digital media planning and PPC strategy

Performance-based digital media planning and strategy.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, digital media planning and a sound PPC and SEO strategy have become all the more important. This blog is a holistic guide to helping you accomplish these key goals in your marketing strategy. 

What is digital media planning?

Digital media planning is the focused practice that mainly creates a framework founded on digital advertising and using digital media as its key platform. While traditional offline media includes newspaper and print ads, flyers, billboards and radio, digital media includes social media ads, display ads, and in-app ad content. This focus on digital media allows firms to accomplish a lot out of this landscape and gives them a cut above the existing competition. We can also track the results of the organization’s marketing campaign to gain critical insight into what is working. And what we need to change in the organization’s marketing strategy. 

Social media ads are the ones that appear when we are browsing through our social media feeds. They could appear as stories or main feed (like on Facebook and Instagram).

Display ads are the ads we see on website banners, footers, and side bars. They can also appear across pages online, on social media websites, eCommerce websites, or other online blogs or articles. 

In-app ads are the ones that pop up when we see them while using applications on our mobiles. They usually appear as static ads, but on platforms like YouTube, they can also appear as AVs and give the viewers an auditory experience. They appear in apps which are not ad-free, and we need a premium account to not see them.

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Importance of PPC advertising

Recent marketing trends show that algorithms keep changing and data security changes make online advertising more complicated than ever. An advanced PPC strategy will equip the firms to be ready for these unpredictable changes and adapt to the relevant trends without giving into the competition. 

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PPC Strategy and Digital Media Planning

Let us now explore the process where we can combine the above two basics to have winning ad campaigns that will accomplish the purpose of the brand. 

  • Research: A vital preliminary step is to conduct thorough research into the goals, target market and resources for the planning process. With this, data-driven strategies can be developed, which give an accurate insight into the marketing strategy and align the firm with a conversion-based approach. Research involves conducting a study into the audiences and competitors on a particular digital platform and then developing one’s own digital marketing campaign for that and other digital platforms. 
  • Defined goals and target audience: Intertwined with the previous point is the crucial step of defining a marketing strategy’s end goal based on the research’s learnings. A systematic approach is key in implementing the plan and ensuring cost-effectiveness. Beyond setting the objectives, this involves picturing and studying the targeted audience’s projected responses and buying behavior. Data and research are important factors enabling this. 
  • Establishing benchmarks: Once the goals are determined, and the targeted audience clarified, the next step in the digital media planning and PPC strategy is establishing benchmarks. These goal posts will signal how far ahead or lagging behind the campaign is from the target. It is important to consider a few perspectives while establishing benchmarks. Past performance is necessary to look at to ensure that there is no over or underestimation of the brand so as to cause over or underspending resources. At this stage Competitor performance is also important to look after. Organizations need to look out for opportunities where they can overtake competitors and take their campaign ahead of others in the market. 
  • Ad budget: PPC strategy depends heavily on the all-important budget allocation for the entire campaign. This ensures that cost cut-offs are not breached, and that money is allocated wisely. It is important, therefore, to focus on high-impact ad content to avoid spending too much on ads that create no value.
  • Compelling ad copies: An ad intends to deliver an impression that compels the buyers to take the desired action. While different digital platforms have different processes for content optimization, few general checks in this regard are necessary. 

– Ad copies should be creative, compelling, relevant and arouse interest

– Visual content should be used adequately to make a lasting impact on the viewers’ minds. 

– A call-to-action (CTA) should be included that directs the viewer to take the intended action for the ad content. 

  • Determine digital distribution channels: This is the last step before the ad campaign goes live. The media will depend on the audience’s behaviour and where the brand will strike a chord with the audience. Optimization for each platform is also a key element of this stage. 
  • Track and monitor: After the PPC strategy and digital media planning goes live, it is time to monitor and track the campaign. This will help identify what works for the brand and what doesn’t. 
  • Optimize: Tracking and optimizing will help you pivot the campaign in the desired direction. There should be a heavy reliance on data analytics at this stage and establishing the different metrics to effectively measure the extent of accomplishing the goals of the campaign.

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Digital media planning is about a lot more than just the platforms for advertising. PPC keyword strategies, PPC ad buying, social media marketing, and data analytics are all important. Every step should build towards the next and complement it to make a cost-effective model. 

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