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Tips to organically increase your followers on LinkedIn

Everything today is about followers. Increasing followers is the new trend. But before everything you just need to create a linked in account. LinkedIn is the platform for professionals. If you wish to grow your professional front, then it’s vital that you have a LinkedIn profile. Growing your LinkedIn profile is important since it helps you to have a professional outlook.

Increasing followers on LinkedIn can increase your organic reach. Increasing the number of followers is a critical step since the followers could soon turn into leads. People follow you since they already have a similar interest as you or are interested in your brand. For example digital marketing strategies for beauty brands will be different that fashion brands. You need to take care of these. So the followers are the potential customers and can bring in sales in the future.

Here is a list of ways you can increase your followers on LinkedIn and build a professional front.

Complete your profile:

Before diving into other important tips, it’s vital that your profile on LinkedIn is complete. Not even a single thing is missed. Keeping your profile updated and complete attracts people, it’s distinctly appealing. LinkedIn itself says that pages with a complete profile are 30% more viewed than the pages which aren’t complete.

If the content on your page applies to people, then they are more likely to click follow. You should plan content ideas for Linked in Page in advance and in a proper way too.

After your profile is complete, then these are a few tips to organically increase your followers on LinkedIn.

Engage with your staff:

 If you have a staff then encourage them to follow you and to spread the word among their groups. This will be like a chain recommending people on your page. Some people may not like your page, may not be interested in your products and services, but at least a few of them might actually follow.

Ask your employees to tag your page while posting updates. Use your networks to build a LinkedIn network.

Also, make sure your staff has mapped to your page. Whenever anyone would connect with your employee, they’ll be suggested to follow your page too. There are some content marketing tools to help you in this.

Add the page link to your email signature:

While sending emails, you can attach the link to your LinkedIn page to your email signature. You can even add a statement encouraging people to check out your page and even follow if they like your content. If you are interacting with someone through emails, they might check and follow you on LinkedIn.

But remember, the statement should be convincing.

Add the link to your personal profile:

Your personal LinkedIn profile is another way to gain followers. When people develop a connection with you, then people will be suggested to follow your brand as well. If not suggested, then by just adding the LinkedIn link then they can simply check that out too.

Just like mentioned in “engage with your staff.”

Post consistently:

Keep a steady flow of posts on your LinkedIn profile. It will increase your visibility on your followers’ feed and thus remind them to engage with your posts. Pages that post regularly have 2x more engagement, which leads to more organic traffic, which leads to more followers. In this way from Linked in you can lure more traffic to your website also.

Use hashtags:

Using relevant hashtags is a great way to reach people associated with hashtags. You could add around 5 to 7 hashtags, which will increase your visibility since when people search the same hashtags that you have used, your posts will pop up and thus possibly increase your following.

Respond to every comment and query:

Replying to every comment and query will increase your visibility and even make you available to your audience. People follow those pages which consistently post and engage with their audience.

Share job availability:

LinkedIn is a famous job-hunting platform. Thus, updating the audience about the job offerings is the perfect way to keep job hunters under the followers’ list. People would wait for the perfect job for them, this ends up following you.

It’s a wrap

A great LinkedIn page can bring in a lot of advantages. Thus, make sure your page is not just good but brilliant. So that people would themselves want to follow instead of just force following. Don’t invest in fake followers or bot followers. I know the world is all about followers but genuine followers. Genuine followers engage and bot or bought followers don’t.

I hope you will find this article very helpful to organically increase your followers on LinkedIn. We would be delighted if you share your valuable insights. Do you know you can use Linked in Sales Navigator as a secret tool for your success. Read the article and share your insight on this.

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