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Quiz marketing for growing your business

Are you tired of the old marketing ways? Well, I have a new solution for you: Quiz marketing. Though quiz marketing is not a new marketing way, yes, it isn’t used a lot by brands, but they should use it.

And today I will share why you should have quiz marketing as a strategy in your next campaign marketing.

But before we dive into the heavier stuff, let’s see what quiz marketing is…

What is quiz marketing?

Quiz marketing is a way to get customer feedback. Basically, you share quizzes regarding your brand product or services and then the customers give their opinions and feedback on the same. You don’t just receive feedback, but you can also collect data regarding recommendations, generate leads, etc.  

Now let’s discuss the benefits of quiz marketing.

Collect customer data:

It is a universal truth that knowing customers is extremely important. In case you didn’t know that now you do, so coming back to the point.

When visitors or customers take up your quiz, they actively share their thoughts and opinions about their choices, preference and, of course, your products and brand. In other words, you collect zero-party data. This data helps you to understand your customer. Zero-party data is pure gold, because it allows you to discover customers’ preferences along with that you create more targeted marketing campaigns, which will eventually amp up your sales.

Grow your email list

Email marketing needs only one thing other than content that is a long and a strong email list. Quizzes are a type of interaction, and it is observed that interactive content can generate more leads and conversions.

Now the question arises how to get visitors to add their email… Well, I have a solution for it too.

First, at the start of the quiz, you can ask the visitor to add their email to continue with the quiz.

If you don’t want to do this, then alternatively you can let them complete the quiz and, when they wait for the result, say that the results will be shared either in the email or here after you have entered the email address.

You got to be clever!

Personalization becomes easier

In this digital era, everyone craves personalization. People are attracted to products when they find something of their interest or something personal to them. So when people fill out the quizzes and you understand their choices and preferences, you can easily create more personalized products.

For example, you can send them through emails “top picks for you” or “thought you may like this based on your last purchase” or  “handpicked for you”. These phrases give a sense of personalization to your products, thus alluring the customers.

Lastly, many people may still wonder why someone is willing to take up a quiz, who has the time?

Well, here is my theory for this,

Because of the pandemic, it has become awfully difficult to step out of the house for some fun activity. The only fun and challenge people can enjoy is through quizzes. Quizzes trigger curiosity and desire to win or see the results. When the quizzes are of interesting and personal topics, then people just can’t wait to take them.

Do you remember those BuzzFeed quizzes, “I’m going to ask you 40 questions about you speak- then guess where you live”. Now this has definitely piqued my interest, don’t you want to know how speaking can guess your living place?

My second theory says that quizzes can be very helpful for the customers as well. Imagine, the customer is facing some hair problem and you have the solution for it, but they don’t know which product may suit their hair type, or the solution for it. What if they have multiple problems and can’t decide the best solution which would fulfill most of the solutions? This is where quizzes can come in handy.

If you ask them to take up the “which shampoo/ conditioner/oil suits your hair type?” quiz. Then I am sure they’ll be happy to take them up. This will show your concern towards the customer and make them think of it as a personal touch. Trust me, people love personal touch.

Parting words

So this is how quizzes can bring in business for your brand and help you grow your business. It can be really fruitful if you use quizzes in the right way. By this I mean that if you ask the right questions, people will be drawn towards your brand. Some people love challenges and quizzes so much that they just take up quizzes for fun and competition.

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