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What is CRO and How to improve CRO of your website?

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action when visiting a website- such as filling out a web form, purchasing a product or fulfilling any other goal that the website may have. A high conversion rate indicates that a site is well designed and meets the requirements of the targeted audience. A low conversion rate optimization could be attributed to the design or content of the website. It will automatically lead to low sales.

What is Conversion rate optimzation?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a particular action that accomplishes the website’s goal. The process involves understanding how the visitors move through the site and how they aid in achieving the website’s purpose. Examples include making a purchase on the website, subscribing to a service, requesting a quote, creating an account, or adding a product to a wishlist. CRO helps increase sales, facilitate the organization’s growth, and get higher value from existing leads and customers. It also increases ROI and enhances customer trust.

Effective ways of increasing CRO

There are a few techniques to increase conversion rate optimization. Listed below are a few of them:

  • Rechecking the page speed: Even if the offer and content are right, people won’t convert if a page doesn’t load fast enough. Having a slow-loading website due to incorrect code and high-resolution images can impact the ability to convince people to stay. Website speed affects Search Engine Optimisation as well.
  • Motivate interaction through a live chatbot: Customer conversion is not all about great offers or exciting posts. Customers need to be made to feel welcome and invited to spontaneously address any queries they may have. Live chat tools are perfect for helping people who have lingering questions about the product or service offered that keep them from taking the next step.
  • Revisit content strategy: The website shouldn’t be cluttered or loaded if the goal is to get a conversion on a particular page. A minimal design and minimal distractions on the page will clarify the intent to the visitor. A clean design and compelling copy ensure the page is easy to navigate. Posting exciting blogs, videos and images of the product achieve this.
  • Clarify CTAs: A Call-to-Action button is that part of the landing page that is necessary to get conversions. It is meant to invite an immediate response so that people click on a link to take them to another page giving a certain offer or anything else that is the website’s end goal. CTA buttons can be scattered throughout and written clearly and convincingly in a way that will convince a customer to act.
  • Creation of an additional offer: A compelling copy and a call-to-action button may not be enough to convert a visitor. Especially in the B2B domain, it would be helpful to offer a free trial or a resource that provides users with real insights based on their data.
  • Add a third-party signup service: Alternative logins have become quite popular. Instead of creating a new profile from scratch, users may log in using their Google, Facebook or another account. This way, a signup form can be eliminated.
  • Using the right keywords: Usage of popular keywords that are also the problem areas of the customer can hit the bull’s eye. Suppose the terminology of the problem area is famous. In that case, it should be included or mentioned in a heading or subheading to make the content/page as relevant as possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization is essential to make the most of the leads. Getting it right is more about experimenting. It can take up to years to finally have a copy that brings in the most extensive conversions. Using the methods mentioned above is undoubtedly a step ahead in increasing the conversion rate optimization of a website or page. Marketing and companies like Digileap Marketing are more than willing to help other companies optimize their websites for higher conversion rate.

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