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Best Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the market leader that doesn’t mean that it’s always the best option. The high learning curve of the UI, poor data (due to privacy issues), and data sampling might all make you feel overworked.

You are aware of how crucial it is to be able to gauge and monitor the activities your potential customers take on your website. After all, it gives you insight into how well your marketing efforts work. Finding this information, however, could be difficult due to clunky analytics tools.

Is Google Analytics the best there is?

Despite being widely used, Google Analytics has a few drawbacks. To begin with, it’s not beginner-friendly (intuitive, if you will).

Many terminologies and filter names used by Google Analytics may confuse the typical user. Google has a ton of classes available to teach you how to utilize it. But not everyone has the time or the expertise to spend weeks getting familiar with the platform.

Additionally, Google Analytics 4 (the latest version of GA) is completely different, so you might have to spend months learning how to utilize it before it is updated again in a few years.

The top viable alternatives to Google Analytics:


We created Leadfeeder, a platform for tracking website visits and online analytics so that marketing and sales teams could identify the precise organizations that were visiting their websites, even if the site visitors never submitted a contact form or sent an email.

Our SaaS solution, at a high level, detects the organizations that visit your website and then locate contact information from specific visitors at that particular company.

You can even sync leads to your CRM and see precisely which web pages they’re visiting, enabling you to contact them or use web customization to make a sales pitch that is laser-focused on them.

You may start using Leadfeeder Tracker right now by installing it and connecting it to your Google Analytics account.

Even better, you can import Leadfeeder data now to your dashboards if you enjoy using Google Data Studio.

Pricing: There is a free plan available, while premium options begin at $79 per month (Start with a 14-day free trial)

G2Crowd rating: 4.3 stars/5 stars.


Simple site analytics and metrics on web page views, sessions, visitors, and new visitors are available from Statcounter.

For as many as 500 page views, this entry-level dashboard is free. Advanced premium services from Statcounter include data for, bounce rate, conversion rate, and paid traffic.

Pricing: Free plans are offered based on page views, and premium options begin at $9 per month.

4.3 stars/5 stars.


An alternative to flash-based real-time analytics is Clicky. The program has a surprising number of extra capabilities, such as heat mapping and uptime monitoring, in addition to providing all the fundamental metrics, such as site referrers and visits.

Pricing: There is a free plan available, and monthly payments begin at $9.99.

4.4 stars/ 5 stars.


It was created to make it simple for those with less computer experience to get comprehensive analytics for their websites, mobile applications, and Cloud services.

All user interactions are immediately tracked, and setup is quick. When you wish to research the effects of a modification on your website or app, it also provides retroactive statistics.

Pricing: Free plan available. Get in touch for paid plan costs.

4.3 stars/5 stars.


With a combination of A/B testing, event-tracking, and user behavior analytics, marketing and sales teams of product-based enterprises (including virtual products) utilize Mixpanel to optimize their sales funnel.

Their interactive reporting tool makes it simple to gather information on product usage metrics and quickly create stunning reports.

Pricing: A free plan is offered, while monthly growth options begin at $25.

4.5 stars/ 5 stars.


FoxMetrics is an analytics tool for digital marketing and personalization. It focuses on segmentation and data visualization. Instead of merely acquiring additional data, it makes it simpler to acquire, improve, and present information for greater use.

Reports include information on sessions, users, page views, custom events, and more.

Cost: Free for the first 100K actions a month.

Paid packages begin at $399 per month.

4.3 stars /5 stars.


GoSquared does real-time tracking of website visits and campaign data points. It can display visitors’ traffic sources as well as the pages they are now browsing.

This makes it easier to segment your audience and engage with them throughout the whole purchasing process.

With live chat, team inboxes, and integrated CRM, the platform also facilitates most of the sales process.

Plans begin at £9 per month.

A score of 4.6 stars/5 stars.


Website statistics are provided by Woopra based on touchpoints like live chat interactions or user behavior after receiving welcome emails. Tracking and integrating data across several platforms and assets is made easier as a consequence.

The device keeps track of users as they navigate

using data-driven analytics and tracks the consumer journey.

Pricing: Startup Plans begin at $349 per month, with a free plan available for up to 500K activities.

4.4 stars/ 5 stars.


Smartlook is a user activity tracking system that records visits to websites, mobile applications, and games.

The Smartlook toolset contains the advanced (but simple-to-use) components of both quantitative and qualitative analytics. The technology allows for a great number of visitors since you can filter records to zero in on particular occurrences.

It is now a workable option even for large business firms, thanks to the addition of a multi-user workspace and REST API.

Pricing: A free plan is offered. Starting price of $39 per month

4.6 stars/ 5 stars.

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

A Google Analytics substitute that respects privacy is Piwik PRO Analytics Suite (PPAS).

It is perfect for industries like government, healthcare, or finance that deal with sensitive client data. Check out if your company is looking for analytics software that complies with data protection regulations.

The whole customer experience may be examined with PPAS spanning desktop, mobile, applications, and intranet, including post-sign-in locations. Only a small number of platforms offer monitoring of guarded areas and those that do, adhere to the highest security guidelines.

To utilize PPAS, you don’t need to be an expert. When issues emerge, they provide product training and consultation.

Pricing: The core account is free; get in touch for enterprise rates

4.6 stars/ 5 stars on G2.


Many of the capabilities that other SEO tools have are also available in SEMrush. On the brand monitoring front, it does more than merely keep track of backlinks.

Additionally, it offers built-in advertising research to assist you in comprehending the advertising plans and budgets of your rivals.

Although expensive, it provides a wealth of information.

Plans begin at $119.95 per month.

4.6 stars/ 5 stars.


These Google Analytics alternatives give a wide range of data beyond what Google Analytics provides out of the box, whether you’re attempting to construct a low-cost marketing automation stack or wanting to gather tailored information about who is visiting your website.

Even better several of the products allow you to test them out before purchasing the whole platform, thanks to their free trials.

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