Top digital marketing and seo trends of 2023

Top Digital Marketing and SEO trends in 2023

In a constantly evolving digital marketing industry, it is important for content creators to continue evolving and keep up with the content marketing trends. We have learned the importance of content marketing and optimization of the content. However, organizational strategies may fall flat without awareness of the latest trends in content marketing. The shift to digitization amidst the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the number of internet users to 222 million in the past year, implying that around 60% of the world’s population is currently online.

How to have an impact on this booming audience? This is where content marketing and SEO trends come into play. 

Google search is stressing a lot on accessibility, which will become part of the algorithms, such as making your page screen mobile friendly, with good contrast, font adjustability, loading speed and image descriptions. The result of this is that sites which are accessible sites will be rewarded and therefore climb up the SEO rankings faster than pages that are not accessible. There are many social media tools for marketing that also follow the social media algorithms.

There are multiple content marketing trends to choose from, but not all of them have a high impact on SEO. Below are a few trends that are certain to affect SEO positively.

1. Interactive content:

Several surveys and studies have proven that interactive content gets twice the attention as static content and can be useful for many marketing campaigns, webinars and virtual events. There are many ways of making content interactive depending upon the method of engaging- creating awareness, inviting suggestions etc. Including interactive content that will keep readers engaged for longer, like infographics, games, quizzes, polls, shareable tweets, etc.

These will help not only engage the audience for longer. But will also increase reach if people share your content widely and on different platforms, especially social media. There are so many content creation tools are available to help you. The greater the degree of interactive content, the more organically the traffic will grow on social media. And generate an overall impact. That is why content marketing strategy is very important 

2. Artificial Intelligence in content creation:

Though we need a human touch and sensitivity to create content that hits the right chords with the audience-i.e., it is engaging and inventive, artificial intelligence is gradually making its presence felt as far as the technique of identifying algorithms is concerned. An algorithm called MUM (Multitask Unified Model) has been designed to look for patterns to understand language structurally.

This enables Google to understand the intent behind user searches. AI technology will be useful to content creators as they can use automation to generate bulk copies of title tags, meta tags and alt tags. The relationship between Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing is very unique and important.

3. Link building evolution:

It is anticipated that in 2022, we will see more creativity in how people create and distribute content and interact with external websites for post sharing. The use of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter for direct reach-out and relationship building will only continue to grow. Linking is crucial to SEO and is going to remain an all-important part of content creation and marketing. 

4. Personalized content:

It is the newest wave in the world of content marketing. Personalized content creates a relationship between the brand and the customer and has lots of benefits. According to the Trends in Personalization Survey Report by Evergage in 2019, respondents saw that personalized content delivers better customer experiences. It is because readers and customers feel important when brands address them in person. Personalized content implies appropriate content for each user depending upon their past search behavior and is a trend that is going to have a big impact on SEO. Adidas is one such example wherein the personalization technique is used to send different emails to women and men, which is smart to appeal to each gender. 

5. Influencer marketing has more impact:

Influencer marketing is a modern tactic and a growing trend. According to a study by Nielsen, 83% of customers trust references made by their peers over advertising. Testimonials from people are preferred over what is marketed by a brand. ROI generated by influencer marketing is shown to be much higher than banner ads. Also there are different marketing strategies for twitter to understand the algorithm.

Aside from influencing the decision of people to make a purchase, influencers can produce more shareable content across a wide range of platforms. It is the most effective word-of-mouth formula as influencers have their own relationship of trust and prestige with customers. 

6. Video content:

YouTube users account for almost one-third of the overall internet users. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are abuzz with video content that grab more eyeballs than any other post or advertisement. Online marketers mostly use video content. It is, therefore, enough reason to believe that digital marketers’ reliance on video content will only increase, going by recent stats. 


In view of the above evolving trends, the key is to know the audience and their pain points as well as preferred methods of reaching out. We should update about current year’s digital marketing trends. Customers need to feel that brands are speaking to them. A content audit may be helpful to know what resources a firm already has and where it needs to be repurposed or realigned. 2021 has proven to be a great year for content marketers, and 2022 only looks brighter in that regard.  There are also different marketing strategy for applications.

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