The Best Blogging Platforms
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The Best Blogging Platforms

A blogging platform is software that helps you create and manage your website where you can write articles, post photos and videos, and other content as per your wish. Millions of people write blogs today and have become successful in this business. There are thousands of platforms for blogging that help you write your blogs and present yourself to the world. If you write your best blogs but present them to a place where no one is there to see them, wouldn’t it be unfair? So finding the best platform for your top Online Advertising Platforms blogs is very much necessary. Let us find some of the best blogging platforms!

One of the top free blogging platforms are listed below:

  1. Wix –> 8,000 + themes and templates, multilingual platforms, and tracks traffic with the help of Google Analytics.
  2. WordPress –> Here you get a huge community, this is one of the most popular platforms and CMS, also it is very customizable.
  3. Strikingly –> It is one of the easiest website editors, it has a built-in E-commerce facility, and they assist you with 24/7 support.
  4. Blogger –> It has a drag-and-drop blog editing interface, here you get an option to create private blogs, it is very easy to use and free.
  5. Medium –> It helps you to automate story descriptions and provides you with URL customization, it comes in with an easy-to-use editor that helps writers focus on their creation instead of formatting, its customization acts as a game-changer.
  6. Weebly –> It is an excellent blogging platform but it provides a free plan for only a limited period, and comes in with in-built easy-to-understand SEO guides, and customizable blog templates.
  7. Site123 –> Helps you to build a basic website for blogging, SEO tools that give you a perfectly optimized blogging website, offers more than 2500+ templates, is visually pleasing, and fits in many industries.
  8. Squarespace –> It provides you with modern templates, customizable content layouts, a simple and easy-to-use editor interface, and social media support. You can adjust the styling of your site along with fonts, colors, and page configurations. You can also add personalized CSS and another coding. 
  9. Tumblr –> Brings in page customization tools, and allows you to comment, re-blog, like posts, and schedule your post. It also supports texts, images, quotes, links, chatting, sending audios, and uploading videos. It automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter. 
  10. Ghost –> Allows you to schedule posts and do role-based permissions. Offers support for a content editor, content management, and SEO tools. You can also custom domains.
  11. Write. as –> It is very convenient to write and publish here, allows you to publish individual articles and you can also share URLs with blogs, social media, or email. 
  12. Drupal –> offers easy-to-understand and clean core code and helps you to manage complex multi-domain management. It provides numerous built-in site management options and access to thousands of modules and themes.
  13. Jekyll –> It offers the quickest way to set up a blog and allows you to import yours from GitHub pages.
  14. Jimdo –> It is pretty easy to add elements to a page, you don’t require coding knowledge to create a blog here, it is mobile optimized for all the apps, very friendly customer support to help with any issues, and you get unlimited storage on buying premium plans. 
  15. Svbtle –> Published content will remain available on the web forever, it helps you to create and customize your designs according to your business, svbtle service and published content will be permanently available on the web. It also supports images, embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

These sites will provide you with the best features to showcase your talent and interests. 

Many people nowadays do write blogs but don’t have their names on the blogs they have written, such writers are ghostwriters such blogs come under ghost blogging. Mostly such bloggers very less time as they live in a busy world, or they do not have the appropriate writing abilities or the people who want to demonstrate credibility, or lastly the people who just don’t like writing but do so only to earn extra money. 

The top platforms where you will see ghost bloggers very frequently are:

  1. Ghost – It is a platform to help you launch a lucrative business.
  2. DigitalPress – This site specializes in ghost hosting, it focuses on writing the best content for readers.
  3. FastComet – Here you can share your creative writing with the world and you can fuel your business. 
  4. A2 Hosting – The best place to publish your content, distribute and manage the way you want.
  5. DigitalOcean – You can deploy ghost here with the help of a one-click app
  6. Google Cloud – Google Cloud has global data centers that give you a choice to host your blog near to your targeted users.

Many websites are mistaken to be blogging websites like Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Pinterest is an image-sharing and social media website that is designed to enable the discovery of information. YouTube is a vlogging platform, it is not a blogging platform. Both are different terms. On YouTube, you can post videos or see videos. It is completely different from what happens in blogging. Instagram is a microblogging platform because of its word limit in the captions while on actual blog platforms there is no limit to words. Twitter similarly is a microblogging platform, even though you can post your “blogs” on it but you can still not call it a proper site for blogging. Reddit is a community-determined aggregator of content, it is social media platform where you can make communities and share your thoughts and opinions. 

Blogging is easy and it becomes much easier if you know where to present your content and what will be the returns.

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