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Best automation tools for digital marketing

Digital marketing is growing every day. Many companies in 2021 have already drifted towards digital platforms for marketing and promotion. The digital market is handled by many automation tools. The marketing automation industry will skyrocket in the coming years and it’s important that you use the automation tools so that you can survive in the race of digital presence.

There are many tools that marketers prefer for digital marketing. Today I’m going to share 5 tools with you, which will help you in the digital marketing world.

Here are the top picks or marketing automation,


Marketo is one of the most popular and used marketing automation tool and both medium-sized and large companies are using them .

Key features:

  • It offers a web-based email marketing platform.
  • You can manage email marketing, landing pages, nurturing, web analytics, social media, etc.
  • Marketo helps you to engage with customers through personalized messages.
  • It even provides 24/7 customer service.

It costs about $895/month.

Active campaign

Activecampaign is mostly known for its email marketing service, automated replies. It provides services for those companies which have more interaction with their customers.

Active campaigns able to track the customer’s activity on your website and then provides real time analysis. That is why, the valuable customers are automatically categorized for further communication.

Key features:

  • Automatically fetch contact information from your customers who visit your website or ecommerce site.
  • It sends new emails to the email list every month.
  • Detailed analysis of the customer behavior.
  • 24/7 online support

It costs about $9 for 500 contacts, and various other plans are available. It even has a free 14 day trial period.


HubSpot is a software company for inbound marketing and it is specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies.

It provides services for landing page, web analytics, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing and managing.

Key features:

  • Editing content and design is much easier.
  • The format of publishing content is easy.
  • HubSpot has integration features for SugarCRM, Netsuite, Salesforce, etc.
  • You can easily create email templates.
  • It automates subject lines in emails, and even content for each recipient.
  • It even optimizes content based on the keywords.
  • 24/7 online service.

It is available for a free trial and it costs about $200/month.


Eloqua is an oracle marketing cloud platform for managing sales and marketing leads. It handles various platforms like emails, mobile messages, videos, and web display search. It has plenty of third-party integration services.

Its plans start with $2000/month for 10k contacts.


Getresponse is email marketing software. It is an autoresponder and even manages landing pages.  

Finally, It creates events such as Clicked, Purchased, and Cart Abandoned using customer behavior.

Key features:

  • Get response sends email in 21 languages.
  • It automates the customer’s journey through customer history and behavior.
  • Drag and drop email editor.
  • Henceforth, you use some other tool and wish to shift from that to Get response, then you can easily make the shift. It will automatically copy all the data from the other site.

Its lowest plan costs $25/month for 2500 contacts.


Clearly these are the 5 top picks for marketing automation tools that you must use. These tools will help you achieve your marketing goals and even skyrocket your sales. In conclusion many marketers these days are using these automation too and recommending also.

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