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Best chrome extensions for marketers

As a marketer, you already know that the market industry is developing fast. With the onset of the digital paradise, the marketing trends have changed. Many individuals are drifting towards the digital sectors for marketing their brand.

It’s overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Staying up to date and even managing the online reputation long with online handles can be challenging. Hence, you need some tools which can help you ease your workload.

Today I will share some helpful tools which will help you in managing your marketing dynamic.

These tools can be used directly from your beloved browser- chrome.


this is by far the most popular extension. Grammarly is your one stop for all your writing needs. Whether you want to write blogs, captions, or any text, Grammarly can help you with all. This extension makes sure that all your written part is free grammatically, are impactful and can convey the message with minimum words.

If you are a marketer, then writing is one of your daily jobs, so to avoid those embarrassing grammatical mistakes, it’s better to use Grammarly to correct them before publishing.

With a rating of 4.6, Grammarly has become really handy for checking grammatical mistakes.


if you are into digital marketing, then the best way to know your competition is going through your competition’s online handles. It is important to know how their content is performing online so that they know whether to post similar content or not. Well Buzzsumo lets you know that, this extension allows you to go through the number of page views, social media shares, backlinks and similar information, so that you can easily develop new strategies.

Knowing where you stand in the market is extremely important. It is publically rated 4.3 and is used by 22k users worldwide.


now lets say you want to connect to a potential customer but you couldn’t catch their email or contact. How will you connect with them?

Easy!! Use hunter and find their phone number, email address, social network etc. all the data that is available publically, is all stored in one place so that you don’t have to roam around different platforms to know phone numbers or guess email addresses.

With a public rating of 4.7, hunter is proven to be the most useful extension for searching contacts.


Similar to Hunter, HubSpot lets you track information about your potential clients and contact them through the information which is publically available. The extension connects your email to CRM. Users can email, receive browser alerts when a message or email is opened, clicked or even delivered. It automatically logs all of this into CRM.

The only drawback of HubSpot is that it requires you to take a subscription to the sales hub on top of the marketing hub.

Its public ranking is 4.5 with 691k users.

Similar Sites:

the world of web is filled with duplicate or similar products. When you search for a single product, you get hundreds more products similar to your searched product. Similar sites show you all the similar websites which are alike. If you are looking for who your competition is or those who are using the same keywords as you, then this extension is it for you.

Well, you can even look for websites that are like you for collaborations. You can even use this tool to find potential keywords.

With a public ranking, if 4.1 and 76k uses it is an extremely important and useful extension.

SEO pro extension:

Seo pro extension analyzes your content on the website and provides an overview of SEO data. It can even tell you how you can improve your SERP (search engine results page) rankings.

Seo pro extension will also help you locate the places where SEO work is lacking. It can even help you to improve it and help you to analyze your competitors’ websites. So that you can easily pick up tips and make changes, etc.

One click extensions manager:

here I mentioned a couple of extensions but there are a lot more extensions available, and you may get confused. Organizing your extensions is one way to work efficiently with extensions. Thus, to organize and understand your extensions better, we have a one click extensions manager. This helps you to tidy up all your extensions in one folder to avoid browser clogging. With this extension, you’ll be able to find, enable, disable, or remove the extensions you want without the clutter.

It is publically ranked 4.5 with 18k users.


So these were a couple of extensions which will help you in reducing your digital work. Some of these extensions are completely free, while some of them require you to get a subscription, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Using these tools will definitely make your work life easier and do I need to say, get you better digital marketing results. That goes without saying… right?

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