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Why do startups need a website?

If you have read any of my earlier blogs, you must have noticed that I always say that a website is a must. Well, today let’s discuss why it’s a must?

Every startup is a unique idea. When someone tells you about a startup, what’s your go to question? If I am not wrong, your question would be to see their official website so that you can get to know them. In this digitally dominating world, it’s necessary that you have your own website.

We live in a computerized world; most of the searches today are online. Out of 2.42 billion users of the internet per day, 2.18 billion users have searched for something to buy online or to find something online.

So now I hope I have convinced you to go through the entire article to understand the importance of a website.

And I’m sure by the end of the article you will run to get yourself a website.

Let’s see why a website is important for your startup;

The entrance to your world:

 Website is the window or the door to your world. By ‘to your world’ I mean your services and products. It’s a place where your ideas come into action.

When a customer gets to know about your startup or brand, the first and the foremost thing people check is your website. Your website reflects you and your ideas. If a website is attractive, easy to understand and navigate, then people would explore more. But if your landing page offends someone, then no one would want to explore or do business with you.

Your website should be creative yet simple, it should be impactful yet concise. Say a lot of things with minimum words.

Increase your brand awareness:

When things were offline, the footfall in the store was the most important. But now since everything is online, organic traffic is the new footfall. Your website is your online store. Instead of people walking into your store, people browse through your website to get to know your products and services.

Your website encourages people to go through your store and thus increasing organic traffic on your website. When you get organic traffic on your website, this increases brand awareness. 

Brand awareness is the most important since until and unless people know your brand, they won’t buy your products or services. Thus, the website increases your brand awareness.

Website builds relationships

A website can help you build a relationship with your customers. Since your website showcases a clear call to action thus it becomes easier for customers to reach out to you. People can easily message and email you, thus building relationships with you. When you reply, people begin to trust you and your brand and thus would bring business into the future. Updating your website for contests or giveaways and even sending emails regarding the same can help you build relationships with your customers.

Increases credibility

If you own a startup or are thinking of starting one, then it’s obvious that you have to build trust with your customers. Building trust with your customers is vital in any business. A website can help you build that trust factor with your customers.

Your credibility increases when trust increases. You are only considered legit when people trust your brand. So make sure that you have enough reviews and ratings so that people will understand the user experience and it would help the customer decide.  


You need customers to bring in sales, and the only way the customers will be able to view your products and services online is through a website. Thus, a website is vital. With the pointers mentioned, I am sure you are convinced that you need a website. So don’t wait and turn your idea into a brand.

After developing a website and social platforms for your startup, the next step is digital marketing. Digileap marketing services is your one stop for all your digital marketing needs. So make sure you call and book a free consultation for your soon to be brand.

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