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Why is the Google search console the silver bullet for organic traffic?

Google Search Console is an open and free software that allows users to monitor their website traffic, analyze keyword performance, troubleshoot problems, and receive Google notifications about their website. It provides information on how a site is doing well in organic search, as well as recommendations on how to improve the site’s ranking in the Google index.

Back when it was still called “webmaster tools,” Google released Search Console about 15 years ago. Since then, the name has changed, as has the function, but not the purpose.

Google Search Console does not allow you to make direct changes to your site, but it can be used to submit pages to Google’s index. Moreover, if you are looking for issues with your domain ownership, then should ensure that your website’s URLs are working properly.

In particular, Search Console is a useful tool for revising SEO strategy. Data provided by Search Console can help businesses find new ranking opportunities, improve existing performance, and learn how people visit their sites. It is therefore an essential tool for any organization that relies on their website to provide a pleasant user experience or generate leads through organic traffic.

What is Google Search Console Used For?

Search Console is a complex platform that offers many tools for different purposes, most of which you may not know unless you know each one individually. So, what is the advantage of Google Search Console now that the company has an analysis tool? What makes Google Search Console different from what Analytics is currently showing you?

The thing is, Google Search Console and Google Analytics share some features that both allow you to track traffic to your website and segment it by URL and mobile vs. desktop. But that’s where the similarities end.

Using Google Search Console for Traffic

  1. For many online companies, performance reports are Search Console’s most important resource. This foundational component, as the name suggests, provides marketers and organizations with useful insights into their organic performance and can help them measure KPIs critical to success the business growth. Moreover, its performance report provides statistics on organic traffic to company websites as well as analytics for each URL. It displays data on clicks, impressions, CTR, and average keyword rank.
  2. An authoritative SEO plan can help a business identify high-CTR keywords and determine what types of searchers are most likely to click on the SERPs to their website. High-value keywords with high impressions but low CTR can suggest a company SERP visibility problem.
  3. Furthermore, you should pay attention to meta-title and meta-description. Low keyword impressions or clicks could suggest that your site isn’t showing up in these searches, or that online visitors aren’t finding it.

What is the function of Search Console in your organization? Take the time or assemble a team to integrate Search Console into your domain. Because correctly interpreting this data and applying it to the long-term growth of a website can be a daunting process, many businesses outsource their SEO to an agency.

A digital marketing agency will evaluate the importance of Search Console in SEO for your organization and design a strategy based on your most important KPIs. Professional SEOs are the best as they do keyword research and find terms with high traffic potential using the search console.


As mentioned above in the article, the uses and the significance of the Search Console for increasing the organic traffic and SEO rankings, you might have got why it is called a silver bullet for organic traffic. DIGILEAP MARKETING SERVICES.

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