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10 Video Content Strategies from 2022

The marketing and video marketing sectors are constantly growing. Data, technology, trends, and human behavior can impact how it progresses. Almost all marketing advice, resources, guides, and projections underline the need of incorporating videos into your marketing approach. Video content has evolved throughout the years, from short advertising to live videos, vlogs, and storytelling. 

  1. Videos are everywhere, and businesses are utilizing them to their full potential

 According to the Cisco Video Networking Index, by 2022, videos will account for 82% of Internet traffic. Without videos, growth marketing today appears to be lacking. Without a question, the video marketing industry is one of the most watched and thriving today. It shows no signs of slowing down. Are you wondering if it’s too late to start using video marketing? So, now is the time to start working on a video marketing proposition for your company. Let us look at how animated films may help businesses, as well as what video marketing is and what businesses need to know about it in this blog. 

2.SEO benefits from video marketing

Including video on a website improves its quality and encourages viewers to stay on the page longer, both of which search engines favor. According to HubSpot, 31% of marketers utilize video to improve SEO.

3. Videos are more Memorable

Only about 10% of what your clients hear will be remembered three days later. However, if the information they hear is accompanied by relevant pictures, they are more likely to retain approximately 65% of it three days later. Making an engaging and informative film may help consumers remember your company.

4. Streaming Video

As the pandemic halted in-person gatherings and activities, live videos became increasingly important in 2020. It developed as a key means for startups and bigger brands to stay connected with consumers, and our perspective on what kind of content is “streamable” has completely changed. Everyone from influencers marketing products to music artists staging virtual concerts to Broadway firms broadcasting full-length shows is using live video.

5. Smartphone Manufacturing

Video marketing no longer necessitated expensive equipment and a large production budget. Even brands with the means to do so are turning to cell phones to generate more relatable, authentic content. In their massively successful #ShotOniPhone campaign, Apple gave the concept a platform. They invited users to send in their best iPhone photos for a chance to be featured in an Apple ad or billboard.

6. Search-Engine-Optimized Videos

SEO is nothing new, but what about search-optimized videos? According to Forrester, videos are 53 times more likely than other traditional SEO tactics to earn first-page rankings. According to Brightedge, Google now places video snippets next to 26% of search results, and consumers are more likely to click on them when they do.

7. Vlogs

We know that one of the most successful methods to connect with consumers, build your brand personality, and engage your audiences is through brand storytelling. Vlogs (or video blogs) are excellent medium for sharing those stories. They’re also great place to share lessons or product information, which increases viewer engagement and conversion. Indeed, 94% of respondents said that watching a brand video influenced their purchasing choice. Vlogging is a cost-effective technique to educate your audience about your products and services.

8. Stories from social media

Social media tales, like vlogs, demonstrate a brand’s personality and foster a more personal connection than other content marketing trends. But not all social media stories are the same. They are mostly intended to be more relaxed. If vlogs are an edited version of your brand’s overall story, social media tales are the day-to-day outtakes that don’t make the cut.

9. Videos in AR/VR

AR and VR content has been around for a while, but it’s finally making its way into mainstream video marketing trends as technology improves and customers desire more interactive content. In future, organizations must be prepared to include it in their video marketing strategy, as regular video may not always be enough.

10. Content that is Interactive

With so much content and so little time, and a shortened attention span, reaching and engaging today’s consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, some organizations are turning to interactive content to leave a lasting impression on their target audience and increase engagement. At its foundation, interactive content promotes two-way discussions and allows the audience to actively participate in the information rather than passively consume it as static content does. Quizzes, exams, calculators, polls, and surveys are examples of content kinds that allow customers to receive customized findings or insights on a topic of interest or difficulty, or problem they are facing.

A solid marketing strategy for 2023 requires phenomenal video content — yet video alone will not ensure long-term success. To drive outcomes, brands must also have a marketing strategy that includes constant, attractive written content. Every week, Marketing Insider Group’s skilled writers and marketing specialists may assist you with developing a strategy and delivering optimized, ready-to-publish material.

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