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How to get over 1 Million YouTube subscribers

How to get over 1 Million YouTube subscribers? – YouTube is one of the top social media platforms but hitting a million is not something every YouTuber achieves. So, how does one make it happen? We can help you find the solution to this! It is a very big platform and earning 1 million subscribers is every YouTuber’s dream, but your goal should be to stand out from them and make it happen no matter the odds. Being one of the biggest platforms it has its boons and curses. It can help you earn love at the same time bring you hatred. It’s your content that will make all the difference. Be unique! That is the best solution. Here we brings ultimate youtube guide for How to grow your youtube channel faster?

Although reaching a million is quite a long journey, hence it is important to break it down into smaller and more realistic ones for having a clear view. Increasing subscriber is surprisingly formulaic. All you need to remember is “collect your audience, provide them with quality content, and convince them to return” and you half-nailed it. But very firstly, it is important to break the big figure of 1 million into mini-goals. First 100 subscribers, then 1,000, then 10,000, and similarly reaching 1,000,000. It is indeed a very long journey but a very worthy one.

Here are some of the best ways to hit a million with the least effort:

  1. Stick to the theme of your content: – If you keep on changing the content you make or its base theme, then many people tend to leave and never return. Be certain, and make it a good and irresistible one.
  2. Nail the combo “thumbnail + title”: – It is very obvious that to attract more subscribers you will have to create an impressive thumbnail and catchy title. Both of these are the lifeblood of your channel, and together, they fascinate even before viewing the actual content.
  3. Add a subscribe button to your video: – It makes it more likely and convenient for the viewer to subscribe to your channel in this way after they are done watching the video.
  4. The quality of your content also matters! : – Many misinterpret that quality is all that matters. It is indeed true to a large extent but quantity still plays its role. If you are posting 1 video in 2-months then you might lag and can take more than a few years for you to earn a million subscribers.
  5. Promote your videos through end screens: – A successful YouTuber always knows the importance of using the end screen for their video promotions. You can mention the 1-2 videos at the end so that the viewers end up binge-watching your channel and liking it.
  6. Engage your audience to retain viewers: – There are 3 crucial parts in a video for retaining viewers i.e., the intro, the chapters, and the outro. The video length does not matter much i.e., your priority should be average view duration and then you should accordingly set the duration of the video.
  7. Capitalize on trendy topics: – Follow and make content on the trendy topics in your niche, to find your potential subscribers. If the keyword volume is high in your video then you are most likely to get more views on your video. Especially the keywords that are not too competitive.
  8. Don’t be afraid to try out new things: – It is very much okay and common if you start losing subscribers and viewers after hitting the first 10,000 subscribers. Just know that the journey is long and at such times just try to go for new ideas and themes to stay consistent.
  9. Be consistent: – Staying consistent is very much important. You should be regular with your content to assure your viewers that you are working hard. This will draw more audience as well and it is the best way to assure that the viewers will return to your channel.
  10. Build your team: – Being realistic it becomes tough for anyone to work alone on this long journey, so you can just hire people to help you out in making thumbnails, or for doing research work or anything. Working in a team always helps in many ways.

The last tip, do a live stream to celebrate your win, it helps you improve your interaction and gain viewer loyalty, reply to their comments, and do QnA sessions. These small things lead you to your big achievement. Running a youtube channel is a big deal but if you enjoy what you make and go for the positive sides of the whole scene then it becomes very convenient and a possible task. Summing up, make sure that your content is on-par, your viewers like watching your video, you have a good presentation game, and stay consistent. All this will take you to go beyond limits and grow in all directions. Just remember that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and keep moving until you reach the milestone.

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