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How to use social media to get more traffic on our website?

Want to increase traffic from social media? We have curated a list of tips and practices from proven data that will help you increase your traffic from social media platforms to your website. These tips vary from links to content ideas and many more.

Tips to use social media to get more traffic on your website

  1. Begin with the fundamentals: Boost traffic by expanding your audience and engagement

Any technique that helps you gain a larger audience for your posts and profile on social media, as well as more (quality) followers will aid in building brand recognition. Your referral traffic from social media should automatically increase as a result.

For instance, in a 2022 study, Social Media Today explored the possibility that memes which are well known for boosting engagement and, consequently, reach on social media, could also assist boost website traffic. A 12% rise in website sessions and a 16% increase in website users from social media were observed after memes had been incorporated into their social media strategy for one month. It implies that interesting content can boost website traffic.

  1. Pay attention to the social media channels that generate the most website visitors

Selecting the social media platform(s) that are most suited to your needs is an excellent place to start if your objective is to improve your traffic through social media. Find out which social media network is therefore the best for generating visitors for your website.

Facebook is the greatest social media referral platform, according to research from Search Engine Journal, GrowthBadger, and The Economist.  However, Twitter can also have a significant impact when Tweets become viral and generate a lot of traffic. Instagram and Pinterest are some of the social media platforms that generate the least traffic, according to the report.

  1. On your social media profiles, include referral links

Every social media account includes a short space set aside for you to introduce yourself to your followers. Whether it’s referred to as a “bio” on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram or an “about section” on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube. Links to your website may be included here. This helps you quickly guide traffic from social media to your website because visitors will know where to go if they want to see more from you. Frequently, you can include multiple links in your bio. This gives your followers additional options, which makes it easier for them to locate what interests them and lessens any resistance to learning more. However, not all social networking platforms make this possible.

  1. To increase traffic, include links in your social media postings

Every social media post, in addition to your profile, is a chance to increase traffic to your website. If a user is already reading and watching your information because they are interested in it, be sure to let them know where they can see more while you have their attention. Put a CTA (call to action) at the end of your content and include a link to additional resources. You can include a link in your message on every platform. But they each approach it differently.

  • YouTube: You can include links in your videos’ captions, pop-ups that appear throughout the video, and screens that appear at the end of the film.
  • Instagram: Link stickers can be created and added to stories. Encourage your followers to click the link in your bio to see more by posting a message there.
  • Twitter: When you include links in your tweets, a link preview is automatically generated. Use Twitter carousels and cards as well, and make sure that clicking on them takes the user to a page where they may download an app.
  • LinkedIn: You may paste the URL straight in the caption to create a link preview with a clickable image. In order to keep your postings organized, you can then remove the link from the caption and just leave the link preview.
  • Facebook: This platform has a similar feature to LinkedIn. You can add links to your Facebook Stories.
  1. In social media groups, share links

Utilize social media groups to promote your website. By posting your information in groups devoted to your industry, you may find the people who are most likely to be interested in it and click on your links. Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn are some of the social networking sites that include group functions.

  1. Make use of content strategies that promote click-throughs

Additionally, the content you use in your captions and the way you present your social media graphics might help you get more social media referrals. Find a way to arouse interest and leave your audience wanting more. You can employ the following methods:

  • Establish a hook: Use an exciting headline to draw in your audience and keep them interested.
  • Use their FOMO to your advantage: By emphasizing how important it is for them to learn more (on your website), you can capitalize on people’s fear of missing out (FOMO).,
  • Use feelings: The emotions of your audience might be aroused through emotive messages or provocative visuals, which will keep them interested in your material and emotionally invested.
  • Try speaking negatively: According to research, adding one more unfavorable word to a headline increases click-through rates by 2.3%.
  • Insert a CTA:  In your postings, provide a brief, straightforward, and effective call-to-action (CTA), along with a link to your website.
  1. Boost website traffic with social media shares

Encourage users to share your links with their own networks as an additional strategy for generating referral traffic from social media. There is no better marketing for your business than someone sharing your post on their own feed because we tend to trust the advice and suggestions of people who are close to us. You can produce content, such as eye-catching visuals or interesting themes, that natively encourages sharing to promote this behavior. Alternatively, you could just request content sharing from your followers.

These 7 tips vary in different aspects utilise these tips to increase your website traffic coming from social media platforms. Contact Digileap Marketing Services for more insights into digital marketing.

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