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How to Choose perfect social media platform for your business

With tons of social media app options, it’s difficult to choose the right one for your business Each of them have different app marketing strategies. There are approximately 200 choices and some sources claim you need 75 of them to survive and grow your business’s social media. But how to choose the right 75 apps for you? Honestly, I don’t know if 75 applications are needed to manage social media or not…. I don’t think so, but I’m going to let it slide.

Here I will share some tips on how to choose the best suited social media platform for you, so stay tuned and read ahead and design your social media strategies needfully.

You belong where your audience is.

Audience is the absolute factor in choosing the right platform for you. When your audience is active on a particular platform, then you need to be there and nowhere else. It doesn’t matter if Instagram is a booming platform today, but if your target audience is not present on Instagram, then it’s nothing but a waste to you.  

Know your company

Knowing what purpose your company will serve is important, as it becomes a deciding factor for choosing a digital platform.

if you are selling high visual products, fashion products or you belong to the glamour industry, graphic design, artist etc., then your list of 75 must include Instagram, Day flash , Etsy and so on. But if you are a B2B company or are looking for a more professional outlook, then LinkedIn would be the best choice for you. Usually B2B and B2C marketing campaigns are different from each others.

Some channels are more niche based, while some have a much broader audience. For example, Apple is very active on Instagram, but at the same time, it is even active on LinkedIn and is using both the platforms for its benefit. Search engine optimization is also very important. Apple is not a glamorous brand but yet at the same it is not a B2B company, hence social media is not black and white, there are a lot of grey places too. Choose the best for you.

Competitors may help here

When you know your competitors, it’s easier to choose your platform. You may wonder if following their steps would help you as well. Like choosing the same platforms as them would be the best and an easy way out. Let me tell you that definitely is not the case. Your competitor has already conquered the audience on that particular platform. Now if you try to steal their audience by intervening in your brand, it may backfire on you. Content marketing strategy , that is why is very important.

Instead, you should look out to those platforms where your competitors aren’t active. You can conquer that market and you them to your benefit. You should know to do competitor analysis in digital marketing and how it will be beneficial for your business.

I am not saying that you should not be on platforms same as your competitors, you should be on them too. Give them a sense of competition, but make sure you don’t spend all your funds and energy on something which may or may fail. You should not only depend on those platforms, instead expand your horizon to other platforms where competition is less.

When you are stalking your competitions’ social presence, try to understand what’s working for them and what’s not working. How they are manipulating their audience, etc.

Know why you want to hit social media

This one the key factors in determining the right social media platform for you. Know why you want to be on social media platforms. Is it because you want to build an online presence or just engage with your audience and get to know their perspective? Do you just need followers and likes, or do you really want to make conversions?

Knowing what you want and what your social media goals are will help you in choosing the perfect one for you.  

Understand the platforms

Understanding what the platforms are best used for is extremely important. Like every person has its personality, so does every social media platform.

Here is brief on some of the social media platforms:

Twitter: it’s best known for the great conversations, controversies and trending topics.

LinkedIn: more professional outlook, want to share professional expertise or maybe company information, then LinkedIn is the right one for you.

Facebook: Facebook is filled with your family and friends, so it would be best to sell them house items, or handicrafts, books, etc.

Instagram: like mentioned earlier, it’s the glamour world, best known for its fashion. So sell fashion, be a fashion blogger, etc.


Once you have settled for some social media platforms and know which ones are the best for you. Then it’s time to alter your content on a monthly or weekly basis. Changing content totally depends on the platform you are using.

Also, make sure you don’t post the same thing on all the platforms. Spice things up.

Pro tip: read my article on social media marketing strategy for small business and get some ideas to boost your social media presence.

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