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B2B and B2C marketing campaigns

If you have familiar with digital marketing, then you must be familiar with B2B or B2C businesses too. If you are not, then don’t worry and read through…

There are various types of businesses in the market, like b2b, b2c, c2c, c2b etc. Understanding your audience and whom your business will serve is extremely important. Today, let’s talk about B2B and B2C marketing and business.

B2B is Business to business and B2C means business to consumer.

But today I will make you get familiar with B2B and B2C marketing. Now that is a different and unfamiliar concept.

 B2B marketing:

B2B companies or business-to-business companies provide services or products to the other companies and businesses. But if we talk about B2B marketing, then it’s a marketing strategy which focuses on logical process driven purchasing decisions. To simply put it, it means logically thinking before making purchasing decisions.

B2C marketing:

B2C companies or business to consumer companies provide services to the customers and consumers. But here, since we are talking about marketing, let’s see what B2C marketing is… B2C marketing focuses on emotion-driven purchasing decisions. Here, emotions play a major role while deciding to make a purchase.

Let’s see a couple of marketing differences between B2B and B2C marketing.

It’s crucial for marketers to understand the difference between the two before developing marketing strategies.

Customer relations:


 In B2B marketing, it’s necessary that you develop a personal relationship that drives long-term business. Especially during the buying period.

Why is personal relations important?

Since personal relationships showcase your work ethic, your business practices, morals etc. people often connect on these three pillars. While dealing with other business owners it’s important that you make a personal relation so that you can have more business opportunities in the future. This even differentiates you from your competition.

The top priority of B2B businesses is lead generation and referral marketing. People would refer you to other companies when they like you and have a relationship with you. Developing personal relationships can make or break a business.


The top priority of B2C companies and marketing is to drive in sales. So here the relationship that you must build with your consumer is totally transactional.

A customer or consumer would like your brand only if they have a top-notch user experience with your brand. Most people often complain about the payment issues and thus give negative reviews. And we don’t want those.

The best transactional relationship can be built by sending your potential customers personalized coupons, offers or even store credit.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is the reviews and ratings the customers provide. Over the top, product quality can bring positive reviews. Little pop ups after purchasing products can help you get enough reviews for people to trust your brand.   

Decision-making process:


Communicate more openly. Talking and discussing all the doubts before making the final deal decision is extremely important. The negotiations should be for both the parties and not just benefit one.

Understanding the rational aspect of the deal is important. Like financially, will the investment benefit you or is it ideal to make an enormous investment, etc?

You must research the company before investing or dealing with them. Understanding their work ethic or how they stand in the market etc. being able to understand your audience or other companies that you are dealing with will help you make a decision regarding the deal.


Simply the process for the users. You simplify the process for the users by advertising. Many times people aren’t aware of their needs, but when you advertise, they come across their needs and thus buy.

Making it simpler for the users to decide about purchasing, advertising can often hit the right cord. 

As a marketer, it’s essential that your ads and products are appealing to the consumers.

Targeted audience:


Finding your niche is essential when you are a B2B business and are looking for marketing. Understanding your targeted audience will get you more sales and even generate more leads. Use Google Analytics to understand your audience and make better and appealing marketing strategies. 

Using the right keywords can attract your targeted audience.

Lead generation is the primary goal of B2B business, thus understanding you audience can get you that.


In B2C marketing, the targeted audience is much wider than the B2B marketing, the target is much more spread out. Thus, it’s important that the marketers stick to the funnel only.

Pushing Advertisements to the targeted audience and even understanding their demographics through funnels can help you create a warm lead list and re-market to those people who you think might be interested.

Ad copy:


The best ad copies are written when you use the relevant terminologies and understand the people’s mind.

So to reach your audience, it’s important that you speak their language and think like them.

But since you are presenting to more business owners, emotional touch would not help here. Thus, you need to add more pros and cons or rational parameters to the ads.


Since here your target audience is the consumer, thus emotional touch is important. Emotions play a major role in decision making. If you hit the right cord or the heart of the customer, your sales will amplify. Instead of a rational approach, go for an emotional or personal approach.

In conclusion,

Until and unless you know your audience, you won’t be able to make an effective marketing strategy. Know your business along with your audience.

Above mentioned pointers are for b2b and b2c marketing campaigns , if you implement these they will definitely help you in getting more sales and generate leads.  

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