares

It has been found that pages with longer content gets shared a lot more than pages with short content. Even in social media, posts having long content gets a better engagement. People are more willing to react to and share long social media posts compared to posts with short content given that the content is useful to them.

Increased Dwell Time

Users tend to spend a lot of time on pages with long content having good quality. It should of course be relevant to their topics of interest. Google measures the amount of time users spend on a particular website and uses this metric to rank the website. It is one of the important factors for deciding the top results of a google search. This is also one of the major value additions of having a page with longer content compared to one with a short amount of content.

Increased Click Through Rate(CTR)

This is a very important use for companies relying on websites for their sales. One of the ways companies can be better with their digital marketing is by having a website whose pages have long content. Having long content brings in more users. As users look for valuable information, there is a very good chance that they can click the links pertaining to their interests. It will help them a lot if the information they find is very well explained and elaborated. This increases the SEO rating of the website page. If a page isn’t clicked on much by the users, google understands that the page is not satisfying user needs and hence the SEO rating goes down in this case. Content should hence be long with quality and have relevance to the search topics.


There are a lot of uses of writing long content as explained above. It mainly increases the SEO rating of the website. That further leads to a lot of uses like increased sales, shares, and interaction. This brings in new opportunities for the company and is also useful for the readers of the content. One must however understand that just long content does not always result in a good SEO rating. The quality of the content also matters. It should be useful for the readers as they expect to learn a lot of things by visiting a particular page. Companies can always make use of digital marketing companies like Digileap Marketing who provide quality digital marketing services and can help increase the SEO rating of their websites. 

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