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Growth and marketing hacks for small businesses

In this era of internet, be it small business or a multinational business, all are on digital platforms. Before people did not support thrift shopping and only wanted top-notch brand clothes and products. But the thinking of people has grown from the past decades. Now everyone wants to shop from small businesses and help them profit and flourish instead of going for top end brands. That’s how small businesses are getting popular and many people are brainstorming their ideas into reality.

If you are reading this, then you probably own a small business and can’t market and grow the way you imagined. But since you are here to know the hacks to grow your small business, then let’s cut to the chase and dive right into it.

Let’s discuss some growth hacks for your small business to survive:

Reduce your human resources

In this tech world, it’s essential that you automate your work and not depend on the human resources. People can take off, but technology never. If you wish to get high productivity, then switching to softwares is the right thing to do.

Access your needs and then get yourself softwares which reduces your human resource. You don’t have to pay a fixed salary (considering it’s a small business you must be tight on the budget), instead pay the minimum and get the job done perfectly well.

You can consider using automation tools for these needs:

Customer relation management (CRM)

Replying to custom queries is as important as breathing. Okay, maybe I’m stretching, but seriously, it’s very important. In this digital era, everyone wants to get immediate answers. No one likes to wait for hours.

That is why the tech world introduced Chatbots, which reply and engage with customers. They have pre-filled messages which can be sent to the clients and visitors.

One person or your staff can’t 24/7 can be online to reply to clients and customers. So thus Chatbots come in really handy.

Learn more: read my article on Chatbots to understand more about the same.

There are many other softwares for CRM that you should use to reduce your human resources. These CRM softwares can help you with customer relations, marketing, sales, etc.

Marketing automation:

Marketing can be a real challenge, but not when you have marketing automation tools. These tools help you manage all your marketing needs. They help you increase your brand awareness, bring more traffic, insights, email and SMS marketing.

Track engagement

The only way to grow is through knowing where you lag. Thus, tracking your engagement and insights will help you understand your business and audience. Know what to publish and when. When you are aware of your problems, it’s easier to work on them. So improving your old strategies can help you grow your business to desired heights.

Know what your customer likes and dislikes. What time your customers are most active. Insights can bring in a lot of needed information.

Prioritize user experience

Reviews and ratings are the most essential part of businesses. User experience makes the potential customers trust your brand. posting reviews is the best way to get people to trust your brand. When your products and services are reviewed, people think you are genuine and that you can be trusted.

If you ever receive negative reviews, don’t delete them. Negative reviews can play a major role in building trust, too. When you only show positive reviews, people may think of you as fake and not trust your brand.

User experience even includes your website or the way you interact with your potential customers.

If your website is easy and concise, then people would enjoy working with you.

Similarly, if you are polite and communicate properly with your potential customers, this brings in happy customers and would bring in more traffic. Since people talk and refer if they are impressed with your services and products.

Don’t hesitate to invest

It’s your business until and unless you invest, you won’t get returns. Don’t expect returns if you can’t invest. Investing is not just financial, but also time and space. You need to devote time and space to your business for it to grow.

Hire only the best, invest in softwares so that you don’t have to hire a lot, and market to social media with the best ideas.

It’s an old saying, you have to spend money to make money.

Now since you know how to grow, let’s see a couple of hacks which can help you market your small business.

Google my business

Google is our go to information hub. Whether we are looking for restaurants in our location or looking for some intellectual information, it has it all.

Ever wondered how?

Well Google, my business is the answer to this question. Google my business or GMB is a free advertising tool. You just need to register your brand on GMB and then fill in the details. You are good to go or show…

When people search for the relevant keywords, they’ll be able to view your brand on Google maps. Thus, reach out to you.

Google is the most trusted hub for us all, so when you register yourself on such a platform, your audience trusts you.

Facebook advertising

Facebook is no more just a platform to connect with long-lost friends, but it’s become a marketplace. Advertising through Facebook is a must. Though it’s free, it’s quite affordable.

Facebook advertising has a wide reach, thus reaching your targeted audience. There are many parameters to choose from. You can easily choose the demographics, gender, age, etc of your audience and who should be your targeted audience. It provides a lot of features. You must check it out.

Tip: read my blog on the mistakes people make while advertising on Facebook. I hope you don’t make such awful mistakes. 

Content marketing

You know content is everything. I am not just talking about blogs but the videos, social media posts etc. Content is in everything. Your content should be amazing. It should be shareable so that people are obligated to share. They can’t help it but share and interact with it.

The blogs you publish must be search engine optimized, so that when people search with the relevant keywords, your blogs pop up on the first page. People don’t wander to other pages.

The social media post also needs to be optimized, but they shouldn’t only be optimized but also shareable and interactive. You can share secret tips of the industry, BTS of packing videos (people packaging videos, they find them satisfying) etc.

Influencer of the industry

Collaborating with influencers of the industry is a great way to market and grow your small business. I am not asking you to spend a lot on these influencers. Go for the micro influencers so that you are more visible and your brand gets the engagement. People often listen to influencers and are thus influenced by them. so collaborate with them and increase your following and traffic.


These were a couple of hacks to survive in the market as a small business owner. Let me say this, small businesses are no longer small in this era. Small businesses will succeed so don’t let your idea go to waste, but invest and turn your dream into reality. It will be worth it!

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