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It is common knowledge that well-curated content consists of excellent articles, engaging social media creatives and web pages. However, a key element that delivers the desired message to the target audience is the way the content is marketed. Digital marketing firms have dedicated teams for content marketing to ensure that their online presence is strong enough to convert viewers into customers. Below are some of the key steps that any content manager or strategist can consider in order to run a successful content marketing campaign. We can trust these and sure-shot content marketing tips for startups, small businesses or established firms. This blog is must read to have the best content marketing tips.

Knowing the audience:

It is important to step back and assess the target market and clearly establish who the content is for. Content marketing campaigns run by small businesses are often rendered ineffectual because the CRO team is unable to curate content aligned with the target audience. Once it is clear who the content is being created for, questions such as why the content is being created, where it will be published, and how it will be created- can all be answered easily. It is vital to get the first step right- identifying and reading into the target market. 

Understanding the Sales Funnel:

The sales funnel is a term used to describe the buyers’ decision-making patterns, with the three broad phases being awareness, evaluation, and purchase. The ‘top’ of the funnel is where brand awareness and lead generation take place. This is the opportunity to build the audience, engage with them to understand buying habits etc. Content that is aimed at establishing this understanding is more likely to convert the brand into a profit-making entity.

Identifying trends in search traffic:

If the content is created around topics people are constantly searching for on search engines, continued interest is guaranteed. As long as the article ranks high on search engines, the website will receive consistent traffic. Search Engine Optimisation is an indispensable part of this process, as it helps to improve the ability of an article or website to rank higher on search engines whenever users search for a particular brand or idea. 

Making an activity plan:

Creating a content calendar can be vital for a successful strategy. It can guide the strategy through a particular timeframe. Unpredictable events or trending topics can be left out for incorporation at the last minute, but a broad outline may help the firm align its periodic content activity accordingly. We can use a multimedia strategy such as this not only to plan the content, but also to decide where such content we can post too. We should mention details such as topic, writer’s name, status, due date, images, URL slug, category and so on in this calendar. Planning goes a long way in realizing effective content marketing. 

Content Promotion:

If we cannot make the content visible to the people who are end-users, the content will remain practically unseen. Sharing content on social media platforms and sending it to newsletter subscribers can be a focused move in this regard. Running ads on social media is helpful too. Firms should direct content marketing strategies to grab as many eyeballs as possible. 


Digital marketing firms have been going the extra mile by making the content available in multiple formats and sharing it on different platforms. It will be helpful to develop a plan based on content that can be repurposed through different channels for different purposes. For example, we can turn a blog into a Twitter thread or Instagram post. Anything that allows an easy way to broaden the distribution of a given post will work wonders for the content. 

Updating Content:

Information can become outdated, and content can go ‘bad’ in a matter of days. A good content marketing plan will take into account the fact that user needs will keep evolving with time, and search intent can undergo change. Firms should be able to prioritize keyword relevance, the age of the article, republishing or changing the content altogether.  We can use SEO plugins in order to modify the content as per user behavior.

Reassessing the importance of word count:

It is a popular belief that longer articles mean better traffic. In reality, though, there is a moderate negative correlation between word count and organic traffic for posts longer than 2000 words. Still the readership demographics are changing by the day. And people generally do not have the time or the attention span to digest information from lengthy articles also. Content should be creative and convey the purpose, irrespective of its length. 

Creation of a content portfolio:

We cannot expect that every piece of content can meet all the content marketing goals, guided by the organization. Just like in any other realm like finance, diversification is key. Depending on the goals of the business, content designed for ranking is not the only type of relevant content. We can upload Data studies, product updates, opinion articles etc. too.

Blogger outreach:

This is the process of putting the product or content before trending bloggers and journalists. We can do it by reaching out to them personally. Such groups of people already have access to large audiences to talk about or link to a firm’s website. This is a great way to build a network and make an organization’s presence felt in the industry. Somewhat it could also lead to something more long-term like a business partnership. And it can help the success of the product or idea too. 

These are the best content marketing tips Those we can follow in 2022. You can find many relevant blogs in our blog section.

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