WhatsApp for your Business

WhatsApp for your Business

Marketing isn’t simply restricted to the normal designs or maybe the web community. Promoting is in everything. Today, marketers are more focused on messenger apps for marketing and reaching out to the audience. When we talk of marketing on social media platforms, we often end up thinking about Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. But what we are forgetting here is WhatsApp. WhatsApp has 25.6 million users (approx). How WhatsApp can promote your business successfully.

In this article, I’ll discuss how WhatsApp will profit your business, in conjunction with some tools you can use to develop a promotional strategy for WhatsApp. However, before we tend to get into the great stuff, let’s go down memory lane and have a look at some facts regarding WhatsApp.

Two yahoo workers created WhatsApp in 2009. Facebook gained WhatsApp in the month of February 2014 and WhatsApp’s quality has simply increased since then. It’s available in 109 countries with fifty-three languages. WhatsApp has gained itself an area within the market. You can send texts, voice messages, GIFs, images, videos and much more. Besides this, you can make voice calls with video calls with people and groups too.

Including WhatsApp in your promoting strategy should be a must. WhatsApp has about 1.5 billion active users monthly. It will assist you reach your targeted audience with a lot of ease. Besides, you’ll have end-to-end chat along with your customers. The best part about WhatsApp is it doesn’t cost anything! Yes, it’s absolutely free.

 WhatsApp allows you to create several groups with 260 members at max. You can share all the media you want to on the app. Like links, catalogs, brochures, voice media or images and much more also it’s easy to share business proposals or news and even promotional activities.

 According to Neilsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey, over 67% of the mobile users prefer to chat to communicate in business and prefer shopping with a company whom they can message directly.

How will WhatsApp facilitate your business?

It’s real-time service

Real-time service here suggests that calls, chats, media sharing and trailing locations. WhatsApp provides all this. It permits you to engage with the shoppers through calls, chats and media. It’s a lot of easier for you to answer their queries in no time. This will increase complete trust and name.

multiple screens

A feature known as WhatsApp web is extremely common since it permits you to access your WhatsApp account through a desktop, or portable computer or, ought to I say, parallel space. WhatsApp via an improved screen helps you perceive better.

 Groups bring benefits

You have many people to connect to at a time. You can’t sit around and send individual messages. Instead, you can send the same text to 260 people at the same time through Whatsapp. You’ll simply share info with an oversized crowd and even get their opinions regarding it. Trust me, customer opinions are extremely important. So use groups to its maximum.

Broadcast lists

 I know lists give individuals nightmares, however trust me, you don’t need to create lists this time. Anyone who has saved your mobile number will see the message that you upload on the broadcast list. in case a user replies, then the conversation is carried out in one-to-one form and would not be displayed publicly. Making specific lists then blasting them as unidirectional communication is beneficial in increasing engagement.

Now let’s talk about a couple of tools which may assist you in navigating your means through WhatsApp:


Wappblaster is taken into account as the best tool for WhatsApp’s promoting. It permits you to send bulk messages. You can send ‘N’ number of messages to your customers and even your potential patrons.

Key options

• anti interference algorithmic program for hassle-free bulk electronic messaging

• Multi-language

• Automatic group posting

• Schedule texts, send text, images, and videos with captions

• simply generate reports of messages that you just have sent.

Costing: 500 rupees per year.


It’s a tool that permits sending bulk messages to several users. Whappext comes with worldwide support and helps you to connect worldwide.

Key options

  •  Straight forward and easy-to-use interface
  •  bonded information security for business and client information
  •  segregates the two categories of whatsapp numbers- regular and business numbers 
  •  elaborated reports and statistics for higher decision-making
  •  machine-controlled responses through bots
  •  Easy to setup and instant messaging
  •  Share video links to get thousands of clicks or views
  •  Support Multi-language functionality
  •  One Time payment

It comes in different price packages ($125 to $399).

So thus these were the two tools one can use for WhatsApp marketing. There are so many more tools that you can explore, but we recommend these tools for better performance on WhatsApp.   

Try WhatsApp marketing and boost your sales and engagement. WhatsApp can be the best app for promoting as well as knowing your customers. After all, creativity and interactivity play a major role in promoting.

If you need some help with digital marketing or WhatsApp marketing, contact Digileap marketing services for free consultation on marketing strategies.   

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