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Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

The world is now seeing a new era of start-ups, especially in India. New companies with creative ideas are emerging. One common problem that every company faces is coming up with ways to market its products or services to its target audience. There are many times the marketing teams have to choose between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing. They both have their own pros and cons which will be explained in detail in this blog.

Traditional Marketing

Let us first start by explaining what exactly traditional marketing is. These are the marketing strategies which are usually followed.  Some examples are advertisements which are on the television, radio, newspapers, etc. It also includes billboards, mailing postcards, and even phone calls. These are the methods which are not dependent on the internet. They are being used since a really long time and are being used less now. It’s like they have become a part of our daily lives.

Digital Marketing

These make use of latest technologies and trends that people like to follow. They require the use of internet in order to be implemented. They include social media posts, pop-up ads, content marketing, websites, Search Engine Optimization, etc. Since the consumers today use internet much more than ever, Digital marketing is more popular nowadays. We can always find people in a restaurant busy on their phones consuming content on the internet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

We will now be covering the pros and cons of Traditional Marketing in detail.


Ability to easily reach older audience

Not every age group is busy surfing the internet laughing at memes. There’s an age group that spends their time reading newspapers and listening to the radio more than checking their cell phones. It’s the people who are above 40 years of age. They still watch a lot of television and not many are comfortable with Netflix or Amazon. Reaching out to them through newspaper and television ads makes more sense. They like to listen to music through radio which makes radio advertisements a better option compared to the ones on Spotify.

Significant Local Audience can be Built

If a newly built local business tries to market its products or services digitally, it does not make sense as the digital market has already been dominated by the big players who have a wider audience. The big competitors usually have a good reach throughout an entire country. Local businesses hence have better results by making use of Traditional marketing. The people living in the locality can be reached easily and can be made aware about a new brand just near their house. All it will take is an attractive billboard or a well-presented advertisement in the local newspaper.

Repeated Marketing can be done easily

Ads played on the radio can be played repeatedly and the listeners will not have any option of skipping the ads. Same goes with the nature of billboards. They have to look at the billboards everyday on their morning or evening walks. This is a strong point for traditional marketing.


High Cost

Putting up a huge billboard for an early-stage business can be very expensive. It also has an uncertainty whether the people who look at the billboard are even interested in your product or service that you offer.

Long Time for Results

It can take a very long time ranging from weeks to even months to yield positive results. It is difficult to find out who has listened to the radio advertisement or who has read the newspaper ad unless the customer contacts the company for an enquiry. Even after that, a survey would be required to find out if the traditional marketing technique followed was effective.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

There are reputed companies like Digileap Marketing which help businesses utilize digital marketing in the best manner possible. They have the following advantages:


Data can easily be tracked

Data such as Website traffic, Click Through Rate, etc can be very easy to track. When the number of followers of a social media account increase, we can easily know about it. Through some careful experimentation on different types of content, we can understand which types of content interest the audience. This can be done simply by checking the engagement. Even questions about the social media platforms that are receiving the best responses or about the time of the day which is the best for posting content can easily be answered using the data.

Huge Amounts of Money can be Saved

Sending out emails is way cheaper than printing and putting up billboards. Digital marketing is almost free. The target audience should just be approached through the right platform with the right content.

Wider Audience can be Built

A wider audience can be built compared to a local audience in the case of traditional marketing. Since a lot of social media is used, a huge amount of people can be reached in an instant.


Use of Ad-Blockers

Some people make use of software or apps that block ads in the device. Ads can also be skipped or avoided if the user pays for the premium version. Moreover, it often annoys the user to have to look at ads before watching a video on YouTube.

Continuous Improvement in Tactics Required

Technology changes with time. So, the digital marketing tactics have to be rechecked and revaluated from time to time. The strategy followed by a company to market it’s products or services should keep changing because their audience’s mentality keeps changing along with the trend.

What is the Difference between Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

So, how is Digital Marketing different from Traditional Marketing? Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing only differ in the point about the usage of internet. If internet has to be utilized, then it can be called Online or Digital Marketing. Traditional Marketing refers to the conventional ways of marketing which are done in an offline manner. Digital Marketing is becoming popular nowadays as people have begun to communicate with each other online.

So, which type of Marketing is better for your Business?

Digital Marketing is mostly the best option as it helps to easily reach a particular group in a cost-effective manner. The target audience has to be reached out in the right manner. The right platform and the right content have to be used. The content should be relevant to the target audience and should also be interesting. Useful information can be collected about the target customers and the marketing strategies can be decided accordingly. However, if your target is an older audience or any audience that is not mostly present online, traditional marketing can be more suitable in this case.

It depends majorly on your audience. They have to be studied properly. You have to find out what type of content your target audience consumes. What sources do they use for making their purchase decisions? Both modes of marketing have their own purposes. There are factors apart from the target audience like cost, time, reach required, etc. The business should be fully understood, and the marketing strategy should be carefully picked accordingly. Digital Marketing companies like Digileap Marketing can be consulted for following the right strategies for improving your marketing tactics.

How digital marketing is the new normal?

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