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10 Best backlink analysis tools: Free tools included

Best backlink analysis tools: To improve your page rank and increase your site’s exposure in search results, building high-quality backlinks is necessary. Examining your competitors and where they are obtaining their connections is one strategy to improve your backlink profile. Website owners who use backlink analysis tools can examine the backlink profile of their website. It offers details on the number, kind, and relevancy of external links that point to their website. It also provides information on the number of links that point to their website. The website’s link-building strategy can be strengthened using the information provided here, which will also help it rank higher in search results.

10 Best backlink analysis tools:

  • Ahrefs

To track your backlinks and keywords, Ahrefs provides you with all the tools you need. You can also learn more about what your competitors are doing from the inside. You can analyse each backlink to make sure you’re happy with the quality in addition to the overall number. With an Ahrefs free account, you may receive a thorough analysis of your backlinks, including their number, source, anchor text, and other details. You can get a more thorough report and see your development over time if you register for a premium account. Of course, you obtain the same data for a rival website, and you can assess your development to see where you need to make improvements by comparing it to theirs.

  • Moz Link Explorer

 Unquestionably, one of the best backlinks analysing tools available is Moz Link Explorer. Because of its capability to offer insightful information on the link profiles of any website, this effective tool is a favorite among marketers. It’s simple to explore and understand thanks to its user-friendly UI and speedy responses. Users can get immediate updates on backlink gains or losses thanks to its Google Analytics integration.  You can find out a site’s total number of links as well as details on the newest links, page authority, spam score, and domain authority. You can only find so much information using free searches. You may generate an infinite number of reports, monitor the progress of links, and more with a subscription account.

  • SEMrush

In addition to the backlinks leading to the website, SEMrush provides you with a wealth of useful information about every URL that you enter. You can check up on a variety of competitor websites and acquire detailed information about the links. The site only allows you to conduct a very small amount of searches for free, so you’ll need to create a premium account to do this.

  • Backlink Watcher

Backlink Watch is made primarily to monitor rivals. It provides data on several things, like the overall amount of links, the anchor text used the page rank, and more. Links with a dofollow or nofollow setting can also be used to sort the result. You can use Backlink Watch as frequently as you’d like, and it’s completely free.

  • Rank Signals

Another backlink-free tool that offers a lot of important information is Rank Signals, which checks backlinks. The tool also displays the number of social media followers the site has, its Alexa traffic rating, and the total number of external links.

  • Open Link Profiler

Like many other backlink analysis tools, Open Link Profiler functions in a similar manner. Enter a URL to obtain a link profile. The information provided is much more thorough though, with divisions of the linkages by age, industries, context, nations, and more. To increase your page rank, you may also utilize the tool to determine which links should be deleted. You can organize the data in a variety of ways using filters.

  • Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is a premium service, but it offers in-depth data on who is linking to your rivals’ material, how that content performs as a result of those links, and which pages are getting the most shares.


Even while the Link Assistant feature of AIOSEO is more of an internal link analysis tool than a backlink analysis tool, it may still assist you in looking at and analyzing your backlink profile to identify areas of strength and places that need work. In addition, AIOSEO excels in almost every other facet of SEO. Your meta tags and descriptions can be readily changed, you can create an XML sitemap, and you can easily keyword-optimize your content. In order to assist you to make improvements quickly, you’ll also have access to an SEO assessment checklist. Moreover, additional capabilities like schema markup, social network integration, and local SEO optimization are provided by the tool.

  • Link Research Tools

The tool’s interaction with data from 24 link backends is one of its best features. This guarantees that you are receiving one of the most complete backlink analyses available. The “most full backlink profile view” is another feature that you’ll appreciate, according to the company. With this, you may examine each link using more than 150 indicators. The fact that you can alter the metrics and filters to suit your research needs is even better. Power, trust, buzz, contact information, and influence are just a few of the many filters available.

  • Check My Links

This simple but really useful Chrome plugin is free. To use the tool, simply open the website you wish to analyze and click the icon labelled “Check My Links.” The program will then instantly check the page for any broken or working links. It’s a terrific approach to finding and fixing any problems with your link profile quickly. The program also displays a list of all the working links on the website, making it easy to identify any broken links. When researching your competition, you can quickly check which websites they are connecting to and determine whether you can get a connection from them as well. This is really helpful.

You may research your backlink profile for free using a number of tools, such as Ubersuggest, Ahrefs Backlink Checker, and Moz Link Explorer. It should be noted that some limit the number of free searches you may run without a paid account. These tools can make it simpler to assess your website’s backlinks by helping you find them, keep track of how many links there are, and check their quality.

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