The Secret of Getting a Good Email Open Rate

The Secret of Getting a Good Email Open Rate

This article focuses on helping you combine several secret strategies and use your imagination to raise email open rate efficiently.

Since email marketing has been around for so long, it is difficult to picture the digital advertising sector without it.

You cannot disregard your emails’ open rates if your company depends on emails to market its goods and services.

The sender’s name and subject line are the most crucial elements in having your emails opened and read. 

For instance, according to our research, 33% of email receivers open an email based on the subject line, and 45% of subscribers indicate they are likely to read your email because of who sent it.

Email Open Rate: What Does It Mean?

A subscriber’s email open rate compares the number of subscribers who open a certain email you send to the total number of subscribers on your mailing list.

Assume your mailing list contains 100 subscribers. Your average email open rate will be 70% if 70 subscribers choose to read your messages.

Therefore, to find your open email rate, divide the total number of subscribers by the subscribers who opened your email. And multiply the result by 100%.

Let’s take the example of the values above given. (70 subscribers x 100 subscribers) 100%

You can evaluate the success of your email marketing plan by looking at your email open rate. It’s an excellent way to determine whether your subscribers read your emails.

One of the most crucial methods you may use to determine whether your email advertising plan needs to be adjusted is this one.

For instance, a low open rate indicates that your customer isn’t following the expected path through your sales funnel. You shouldn’t take this matter lightly.

How often do emails get opened on average?

The typical email open rate varies nationwide, and from industry to industry, so you should be aware of this before we get started. As of right now, data from MailChimp,

  • The emails that get opened the most, 27.74% of the time, are about hobbies.
  • With a 28.74% open rate, emails from public institutions came in second.
  • Emails promoting the arts and artists came in third with a 26.74% open rate.

However, they discovered that 21.32% is the average industry-wide email open rate.

Additionally, they discovered the top 3 sectors based on click rate. Their poll found that

  • In the industry, open email rates for hobbies are 5.01%.
  • 4.62% industry average for open email rates applies to the media and publishing sector.
  • 3.99% is the industry benchmark for the government’s email open rates.

Some Factors that Affect Email Open Rates

Whether a certain email letter will catch your recipient’s attention depends on various variables.

These variables include urgency, word count, the time of day you send them, and how pertinent your emails are to your subscribers.

Additionally, whether your audience is motivated to receive your emails will depend on these variables.

Factors that affect email open rate—

First, be Relevant to Your Target Audience

Each subscriber has different demands and wants. They fit into several groups and are motivated by interests that might be very different.

Your following emails will almost go unread if you send a message to your list containing uninteresting or poor content.

People adore information, but they adore it, even more when they can use it in practical ways. Therefore, it’s critical to properly target the demographic of individuals drawn to what it offers.

Email List Quality

You can be confident that your visitors are at least marginally interested in what you have to offer if you can get them to sign up for your email list.

On the other hand, tricking people into subscribing to emails is a surefire method to have your emails ignored, discarded, or flagged as spam.

Additionally, you must regularly validate your email list to keep your database healthy.

Email Content

Another significant consideration is the email’s content. Is it something your subscribers expect? Or is it something they’d prefer not to have?

This ability is taught in classes on narrative or writing.

Experts providing a ‘do my essay for cheap service and helping students with writing assignments say that less than half of the texts written even by professionals are actually on the topic.

You should customize your email content to give subscribers helpful information and amuse them.

Best Time to Check Mail

When is the optimum time to send emails? There is never a perfect time, the fact is.

Depending on their schedules, some people read their emails in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening whenever they feel good.

Choosing a time to send emails may be challenging because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Therefore, try sending your emails several times throughout the day to determine the most effective time, and then stick to it.

Focus on Subject Lines

More than one-third of your subscribers only decide to read an email based on how appealing the subject line is to them. 

Your email’s subject line is often your sole opportunity to capture readers’ interest and pique their curiosity.

Your subject line should be concise yet provide as much information as possible about the email’s content. It should also be able to capture your readers’ interest as soon as they read it. 

The number of answers and the value of those comments both significantly increased.

The Secrets of Good Email Open Rate

Make a natural email list

An email list’s quality is more important than its size. Better strategies for naturally growing your list include:

  • Providing a free trial.
  • Holding a contest in return for an email address.
  • Providing a simple way to subscribe.

You can use an excellent popup builder to make your personalized popups and give your visitors a simple method to join your email list.

All you have to do is go into your Popupsmart account, select a popup template from the available options, and then tweak it to match your business’s general look and feel.

Refresh Your List

Removing inactive members from your email list and updating it are important tasks.

Assess each candidate’s likelihood of re-engagement before crossing them off your list.

You may accomplish this by requesting them to consent to alter their choices and data.

Specify a Human Sender’s Name

The likelihood of someone opening an email increases if the sender’s name contains their name. 

Messages sent by a firm are simple to remove. Your email service provider’s interface makes it simple to modify the sender’s name. 

Even the testing of various sender names could be made simple by your ESP.

You’ll find out immediately if a more personable sender name affects open rates.

Use the Terms That Perform Well

Your prize is in the subject line. It isn’t performing its job if it doesn’t provide a clear advantage or create interest.

Keep in mind that your subject line does not always need to match the article’s title. A target key phrase is unnecessary for subject lines because they are unrelated to SEO.

Incite, be surprising, or do all three at once. Create it with the inbox in mind.

Use your best inquiries as topic lines and advice.

What is the most frequent query you receive? Or check with your sales staff? Or your support staff? Put that precise query in the subject line of your subsequent email. The best place to get insights is from your audience.

Proofread Your Emails

It is seriously undervalued to proofread. It’s important to go over your email completely once you’ve finished composing it. 

Proofreading is seriously undervalued. Reviewing your email once you’ve finished composing it is crucial. 

Even the tiniest grammatical error puts off the majority of individuals. 

Simply using the wrong punctuation mark or writing «is» instead of «has» will cost you subscribers, so it’s not worth it.

Use Language That Engages

Consider that you are emailing a friend about one of your products. 

To draw recipients into your email, you should genuinely compose your emails as if you were recommending a friend. 

If not, they might never even open your emails.


If you’re unhappy with your email open rates right now, you may immediately raise them significantly. We’ve covered every area of email marketing when discussing how to increase open rates. 

Many variables, such as how you handle signups and how long you keep inactive members on your list, affect how many people open your emails.

Because open rates are a useful single statistic for analyzing the effectiveness of your whole email marketing strategy, they are regularly used to evaluate the quality of a list.

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