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How to organically grow your app?

It is a difficult job to develop an app, but it’s even difficult to market it. Marketing to the right people and at the right time requires a lot of effort. Until and unless your app is something unique, people would not use it. While your app is still new and you aren’t yet established, then it’s quite difficult to promote and market your app. Initially, everyone is tight on the budget and struggles with promoting their app.

But today I have brought you some organic strategies that you should use when you don’t have enough funds.

These strategies would take time and would grow your brand organically, unlike paid services, where you get results almost immediately.

5 tips to grow your app organically:  

RR-respond to reviews:

Replying to people is one of the best ways to build trust and improve. The more you stay connected with the user, the better it is. When you reply to every user, it shows your ability to connect with the audience.

Remember, people talk, thus one happy customer will bring 5 more. You can even reach out to sites to review and promote your app.

Reviews and ratings are the best ways to judge an app.

Social media to lead you:

Social media has endless potential if you use it the right way. I would like to share a secret “stay active” all the time. Every day!

Join different social media platforms and post consistently.

The greatest advantage of social media is that it lets you connect with the audience directly. When you connect with the audience directly, then you can easily understand their problems or queries and answer them more easily.

Blog or a micro-site

When you post on social media, you can’t share everything, every single detail can’t be shared on social media. Thus come in a micro-site. You can use this site to share all the details in the form of blogs or videos and let your audience be aware of everything that you provide through your app. It’s an elaborated form of your social media posts.

Optimize your app

Getting your app ranked on the app store can be an actual struggle. App store optimization (ASO) is like search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords play an important role in ASO, too. You can add the right keywords to the description of the app. You can even optimize your logo or title.

Following the right ASO strategies can help you rank higher on the app store, thus increasing your visibility.

Get influential:

Influencers are all across the internet. Whether you go for micro influencers or celebrities, all are on social media. But since you are on a budget, it would be better to go for micro influencers on social media, but with huge following and reach. Influencers can easily influence the market and thus people will at least for once have a look at your app or social media page.

In conclusion,

Don’t rush for the results, instead wait and grow organically. This way you actually get genuine people and actual results, rather than paid and bots engaging with your app.

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