How to use LinkedIn video for social selling

How to use LinkedIn video for social selling

LinkedIn video for social selling: Since the introduction of LinkedIn native video in 2017, the company has demonstrated that it is more than just a platform for long-form B2B content. LinkedIn video posts garnered over 300 million impressions in a single year. They also receive three times the engagement of text posts. Furthermore, preliminary statistics from LinkedIn’s beta program reveal that native videos on LinkedIn are five times more likely than other material to spark a conversation among LinkedIn members. Aside from impressive engagement numbers, video marketing has been proven to increase income across social networks. According to Aberdeen Group, organizations that employ video marketing generate their payment at a rate that is 49 percent quicker than companies that do not.

Below are some of the best ways to use LinkedIn video for social selling:

  1. Focus on quality content: – As with any other attempt at digital selling, the outcomes will be heavily influenced by the effort you put into your video content. Quality is more important than ever in this situation. The videos you’re displaying are intended for professional and industry peers. That typically means that an impromptu, off-the-cuff selfie film with no production values, editing, or objective intent will do you more harm than good. It’s already stating your lack of professional knowledge and unwillingness to share it.
  2. Choose detailed and long-form content: – LinkedIn allows for a maximum video length of 10 minutes. If the information is valuable and relevant, don’t be scared to generate content that lasts many minutes. The professional aspect of LinkedIn, as opposed to other social sites, means that digital selling is fundamentally different here. You are not attempting to make the most significant, flashiest impact on as many people as possible. You’re trying to persuade intelligent, attentive decision-makers (who could benefit from your services) to see your point of view.
  3. Utilize analytics: – One of the LinkedIn video’s most refined (and potentially most essential) aspects is that it provides you with greater visibility into who is seeing your material. That is a highly beneficial feature in a social or professional platform, where all the members’ activities have a much greater purpose and a higher degree of quality and relevance to you and your professional goals.
  4. Write descriptions: – A description can be added to your LinkedIn video. Remember that LinkedIn is all about details and high-quality material. Use the report to add more substance, reinforce specific vital points or arguments, or add depth. That is what everyone is seeking. The greater your importance, relevance, and capability, the more engaging you will be.
  5. Engage with peers: – Because the content on LinkedIn is more substantial, it is much easier to participate in and discusses, and you should take advantage of any opportunity. Discussing the subject with others and fielding and asking questions are excellent ways to demonstrate additional expertise and experience with a given issue. On the other hand, your interactions are now being considered by peers and other industry professionals, lending more weight to what you say.
  6. Target your videos: – Because LinkedIn is so specialized, providing a platform for many people to connect and join organizations, you should take advantage of this. Create information for management or decision-makers and the technology and finance divisions. Make your videos available to LinkedIn groups focusing on the specific subjects you cover.
  7. Nurture your connections: – Quality is more essential than quantity on LinkedIn. So, the goal isn’t to have thousands, hundreds, or even dozens of people watch your film as a metric of success. Even if just three people watch it and are interested in providing you with sales, digital selling in a setting where the people who view it are potentially important decision-makers can have a huge influence.
  8. Q n A sessions: – What is an excellent audience engagement strategy? It’s a question-and-answer session with your audience where you can interact with your followers one-on-one. This is an excellent method to interact with your followers and get to know them.
  9. Go behind the scenes: – Take a break before starting your next project! It is critical to understand what goes into your creative efforts. Many people are unaware of what it takes to make stunning photographs, so look behind the scenes. Allow your audience to peek behind the curtain and see how much effort and time it takes to develop a new product. If you are short on time, you can use LinkedIn scheduling features.
  10. Introduce your team: – Your team deserves recognition for their tireless efforts on your product. Create interesting LinkedIn films that introduce your whole staff to your audience. Inform your audience that humans, not machines, are behind the screens.

That’s all for LinkedIn video for social selling LinkedIn videos can revolutionize your marketing abilities. LinkedIn video is an excellent marketing tool that is gradually becoming the most popular mode of communication. You may make your potential consumers feel like they are in the same room as you and instill confidence in your offer.

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