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Marketing strategies for Twitter

Twitter was once just a social media platform to share personal thoughts, but now it’s more than just a thought sharing platform. It’s become a marketplace like the other social media platforms. With over 320 million monthly active users, I think it’s safe to say that you can reach your targeted audience easily.

But just like other social media platforms, just tweeting your thoughts or sharing the trending topics is not enough. You need a marketing strategy. Social marketing strategy for small businesses is very different.

Hence today I will share some and tips and tricks which will help you in building your twitter marketing strategy:

But before we hop on to twitter marketing strategy, For every platform there are some growth and marketing hacks. Do you know what twitter marketing is?

Twitter marketing is a strategy that requires you to create and invest (money, time) so that you can grow your business on a new platform. It will help you drive engagement, traffic and, of course, sales.

Twitter is a platform which is often used for politics, blue collar industry, media industry and B2B companies. And the B2B and B2C marketing campaigns are very much different from each other.

So now let’s dive straight to the major stuff… 

Twitter Marketing Strategies:

Survey your account:

By surveying your account, I mean to say that you need to have a proper knowledge of your account.

So if you already have a business account on twitter and are looking for possible ways to enhance your performance on twitter then you should understand your account.

Look for these factors:

  • What’s working for you and what is not working for you (basically are your tweets retweeted, or are they driving in sales, engagement, etc.)
  • Twitter analytics
  • Analyze the hashtag performance
  • Analyze the tweets
  • What content is more liked?

Gathering all this information will help you reach the maximum engagement and audience. Since you know what is to be tweeter, to help you expand your reach. Post the content which the audience is looking for and not what you think would be perfect. This how you can lure traffic to your website.

Know your voice:

It’s easy to keep up with trends, but it’s important that you stick to your niche or your voice, basically what you represent. It’s convenient to go with the trends but amid it brands often forget their own voice. Yes, definitely when you follow trends, your brand will rise on the twitter analysis, but the key factor is your brand voice, what you represent and sell.

Though twitter is not exactly a professional platform like LinkedIn, it’s important that you keep it professional and playful simultaneously.

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Hashtags and trends:

Hashtags on twitter work the same as they do for any other social media platform. Using the right hashtags gets you almost double the engagement on the tweets than you get for the ones without hashtags.

Hashtags are the perfect way to reach an audience which is interested in the same topics that you post but isn’t acquainted with your brand. If you are famous, then you may as well have your own hashtags.

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Twitter ads to rescue:

If you want to hurry things up, then twitter ads are the best solution for you.

Twitter ads can help you reach a much broader audience, without having to wait for organic traffic. Though yes, these ads are paid, they are one of the best ways to reach a broad and interested audience.

Even if people don’t follow you or the hashtags, then also, they’ll be able to view your profile and ads. You can even promote tweets, the tweets show up in the timelines of people who share the same interests. People interact the same way as they do with the original content. These tweets can last long, since you can pay and promote them for as long as you want to.

The only problem with promoted tweets is that they are marked, so the users get to know that the tweet is paid promoted.

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One of the major advantages of digital marketing is the insights. So it’s important that you use these insights to your benefit.

Insights can bring in a lot of knowledge about the audience and even your account. So make sure you check insights regularly.

One benefit of insights is that it allows you to check when the right time to post is. Knowing the right time to post can help you reach the maximum audience. Knowing when your followers are the most active is the most important.

Even though tweets are for forever unless deleted, twitter and even other social media platforms move so fast, that a 30 minute ago post won’t show up on everyone’s’ timeline or feed since there is so much posting already. Your tweet might vanish and not reach most of your audience if you don’t post at the right time.

Build a calendar:

A calendar helps you to manage your events, right? Similarly, on digital platforms,, calendar will help you schedule your tweets beforehand itself. You can plan your tweets according to the festivals, or even manage them according to your upcoming events, etc.

It’s very difficult to think of tweets or ideas at the moment, so it’s better to think and create tweets beforehand.


So these were a couple of twitter marketing strategies you should use for your business. The digital world is a fast-paced world, so it’s important to keep up with trends, and what’s going on in the market. Thus, keep your brand updated, and reach heights that you always desired. I hope this article will help you continue towards the path of twitter marketing and exploring your brand.

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