How to use Meta Business Suite

How to use Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Manager, which debuted in 2014, is a tool that allows you to manage assets such as Facebook business pages, Instagram profiles, and ad accounts separately from your personal profile. You can access Meta Business Settings from Business Manager, where you may assign roles, request account access, and work with team members. Meta Business Suite is a one-stop shop (mobile app and website) for managing everyday business activity on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. You will no longer need to traverse back and forth between these various apps and channels if you learn how to use Meta Business Suite in 2022. From a single platform, you can generate advertising, manage your mailbox, respond to comments, schedule, and post content, and much more. Facebook Business Manager, in essence, assists your team in remaining organised and focused while monitoring, generating, and posting advertising, pages, and other business assets on Facebook.

You can use Meta Business Suite to:

  • Publish or schedule new Facebook page and Instagram feed posts/stories.
  • In one spot, you can see and respond to new messages and comments from your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts.
  • Create Automated Responses for often asked inquiries and tasks.
  • Learn about the audience.
  • Launch Facebook ads and Instagram ads.
  • Gain access to more Facebook tools and settings for managing your business’s presence.

Business Manager has been around for a while and is essentially Business Suite’s forerunner. It lets you manage assets such as Pages, ad accounts, product catalogues (on a rudimentary level), and user roles. While marketers can pick between the two tools for the time being, it appears that Business Suite will eventually replace Facebook’s Business Manager. You can perform everything you might do in Business Manager in Business Suite, including controlling business assets under “Settings. “If you despise the new Facebook Business Suite (which is now technically called “Meta Business Suite”), there are instructions for switching back to Business Manager. Having said that, we strongly advise switching to the new Business Suite because we don’t know how long the Business Manager will be supported and the Business Suite has far more sophisticated capabilities.

The Facebook Creator Studio and Facebook Business Suite are sometimes misunderstood due to overlapping capabilities, particularly in content production and scheduling. Having said that, they are still two distinct instruments, and both are useful. You may use Facebook’s Business Suite to create and schedule posts, advertising, and Stories across several platforms. The Creator Studio on Facebook has a couple extra tricks up its sleeve. It includes more post-setup choices, monetization capabilities, post-testing, and a royalty-free music library. In general, Facebook Business Suite appears to be better suited to brands with active ad accounts, whereas Creator Studio appears to be best suited to, well, creators. Meta Business Suite makes it simple to keep track of your company’s accounts and campaigns throughout the Meta social and messenger channels.

Here are some of the insights provided by Meta Business Suite, as well as how to use them:

  • Ad spend: Your ad budget may be tracked across all Meta platforms. You can alter your spending based on how well you’re performing. For example, if you’re spending a lot of money on Instagram advertising but discover from other insights that they’re not doing well, you may divert your budget to the Meta platforms where you’re having better success.
  • Engagement: Meta Business Suite displays organic and promoted content engagement. You can see what material performs best and use that to guide future tactics and social media content.
  • Audience demographics: You may view data about the users who interact with your profile and content using Business Suite. You may see where they’re from, their other interests, their age, and other information. You can utilise this data to continue developing material for your existing consumers, or you can modify your strategies if your content isn’t reaching the correct people.

Learn about Social media Algorithms

Meta Business Suite is ideal for creators, personal brands, and businesses looking to streamline and improve their Facebook and Instagram marketing. The platform includes everything you need to track your progress, respond to comments, and direct messages from your audience, schedule content, generate social media ads, and much more. If you exclusively use these two platforms for company and don’t use any other social media management tools, it’s worth looking at the Business Suite. You may discover that it is a more robust tool, allowing you to cut another business expense from your monthly budget. Facebook Business Suite is a free tool that is beneficial to marketers, advertisers, and business owners. It integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, as well as a variety of other third-party networks. As platforms develop and evolve, Business Suite will most likely alter as well, adding new features to keep up. Brands should familiarise themselves with the interface so they know how to utilise it when necessary, even if they prefer more manual and solitary Page management. Also, if you’re looking for an all-in-one publishing and analytics platform that will allow you to streamline management for every major social networking site, tools like Hootsuite can help.

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