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Why is data-driven marketing the next big thing?

With the time customers are getting smarter, they don’t tap on your banner ads and this is why the B2B market is trying to use their data to connect their targeted audience differently. They only use part of the information they have but pioneering marketers have detained this not-needed information and use it for a completely different purpose: content marketing. But the question is how are they doing this?

The very simple answer to this question is Data-Driven marketing. Organizations these days view themselves in a different way than they use to view in past times. They are not only working for advertisement, but also are publishing great amounts of content with the help of digital newsrooms, podcasts, and other acknowledged content. For What?  So that they can maintain their brand name and perception in front of clients, to develop consciousness and knowledge. However, this is their way to get attention and to stay in the light.

Let’s understand data-driven creativity with an example,

“You want to be an effective Blogger”

No matter this line was your interest or not but this has your attention. This line has zero relativity with our topic but it still was able to get your concentration due to the exclusive appeal that data keeps. This is what we call Data-Driven Creativity.

Data-driven creative uses attractive details to tell an innovative and amazing marketing campaign. In content marketing, there are various kinds of Ideas to use and make data more innovative and marketers never get out of ideas which give them thousand of possibilities to use this Data-Driven creativity in various manners and this makes Data-Driven Creativity the next big thing.

How can data-driven creativity be a success formula to you?

There’s no short of data, but collecting these data points is a single component of the equation. We must use them in a way that can really able to get the attention of our aimed markets. We should give them our time to create an exactly great description that has the power to light up amazing data points as they are worthy of.

When you learn it, customers start feeling connected with you and this will help you in getting good engagement and better interactions from them.

What are we missing?

Even when all the companies are establishing themselves as Content Developers but they are missing out on one and the world’s hottest trend, which is known as Data Journalism. Which is a new form of reporting based on the higher growing ability of Data sets and Data Analyzing tools to identify the most trending stories such as infectious diseases, the continuing problem of school segregation, or the differences in working hours across industries, and many more? Many big news channels and newspapers are investing in data journalism and marketing fields can also use Data Journalism in advertisement and their other profits.

Whereas information graphics are nowadays a normal part of the business communicator’s toolkit but data visualizations are determined by a unique form of data and are still in between of few and far. Don’t agree with me? Check out Pinterest and you’ll find that various business information graphics are mostly attractive blog posts, not data visualizations that are telling the good stories.

That’s an ironic misunderstanding because nowadays the organizations have access to more data than ever they have. All the details they have can be used smartly in making the decision and attracting people as most of the website does and create a smart idea of posting data-driven blogs or content. But various companies are using this content poorly and are not being able to make a profit. But as we can say well-executed data storytelling is still the exclusion, there’s a massive chance for corporations to position well in the marketing group by spinning quantitative information keen on excellent content.

Every difficulty that needs data’s interference, data-driven creative will help in getting solved. With the help of data release the innovative minds from tedious tasks, data-driven creative will work as a dynamic force for generating great ideas, announcements, and partnerships. With assessable data-driven inventiveness, the man-machine partnership will push human creativity to a new altitude. These kinds of innovative data results will have not only human understanding and perception but also the analytical capability of data systems and algorithms.

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