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Google Optimize Discontinued: What Businesses Need to Know

The availability of Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will end on September 30th, according to Google. Users are urged to download their data now before it disappears. Up until that time, all experiments will still be running.

Google introduced Optimize more than five years ago to assist companies with user experience research and testing.

To improve their websites, landing pages, and other online properties, several businesses have made extensive use of the tool.

Although Google Optimize and Optimize 360’s demise may disappoint, the company is dedicated to offering a new solution in GA4.

Google Optimize will be remembered as a brief-lived yet cherished marketing tool. Businesses’ depending on it for their experimental requirements will need to find an alternative option.

The Evolution of Google Optimization

This anecdote from Krista Seiden, a former employee who has been a part of the team from its inception, may be of interest to frequent users of Google Optimize.

Seiden recounts her time working on the Google Optimize team and explains how it was created in a 20-part Twitter thread.

According to her, the inspiration for Google Optimize originated from the fact that content trials in Google Analytics were unable to grow, meeting the demands of her team.

At that point, they decided to create Google Optimize, their own server-side A/B testing tool.

Seiden remained a member of Google’s Optimize core team till her departure in early 2019.

She created dozens of instructional videos for Google Optimize’s features while she was on the team. 

Seiden’s tale, which is well worth reading in-depth, demonstrates that Google Optimize was not just a useful product but also had an enthusiastic crew behind it.

On September 30th Google Optimize will cease offering its services, creating a sizable gap in the market for reasonably priced and user-friendly A/B testing solutions.

Google intends to enhance GA4’s A/B testing features, said Seiden. The functionalities could not, however, be accessible by September 30th.

She concludes by mentioning that Google is working on connecting with other A/B testing partners, so companies who use a third-party tool might be able to move their testing data to GA4.

Why we should care 

The demise of Google Optimize may impact marketers’ capacity to do A/B tests and improve the user experience of their website or app.

Although Google Analytics 4 is becoming more popular, marketers haven’t fully embraced it yet. But since Google is dedicated to shifting A/B testing there, this sunset announcement is another reason marketers need to become comfortable with the tools and functionality offered in GA4.

The Reason for Google’s Decision

Google claims that by investing in products with more sophisticated A/B testing capabilities, they would be able to serve their consumers better in the future. According to the statement, the focus is on offering efficient tools for user experience optimization using Google Analytics 4 and other integrations. Despite being a well-established product, they said that Optimize did not satisfy the changing requirements and wants of their clients.

Marketers are not pleased

Many marketers tweeted about the news to share their reactions. We introduced Google Optimize more than five years ago to make it simple for companies of all sizes to test and enhance their user experiences. 

We are investing in A/B testing for Google Analytics 4 as part of our ongoing commitment to assisting companies of all sizes in enhancing their user experiences.

Why is Optimize discontinued?

We are investing in A/B testing for Google Analytics 4 as part of our ongoing commitment to assisting companies of all sizes in enhancing their user experiences. With Google Analytics 4 on the horizon, Google is committed to offering its clients the best integrations and solutions possible.

Even though it has been around for a while, Optimize lacks many of the capabilities and services Google’s clients want for experimental testing. As a result, we have decided to spend money on products that will benefit our clients more.

Is data Still Accessible?

Before September 30, 2023, we strongly advise all customers to retrieve their historical data via the Optimize user interface.

See Export your Optimize report data to get historical data collected before the sunset date. Make use of the Google Analytics Data API to retrieve your past raw data. After the sunset data, you won’t be able to access your experience inference findings or your previous Google Analytics 4 raw data.

Will the Contract be extended for Another Year?

You will be eligible to renew your Optimize 360 contracts with service dates expiring on or before September 30, 2023, if you extend or renew your Google contracts with 360 (Universal Analytics) during the first part of 2023.

Those who have signed contracts for Google Analytics 4 will not be able to sign contracts for Optimize 360. But they will still be able to use Optimize until the integration’s expiry date of September 30, 2023, in Google Analytics 4.

In addition, it will provide free access to Optimize 360 until the September 30, 2023 sunset date for anybody who has signed a Google Analytics 4 contract but intends to continue using Google Analytics 360 (Universal Analytics) when they switch over to Google Analytics 4. To achieve this, you must continue linking your Optimize containers to GA360 properties.

What happens: purchase Optimize 360 with a termination date later than the sunset date?

The sunset date will be changed for any existing Optimize 360 orders that have an end date later than the Optimize sunset date.

Firebase A/B Testing fare

By making it simple to conduct, evaluate, and scale product and marketing tests, Firebase A/B Testing aids in the optimization of your app experiences. The Google Optimize infrastructure is used by Firebase to compute inferences, and although we realize this, Google is dedicated to supporting and improving Firebase A/B Testing going forward. The Google Optimize sunset will not have an impact on Firebase A/B Testing.

Final Thought 

Make sure to collect any information from previous campaigns. Till September 30th, you may still launch ads, but if you rely on testing and personalization (as any smart marketer should), you might need a backup.

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