List Of Free Keyword Research Tools

Top free keyword research tools

Without the proper keyword research tools, finding the right words to incorporate into your blog or any other online content is difficult. After all, if the page does not rank high in the search engine page results (SERPs), then a firm’s online content marketing strategy can nosedive before even beginning. 

SEO Keyword research tools are helpful in planning content optimization in multiple ways. They can tell how actively people search for a certain term (search volume), how much competition exists for a particular search term or any other relevant trends. 

Not just paid ones; there are a surprisingly large number of free keyword search tools one can use to gather vital information for content marketing and SEO. Here is a lowdown on the best free keyword research tools.

1. Ahrefs Keyword Generator:

Ahrefs Keyword Generator is a popular free keyword search tool by Ahrefs, which is a paid service. On entering any keyword or phrase, and it will pull out the top 100 keyword ideas from its humongous database of over 8 million keywords from more than 170 countries. It also shows search volume, recent updates, keyword difficulty and a few questions related to the searched term. This keyword research tool can also be used to identify long-tail keywords, target less competitive phrases, and isolate the search using a geographic location or search engine specific to the user’s location.

Ahrefs keyword generator allows you to export your data by downloading your list of results. Not only this, but one can also use the Ahrefs Keyword Generator to find keyword ideas for other search engines like Bing, YouTube, and Amazon by switching the search engine at the top of the webpage.

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2. Keyworddit:

Keyworddit is one of the unique keyword search tools as it pulls out keyword data from Reddit. To use it, enter a subreddit, and it will mine keywords and titles to show up to 500 keywords, along with search volumes. This is an excellent keyword search tool for someone who has little knowledge about a niche. Keyworddit may not be as efficient as an isolated tool, but it can complement existing strategies very well. Sometimes, it may reveal topics and keywords that cannot be found on other platforms, even though search results may vary because of the variety of answers.

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3. Keyword Surfer:

This is a relatively new tool that we can use as a Keyword surfer Chrome extension. Every time a search term is typed, it will automatically display the results on the right side of the page. the tool also provides an option to turn global search volumes on or off. Bulk research is not the aim of this tool; it is more for assessing queries as a user browses the web.

The data drawn-up by Keyword Surfer includes keyword ideas along with their search volume, cost per click (CPC) for each search term, the pages that rank for the entered search term and the traffic to pages ranked 1 through 10 for that search term. It is a fast and easy tool to get content ideas.

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4. AnswerThePublic:

This is the best tool to see raw search insights. All questions pertaining to a particular search term can be seen. The results show a graphic display with who, what, when, why, and where- all the questions that users may commonly ask. We can download the data as a graph or a list.

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5. Keyword Sheeter:

Keyword Sheeter pulls out autocomplete suggestions from Google by coping through real-time data on what users are typing into the search engine. It is fast and gives a long list of results- 1000 words per minute, and the data can also be exported for free. The free features do not include search volume.

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6. QuestionDB:

QuestionDB is a popular blog topic idea generator. It pulls out question-and-answer websites like Quora and Reddit to give users an idea about what browsers are actively searching for related to the entered keywordsEWe can sort the. Questions by popularity and group it together. We can download and export the Results. The free version allows unlimited searches without making an account.

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7. Soovle:

Soovle is most appropriate for e-commerce websites or marketers using multiple channels. It helps to find popular keywords across several websites, including Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, and eBay. Soovle functions as a keyword research tool and a keyword generator. It autogenerates phrases to help expand ideas simultaneously as the target terms are typed. Soovle includes unlimited searches for free.

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8. Keyword Tool Dominator:

Keyword Tool Dominator identifies search trends as they happen. It brings the autocomplete databases from Google, YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, Bing, Etsy, and eBay to display up-to-date keywords and search terms. It’s an outstanding resource for sellers and multichannel marketers who want to rank on more search engines than just Google.


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